The Whisper of Morality
by atrum infractus

Spoiler Warning for: Devil's Trap.

"You shoot me- you shoot me- you shoot me in the heart, son!"

Sam raised the gun- it was time for his revenge at last, and I knew he didn't care what it took or who he had to kill to get it. He wanted to kill the thing that killed Mom and Jess, just like I had, and just like Dad still did.

"Do it now!" came Dad's yell. Pleading for could he? How could he ask his son to kill him in cold blood for a taste of bittersweet victory? He knew what this would do to Sam, and so did I, and I wasn't going to just lay there and let him do it.

"Sam, don't you do it," I said weakly. "Don't you do it!"

"You gotta hurry, I can't hold onto it much longer. You shoot me, son. Shoot me! Son, I'm begging you- we gotta end this here and now. Sammy!"

Sam was going to shoot him. He was going to kill his own father, just to kill what was inside of him...Sam didn't believe in shooting people. He didn't tolerate killing, not even if that person was going to kill someone else. Killing Dad- I knew it'd tear him apart, and if I died...who was going to keep him from going over the edge?

"Sam, no-" I whispered.

"You do this, Sammy!"

The gun was lowered, and I felt relief wash over me. I watched drowsily as Dad opened his mouth, and the demon streamed out of him. Son of a b-tch. It slowly slipped through the cracks of the floor, slipping out of our lives forever.

Author's Notes:
This popped into my head while I watched part of the second Devil's Trap episode and tried to analyze Dean's words, and this was the result. Hope it was worth the read!