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Chapter Twelve: Epilogue

Artemis looked around them at the mess. 'I guess we have to get rid of Sool and the others,' he said with a sigh. Without another word, the three began to grab the unconscious fairies and hall them to the front doors, they then threw them all out onto the gravel path. When the last of them were outside Artemis said, 'None of you are allowed back in this manor so don't come back. That's an order.' With that taken care of, they started to clean up some of the mess since none of Sool's men or himself would be allowed back in the manor without an invitation. After Yetty and her friends had disappeared and they had gotten ridden of Sool and the other fairies, Artemis filled Mulch and Holly in on where Butler was.

'Ah, I was wondering where the big man was. How do you suppose we get 'im out?' asked Mulch with customary bluntness.

'I thought that we could use money to pay for his bail,' Artemis said with his vampire smile, which sent chills up and down Mulch's spine. By that look, Mulch knew there was more to it than that but he refrained from asking. It was funny that the pale youth could frighten Mulch as much as a fully-grown bull troll could. Without further questions, the three headed off to the police station. Since Artemis couldn't drive and Holly had never driven a human car, Mulch had to do it. After Mulch had driven them both in a car once when they were in Chicago, it wasn't surprising that both Holly and Artemis reached for their seat belts simultaneously. Mulch steered the Bentley around corners as Artemis directed him to the police station. Both Holly and Mulch restrained from asking him how he knew where it was because they knew they didn't want to hear the answer.

They pulled up in front of the police station and all of them hopped out but by that time, Holly had put her shield on so she wasn't visible to human eyes, just a shimmer in the air. Mulch however could pass as a human dwarf so he didn't need to put cam-foil on. They entered the station after Artemis had quickly filled the other two in on his plan. Artemis walked up to the help desk and told the woman about Butler and asked how much the bail was. She told him it was two thousand pounds, which was hardly anything to the Irish youth. He paid over the cash but the lady didn't stop. She told him that Butler had to turn up in court for is sentence but the lady soon changed her mind and said it was fine, after Holly had mesmerized the woman. Luckily, since Holly was smaller than Artemis, he could block Holly from view as she appeared out of nowhere and mesmerized the lady. The woman told them where Butler was and told one of the surrounding officers to take them to Butler so he could be released. The man did so and soon the three of them, with only Artemis an Mulch visible, where standing in front of Butler's cell. As Butler was released, he didn't say anything but when they were all safely in the Bentley, with Butler driving, he spoke.

'You took your time getting me out,' he gave a small smile. 'Hello, Mulch.'

'What about me?' said a voice as Holly appeared with a grin.

'Hello to you to, Holly. Right, now that I'm free, fill me in about what I've missed. What happened with Sool?'

'He won't be bothering us anymore,' replied Artemis with a smirk, 'We took care of him.'

'Anything else I should know?' Butler took a glance at Artemis and Holly in the rear-view mirror. They both blushed a little but didn't speak so Mulch did for them.

'These two love birds have hooked up and the manor was attacked by Sool and his goons but we fought them off.' At Mulch's words, Artemis and Holly blushed deeper than ever but still didn't speak.

'Mmh,' was all Butler said but he was grinning widely. Soon they made it back to Fowl Manor, which was still littered with rubble but the fairies that had been on the driveway were all gone now. They entered the house and began to clear up the mess. After they were done, Artemis and Holly left Mulch and Butler to their own devices while they went up to Artemis' room. They sat down on his bed and then there was an uncomfortable silence for a while.

Holly was the first to break it when she said, 'Did… did you mean what you said to Becky about… always having loved me?' she asked quite nervously.

'Yes, I didn't know it but I always have.' He then took her in his arms and kissed her lightly. 'I love you Holly.'

Tears of joy fell down her face as she replied. 'I love you too.' They embraced and stayed like that for a while.

Meanwhile, Mulch and Butler were talking downstairs. 'Did you see those two?' Mulch asked the manservant, 'Did you see how they were acting?'

'Yes, I always thought there was something going on between them, the way they always fight, it was more than that,' Butler mused. He knew it wasn't his place to get involved with his charge's social life but he couldn't help it.

'I know, I always knew they would fall for each other.' Mulch then turned away and headed towards the kitchen where Butler joined him. Mulch was busy raiding the fridge for food and then they both ended up in the living room with a load of food, watching some films.

It was a few hours later when Artemis and Holly reappeared. Mulch was the first to notice and the first to comment, like normal. 'I hope you two haven't been doing anything you shouldn't because if I'm correct, Arty there isn't legally allowed to do it.' He gave them both a small smirk as both their faces filled with anger.

'For your information, no we did not do what you think.' Holly didn't say anything else because she then proceeded to chase after Mulch. Artemis and Butler laughed and Holly soon caught Mulch. She gave him a punch and then went back to Artemis. Artemis sat down, with Holly sitting in his lap, cuddling him. He blushed deeply at this but hid it quite well. He looked at Mulch and Butler with a scowl as they burst into fits of laughter. Later that night, they all decided to go to sleep, all except Artemis and Holly, who stayed up all night talking and other things in his bedroom. Mulch had found a spare bedroom after Artemis had said he and Holly could stay the week since his parents would be in Nepal for a week or two. All of them were happy with this arrangement and Mulch eagerly began making himself at home. Well, needless to say, Holly and Artemis found something to do as did Mulch and Butler, they continued to annoy Artemis and Holly about their relationship but soon they didn't care as much anymore. After the week had past, Mulch and Holly returned underground but Holly promised to visit Artemis every other day.

Artemis was then left with Butler, thinking about how it would work between himself and Holly and what the People would do if they found out.


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