Sunday night finds the three women at their various homes, packing for their big trip to New York


Sitting before her vanity she finds herself practicing what she is going to say to William rather than packing. Almost driving herself to tears, she takes a break and turns her back to the mirror. She finds the sudden switch with her relationship with William almost disheartening. She remembers their meeting and her initial reaction to him; she thought he was an ass. Laughingly she remembers his "I hate black women speech". She almost killed him for that. But she had learned to let things like that go. She understood the stress he'd been under at the time, but it was so like "Big Willie" to crack under pressure. She also remembered when she'd leaked the information of Rise Beverages to their client's enemies. William could have given her away; reported her deceit to Swiddleson. But he hadn't; he hadn't said anything and had allowed her to keep her job and her career. She loved him, she really loved him. Unfortunately it had taken her this long to figure it out. Reaching for a pair of jeans that lay across her bed and finished packing.


Doing a better job than Joan on packing, Maya found herself in an extremely jovial mood. Taking a break she sat down on the edge of her bed. The original essay for "Oh Hell Yes" was on her end table. Reaching for it, she took a few minutes to flip through the essay that had made her famous. Still on the night stand was a picture of her with Darnell and Jabari. It was because of her relationship with Stan that caused her loss of the things she treasured. But it had taken the drama in her life to cause her to find her true destiny. She was not longer Maya, Jabari's mother or Maya: Darnell's ex-wife, but her own institution; Maya: the author. Putting down the essay she went back to packing for her new life.


Lynn was packing as well, but it was a little more heart wrenching for her than for any of the other girls. She had a life already, a life that she was strangely comfortable with, despite its almost constant instability. Her adoptive family meant the world to her, and she would always appreciate them for taking her in, and raising her putting up with her always changing plans. They were her family and they always would be. But she had to go to New York. She had to find out why her adoptive father gave her up. Why had he accepted the money Sandy gave him to walk away? In order to figure herself out, she needed to figure out her past. Having talked to her family earlier that day, she knew she had their blessing, but that didn't make it any easier. What would happen with all the traditions they had made together? Like Gotcha Day? She could tell even though they had given their blessings, these same issues were in the back of their minds. But she had to do it this, even if it meant someone got hurt.


Toni was the only one of the four in a good mood, despite the fact that her circumstances where a little worst then any of the others. They were all going to New York to gain something. She was going to ensure that her identity remained the same; that she didn't lose Todd. She'd tried calling him earlier, but the receptionist said he had not answered. She'd left a message but he had not called her back. She had been hoping for a last ditch effort to save her marriage and keep Todd from going to New York, but she was willing to go if that was what it meant to save it. She hadn't told the girls exactly what happened between them she had mentioned that he was had left ahead of her to be a technical advisor for a medical show. She did not tell them that her marriage was over, because she did not believe it herself. She still had one more trick up her sleeve.

The flight from Los Angles to New York had been uneventful. The girls had arranged their travel plans so that they could all be on the same flight as well as stay at the hotel together. Maya's hotel room was complimentary from the publishing firm that was going to be publishing her book. Joan and Lynn planned to share a room, and Toni was supposed to be rooming with Todd. Although she didn't know what hotel Todd was staying in, she'd purchased a room with in the same hotel as the girls; feeding them some line about Todd joining her once she got there. Though she slept through most of the flight, her heart was pounding with each mile they crossed, and the changes she knew they would bring.

Seated beside Joan in coach, Lynn was blasting her tri-pop music and disturbing the general peace. Maya was sat in first class, getting her first taste of a good life. Toni a few rows down from Maya was also enjoying first class, but unlike Maya she knew she couldn't afford it. But it was the "fabulousness" that was Toni Childs. Her friends had come to expect this level of greatness from her and they would not be let down, despite her inner turmoil. The remainder of the flight into La Guardia Airport was uneventful. The girls pretty much kept to themselves though Toni did break into tears a few times and rushed to the bathroom. Each time she complained of a nonexistent dry eye problem. Tuckered out from their cross country flight the girls retired to their respective rooms promising to get together for a true Girlfriends breakfast at one of the many café's New York held. Before retiring for bed Toni, called Todd's Hotel again. This time when there was no answer in his room she asked for his room number and the address of the hotel. It took a few minutes for the receptionist to give up the room number, but after threatening to sue the hotel for ruining her marriage, the terrified 18 year old who was working the desk by herself for the first time tonight quickly gave into Toni's demands. Believing that she was well on her way to saving her marriage, Toni was able to sleep a lot easier that night.