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Mulan walked out of the camp and down to the lake to take a bath. She managed to ditch Mushu, well it was more like tie him up and shove him in a boot, but who cares. When she got to the lake she looked around to see if there was anyone else around. Finding no one she began to undress. When she was done undressing, she put her clothes in a pile than slowly and gently slipped into the water.

"This feels good." Mulan sighed to herself as she felt her muscles relax.

Swimming out a bit, she took a breathe and dove underwater and swam downward. Feeling her lungs burn from lack out oxygen when she reached the bottom, which wasn't too far down, she headed back up. As she neared the surface, she carefully immersed. Gasping for breathe, she leaned back and just floated there, laugh quietly to herself.

"And Mushu says this is just a waste of time." She mumbled to herself

She heard a rustle in the bushes and quickly covered herself afraid it might be one of her fellow troops. She waiting but nothing came out so she slowly headed towards her clothes, scanning the shoreline as well.

Once she got there, she gave a "Hello? Is anyone there?" Hearing no response she climbed out of the lake, and reached for her clothes. Just as she was about to grab them, foot crashed down on her left hand and she let out a yelp. Looking up she started to struggle as she caught sight of someone she was hoping she would never have to face alone. A Hun.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" the hun purred out as he crouched down, putting more weight on Mulan's hand.

Mulan looked up in fear at the hun. But she managed to stare him straight in his eyes, that seem to glow in the dark. She couldn't see his face because it was hiding in the shadows created by the hood he wore (and the fact that he was looking down at her with the moon behind his head). Slowly her right hand crept towards the spot where she knew her dagger was.

"Aren't you going to answer the question, woman?" he asked her.

"NO!" She shouted as her right hand grasped the dagger's handle.

She brought the dagger up towards his knee and was about to stab it in deep, but his hand grabbed her by the wrist, he got off of her left hand and grabbed that one in his other hand. After pulling her by the wrists until she was standing he quickly pulled her to him. Mulan's arms ended up behind her back with one of his hands holding them there.

Struggling, Mulan tried to fight him off as she felt something poking her belly, and as his hand traveled down the small of her back, and over to her side and up to her shoulder. Shuttering, she tried screaming, only to have his mouth cover hers and his tongue slip into her mouth to explore ever nick and cranny.

As the Hun tried to get her tongue to response, Mulan bit his, hard. Pulling back, the Hun grabbed her neck with his hand that was on her shoulder and raised her a few inches off the ground, his other hand never leaving her wrists.

"I see that your not in the mood tonight." the Hun said with a snarl, "Well, we'll just have to finish this another night. Yes."

"I'll never be in the mood for you." Mulan choked out.

"We'll see about that." he said, then leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "I'll have you screaming my name to the heavens, girl. You'll be screaming 'Shan Yu' at the top of your lungs in pure bliss."

Mulan shivered again as Shan Yu's moustache brushed against her cheek and his breath blew gently in her ear. Feeling her shiver, Shan Yu chuckled. He then spun her around and pushed into the lake. When Mulan surfaced, he was nowhere in sight. Getting out of the water and quickly putting her clothes back on, she ran all the way back to camp and didn't stop until she was in her tent. Once there she grabbed Mushu out of her boot, untied him and fell asleep with out another word.


Mulan slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She was in a tent that wasn't her own. Sitting up slightly, she saw that, besides the bed, there was only a table and a fire place in the tent. Getting out of the bed she walked over to the table and studied the contents in the flame of the fire. She saw a map of China. She then felt hot breath on the back of her neck. Stiffening, she began to panic when she saw a hand reach around, from her right ,in front of her and land gently on her left shoulder. She also felt her hair move to the right side of her neck, as finger tips gently danced on her skin.

But she soon began to relax as whoever was behind her started kissing the spot where her neck and shoulder joined. Moaning, she tilted her head to her right to give him more excess to the spot. He began to suck greedly and nip at that spot. Then he stopped and pulled away. Whinning at the lack of content, Mulan turned around. What she saw made her back away slowly until she bumped into the table behind her.

In front of her stood a very-close-to-naked Shan Yu. His chest bare and nothing below his waist but a loin-cloth, and that didn't even hide his arousal. Watching as his hand reached out to touch her, she noticed that his muscles moved gracefully under his darker skin. His rough hand gently cupped her chin and pushed her head up, so her eyes meet his. What she saw shocked her. His eyes were no longer fierce like they were but now they held a gentleness and longing that started to melt her.

Slowly his face started to get closer as his was going to kiss her, and Mulan moved in to meet him half way. As soon as their lips met a loud bang woke her up.

(End Dream)


Mulan shot up and looked around. Noticing that she was back in her tent she fell back down.

"Little lady." Mushu said as he climbed on to her chest, "I don't appreciate being tied and shoved in a boot!"

Mulan just flicked him off of her and mumbled, "I was having a good dream."

Feeling so cold and exposed, unlike in the dream, wrapped in Shan Yu's arms in the first part, mumbled, "A very good dream."

"Huh? Anyways who cares about your dream time to eat and get ready. You have ten minutes." Mushu said as he started shoving rice in to her mouth.

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