This is a re-write of Mara Brock Akil's New York Bound & New York Unbound . This is in no way affillated with the UPN show Girlfriends...this simply a fan's mind gone rampant.

"Todd, is there something you want to tell me?" Toni asks as she and Todd are sitting in bed one night. His eyes linger on her face for a moment. There is so much he had to say to her, but he didn't know the way to broach it.
"No Toni, there is nothing I have to say"
His gaze fell from her face to the wedding ring he'd bought. When he and Toni met, he knew she was out of his league. Yet he'd persisted. He'd felt so drawn to her, even though she was entirely self involved. The ring had been just another way to rope her in, and to buy it for her had been the final edge, he'd needed, even if it did put him a few thousand dollars in debt. Fifty thousand dollars in fact. With that added edge, and the false belief that her doctor husband was pulling in thousands, Toni had gone on to plan a quarter of a million dollar wedding. When he'd suggested toning it down, even slightly she'd threatened to call off the wedding. But he loved her, and who have done anything to keep her and so he bought the ring that had began the disaster of their disaster of a marriage. Toni knew Todd was unhappy, but being Toni Childs was hard enough without her marriage bring her down. Things at the office were starting to look up, but she was not at the position that she was used to. Once she got on top she would take the time to look at things in her marriage. She looked down at her wedding ring. After all that they'd been through together, she knew he was the one, finally.

The next morning the Girlfriends gathered at their favorite restaurants for breakfast. They have their regular seat; a booth with Joan sitting beside Lynn, Maya beside Toni. Though this morning was just like any other morning where the girls gathered for breakfast, it was quite unusual in that the table was strangely silent. As the more outspoken one of the group of four women, Maya finally decided to break the silence.
"Look if I wanted to eat breakfast in silence I would have stayed home! You heifers better say something"
Shaking her head, Joan smiled inside. She loved her girls and after spending most of her night tossing and turning, contemplating her future, she had finally come to a decision. It was a decision so big, it warranted sharing with the girls.
"I'm in love with William" The girls look up briefly; Toni rolls her eyes while Maya sips some water, choosing that precise moment to look out the window. Lynn simply smirked.
"What! You guys wanted me to say something!" Upset, Joan withdrew to her food. She felt hurt, she expected her girls to respond somewhat differently to her good news.
Lynn sighed and scooted closer to Joan. "Honey", she said pulling Joan's ringlets from her. "It's not that we don't care, it just that…We already knew that." Shocked Joan looked to the other girls for confirmation. "What? How could you know? I didn't tell anyone"
Finally Toni acknowledges the group. "Please Joan, we are your girls…we know everything. But enough of your problems, its time to hear about my life." Used to Toni's blatant disregard for other people's feelings the girls turn their attention, completely forgetting Joan's confession. "I think my marriage is over." Toni said, for the first time voicing her suspicions of the waning of feelings between her and Todd.
"Girl, I could have told you that? What do you expect when tow heathens get together?" Maya says jokingly. Shoving her playfully, Toni tries again.
"No I'm serious…I mean…we haven't…in months. And I don't know, I just feel like he's holding something back." Not used to showing her vulnerable side, after she is finished talking she returns to her food trying to hide how much this means to her.
Joan immediately slips into her mothering role. "Well honey, you've been focusing so much on work lately, maybe he just feels neglected. Maybe you guys can get away for a few days, you know re-ignite that spark between you two"
"Joan, I can't afford to do this now, I mean I'm running neck and neck with Halley at the office. That heifer has sold three properties already this week and she is starting to edge in on my properties. Maybe Todd can wait"
Rolling her eyes, Maya drops her fork. "See girl, that's your problem. You always putting yourself in front of your man. Your marriage is important"
"Oh" Toni laughs, "I know the pot is not calling the kettle black. What about your marriage? Are we forgetting the reason Darnell left you in the first place"
A hush falls over the table. But these are the girlfriends; no feelings are hurt and within seconds Maya is ready with a comeback.
"Look biatch…I know I screwed things up with Darnell, I know that and I accept that. But you are my girl…and I know how much that little mans means to you. I just don't want to see you screw this up"
"Yeah, Toni," Lynn added in, "Just take a few days to save this. Your career will always be there"
Resigning herself to the girl's verdict, Toni makes the decision to take a few days to save her marriage. That night at dinner she broaches the subject to Todd.