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Not much is known about Weatherford the Wandless except that he was born in London in 1374 as Weatherford White, son of Cassiopea Malfoy and the wealthy merchant Edmund White. His early childhood was spent at his father's estate near London. He began attending Hogwarts shortly after his eleventh birthday, and was sorted into Hufflepuff. He is the only known Dark Lord to have come from that house.

It is unknown exactly how he got the name Weatherford the Wandless, as during the years he was a dark lord, he was known as Xandross. It is believed that due to his lack of proficiency with a wand he learned wandless magic.

His death was truely an ironic one. His intended victim, an Edward Alexander Potter became the first person to survive the killing curse, as Weatherford had been pointing his wand the wrong way, accidentally killing himself instead of Mr. Potter.