The Yetti Incident

Author Note: This story has already been started twice by two different authors but since neither of them have the time right now, I'm going to continue it for them.

Chapter One: Help

"We are the Knights that now say "EKIE EKIE EKIE OQTHWANG ORIGHMA" and we demand a new shrubbery!" Came the cry from the television and my friends fell to the floor in hysterics.

"Really guys you'd think that you hadn't all seen this movie more than a hundred times before!" I reprimanded over the screeching noise emitted by the boys and girls lying on the ground in front of me.

"Oh, stop being SUCH a spoil sport Yetty. You love this movie as much as the rest of us do." Mike said as he came running towards me a pulled me off the couch and spun me around in the air until we both fell down.

"Yes. But that doesn't mean that I have to scream at the top of my voice to show it." I said untangling myself from mikes long legs. "Can we now please stop it? It's really boring after this part."

"NO!" came the collective cry. "Not until the rabbit attacks, then you can stop it." Said Romeo

"NO! Not until the 3 questions have been answered." Called Rosie from underneath Becky and Elaine who were belting her with pillows.

"NO! Not until it finishes." Said Tristan.

"You don't have any say in this movie Tristan. You're not even watching it." I told the gorgeous hunk of a male that was sitting with his arms and legs wrapped around his current squeeze of the week. I think her name was Ginger.

"True. But the longer it goes the longer I get to stay here." He grinned evilly at me and went back to sucking on Ginger's neck.

"Hello? Anyone here?" came a tentative voice from the hallway.

"Yeah. I'm coming!" I called out. We were at my house, so my turn to pay for pizza. I escaped from the clutches of Mike and crawled out of the den. "Just wait a sec I'll go and grab the money." I yelled out as I ran down to the kitchen.

As I walked back I spotted the boy leaning up against the doorway. He didn't look so crash hot.

"Hey, are you ok?" I asked. I then noticed that he wasn't wearing the Eagle Boy's uniform or carrying a pizza box. This wasn't the pizza. (And yes that is how slow my brain works sometimes.)

"Help me……….." the boy said as he slid down the wall.

"HELP!" I yelled as I ran forward and caught him right before he hit the ground.

"What's gong on? Yetty, did you scare the poor boy?" Mike laughed as he came and helped me prop the boy against the wall.

"I didn't do anything. He just collapsed. He's not the pizza boy either." I was pretty shocked to have a stranger pass out in front of me so my brain was working even slower than usual.

"Hey babe it's ok I've got him." Romeo saw how freaked out I was by the incident and tried to calm me down. "He doesn't look that great, did he say anything?"

"No. He just leant against the wall. And then he fainted."

"Ok. Let's see if he is bleeding anywhere. That might explain the fainting." Romeo took over. He was the oldest of nine kids so he was use to looking after others.

Mike and Romeo searched the boys' body while the rest of us stood around trying to work out where he might have come from.

"He's well dressed so he's probably from one of the private schools. That explains why we haven't seen him before." Elaine always judged people from the clothes they wore.

"Yeah and he has a foreign look about him so he might be from somewhere else." Becky had a more open view of people than Elaine.

"Or he could be a boy genius who's on the run from the faeries that he pissed off and was attacked by gang criminals who want the high-tech inventions he made from the said faeries technology which he stole with the help of his body guard." Rosie was only slightly obsessed with Artemis Fowl at the moment.

"C'mon Rose. You really need to get over those books. They're for 12 year olds." Tristan had managed to drag himself away from the other foreign human specimen that was invading my home.

"No they're not. They're for anyone who can read. This counts YOU out!" Rosie huffed. She got rather testy when anyone criticized her.

"Ok everyone stop." I played mother hen while Romeo and Mike finished their search. "Find anything?"

"Nope, not really he has a small bruise on his stomach that's it." Romeo reported.

"He may have just passed out from exhaustion." Tristan put in.

"Yeah maybe." I was willing to agree to anything that didn't place this boy health in grave danger. It would be very bad for me if my parents came back from Ireland to find that a person had died in their house while they were away.

"Ok. Let's just lay him down on the sofa in the spare room." I told the others "We'll talk to him when he wakes up." I motioned for Mike to pick the unconscious boy and follow me.

Mike laid him down on the sofa and moved to leave.

"Are you coming?"

"Somebody has to stay with him. In case he wakes up." I actually wanted more time to study this strange boy that was lying on my couch.

He was actually quite good looking. Ok he wasn't a Tristan, but he was still cute in his own way. And he had very dark mysterious eyes. Wait. His eyes were open.

"Hello." Said the boy with a faint European accent. "Where am I?"

"Hi. You're in my house. Who are you?" I was a little fazed.

"I'm Artemis. Who are you?"