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Chapter 4:

As the gang headed off towards the meal tent, Mulan silently thank her ancestors that she for at least one morning would not get porridge that was *happy to see her*. She knew Mushu tried hard to keep her happy while she was following her own path, but she was getting tried of the morning routine with the porriage. She thought she would never be able to look at it the same way again.

They ate breakfast in silence as Mulan tried to stay awake. While she slept well it was a short sleep. Several times Mushu had to pinch the back of her neck. Other than that, Mulan believed that the meal was uneventful. And thinking back, Mulan concluded that the camp has become really boring, even with the gang of three playing jokes.

After the meal was done, they did their morning warm up and stretches. While stretching, Mulan looked around at her fellow soldiers, actually for once, studying them, some looked like they didn't the stretching seriously enough and others looked like they took it to seriously.

"ENOUGH WARM UPS," Shang shouted, "LINE UP!"

They abandoned their warm ups and scuttled about to line up as was ordered. Mulan was almost to the end of the line, no one seemed to want to move to let her have a spot, when she was tugged up and back so hard that when her feet came in contact with the ground again she was gagging and rubbing her throat.

"You okay there?" a voice said

She looked up, expecting Chien-Po or Ling, Yao was too short to pull her up and back. The person she saw was not either of them and she was more than slightly shocked, as it was neither of whom she was expecting. Instead there stood a tall man, who was handsome by anyones standards . If she were able to act as the woman she really was, she would have flirted with him.

"Just surprised is all." she choked out, rubbing her neck, then asked, 'Why did you do that?"

"Hmm?" the man hummed, casting a look at her sideways while his face stayed facing forward, "You wouldn't have made it to the end of the line in time. Now stand straight."

Just as the stranger finished the sentence, Shang, who was making his way down the line, stopped in front of the man, giving Mulan just a mere second to stand straight and at attention before Shang wound up in front of her.

He gave her the up and down look before he said, "Remember you have rice duty tonight, soldier."

"Yessir!" Mulan said in her *Ping* voice.

When Shang was far enough down the line, mystery man lean over a bit and whispered, "What did you do to get on rice duty?"

"I was late." she replied.

"That was you?" he asked and just as the words fell from his lips, they both heard someone clear their throat in front of them, and there stood one of the most hideous men either of them has ever seen. Chi-fu. In all of his *I am better than you so pay attention to me*-ness

"Don't you know you're not suppose to be talking?" he asked in a very annoying voice, while writing something down on his little board, "Tsk, tsk. This does not bold well."

Smirking he went to turn away, but he ran face first into the chest of Li Shang, one of the banes of his existence. The impact caused Chi-Fu to drop his board and the papers that were on it, as well as the ink well. Mulan looked down at her feet and saw that the paper he was just writing on was near her feet. Craning her head, she barely paid attention to Chi-Fu's stumbling with his words, trying instead read the what was written. She just caught the words *undisciplined* and the being of another before a foot kicked the ink well just right that it landed on the paper spilling what ink was left over all over the paper. She looked at the foot and then at the owner of the foot.

Once again, it was the man who had yet to introduce himself. He threw her a smirk with a twinkle in his eye before motioning to face forward. She did and saw Chi-Fu turning around, saying "These two were talking when they shouldn't have. I took the duty of writing down what they said."

Motioning to his chest with his hand like the drama queen he is. He bent down without looking at the paper, turned around and held it out to Shang. When he didn't take it, Chi-fu opened his eyes and said, "Here, take it."

"Umm..." Shang began, "I don't have to take it to see that it's covered in ink."

"WHAAAT?!" Chi-Fu screeched, then looked at the paper to see it was true.

Chi-Fu looked like he would faint at any moment.

"MY PAPERWORK!" He cried as he swayed slightly before falling on to his knees and weeping like a child who just lost their favorite toy. But then again, Chi-Fu always carried it like it was his only item in the world.

Shang just looked at Chi-Fu with no idea what to do, in this situtation. All the soldiers leaned forward as far as they could to see what they could of the man. Some snickered. Shang's left eye began to twitch.

"ENOUGH!" Shang shouted, and the men automatically got back into line formation and waited, while Chi-Fu stopped his crying and looked at Shang.

Mushu and Cri-kee watched from a bush off to the side, with great anticipation.

"Chi-Fu," Shang said stressingly, "Is this any way for a Council member of the Emperor's court to act?"

"N-no" Chi-fu stuttered out.

Shang bend down to eye level with Chi-Fu and said, "Then stop acting this way."

Shang stood up, leaving a stunned man on the ground behind. He looked at all the soldiers, and shouted, "I WANT YOU ALL TO RUN TO THE RIVER! THE LAST ONE THERE WILL HAVE TO DO 150 PUSH-UPS"

Upon hearing that threat everyone took off like a bat out of hell, and Mulan quickly neared the front of the group before she started to run out of breath. She slowly fell back, and before long near the rear of the group.

"You should learn to pace yourself." said mystery man as he paced himself to be next to her.

"Never was pat enough for that." Mulan relpied.

"You should learn to be paitent," he said thoughtfully, "after all good things come to those who know how to wait."

"Nothing good has ever come to me from waiting." Mulan huffed, trying to catch her breath, jealousy brewing in her mind on how this man can run and talk without losing breath.

"Then you must have not waited long enough." He mused, "One who is burning with impatience can never eat hot porridge. (1)"

Mulan tripped at the last sentence that he said, she fell face first into the dirt. And as there was people behind her, some fell and landed on her. The man stopped and help every off of her and then pulled her up by her arms and set her on her feet.

"You okay?" he asked.

She nodded her head slowly, still dazed from the fall.

"You sure?" he pushed, making her look at him funny, "You got a bit of blood there."

"WHAT?!" Mulan exclaimed as she looked down.

She say nothing on her pants to say blood but as her eyes took in more she noticed that on her chest was a small spotch of blood, and as she watched a couple drops fell from her face on to her chest. She raised her hand to her face and touched it. When she pulled back it was coated in blood. The men around her mummured and one shouted, "IT'S TRUE! PING IS CURSED!"

Mulan whipped her head around, which she quickly regretted as her world spun and black dots danced the poka in front of her eyes. She swayed slightly, just as Shang came by to find out what camotion was all about. He saw Mulan and asked, "What happened to Ping?"

"Ping tripped." G.C.3 said

"Yeah, and then you lot fell on her." mystery man said.

"So?" G.C.4 grumply replied.

Mystery man, Shang and several other soldiers looked at him with a dead-pan look, you know those really blank kind of expressions.

"Listen," G.C. 4 said with a roll of his eyes while he poked her in the chest, "Ping is cursed. Bad luck ever since he got here. No go will come from him."

Shang pushed G.C.4 away from her and said to the mysterty man, "Take him to the doctor. Then you get to the river."

"Yessir." he said with a salute before he grabbed Mulan's shoulders and began to push her away. The last words she heard from Shang were, "No one is cursed."

She thought there was more but she stopped paying attention to the words that were growing quieter and quieter.

One of the hands left her shoulders and the other pulled her close to his side.

"Don't listen to them." He said in a soothing voice as though he were talking to a child, "They're just jealous that you have managed to get better at a lot of things so quickly while somehow staying a complete clutz."

He patted his shoulder as the camp came into sight. The actions of this man confused Mulan, and it wasn't helping that she didn't know the most simplest thing about him. His name.

While thinking of how best to ask him his name, she didn't realize that her mouth had once again, spoken without permission from her brain.

"What is your name?" she blurted out, upon realizing what happened she quickly slapped one of her hands over her mouth and as met with great pain that caused her to whimper.

"Hmm?" he hummed, "Oh, it is Qi."

He reached over and gently removed her hand from her mouth, leaned in and whispered, "You should be more careful. You're injured."

"K-kay." she stuttered as she tried to pull back from the closeness that was him.

He stood up straight and walked her to the doctors tent. They walked in and saw no one there, so he gestured to a cot by a table and told her that he would go find the doctor and she should sit and wait.

He left as she sat down, and realized that the bleeding had stopped, and that it probably did so sometime during the walk. She took the time in which he was gone to take a look around the tent, she has never been in the med tent before and in her honest option it wasn't very different from the doctors house at her village. What was different was that nearly everything that isn't used often seemed to be packed up. Curious, she got up and side-stepped over to the nearest box, she looked around quickly and then back at the box. She reached out and grasped the lid, lifting it lightly she looked into the small gap and saw nothing of interest, so far. Taking another quick look around, she lifted it higher and leaned in a little bit closer. As her eyes adjusted to see in the box a hand tapped her on the shoulder. She gasped and spun around, instinctively crouched into a defensive position for a few seconds until her vision got spotty and her world spun.

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