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Title: WHY?

"HOUSE!" screamed Chase as he stormed into said office. House looked up from his Gameboy and quirked an eyebrow, intrigued from the anger that seemed to roll of his little wombat. Chase was pissed, which just made House smirk in response. Sighing dramatically and dragging his feet of his desk, House stood up. "Soooo… what have I done now, it can't be that important that I had to ignore my game, and General Hospital will be on shortly, so if you don't mind honey, I really AM busy".

House moved as if to walk out the room when he was stopped by a wombat standing in front of him. "My my, I had no idea wombats moved so quickly, it must be all that good old fashioned British …" "HOUSE! Goddamn you… I can't believe, in fact no! I can believe, but I didn't think you'd actually… well okay, maybe I did think you would but I had no idea that you'd … HONESTLY! You're an ass!" Again, a quirked eyebrow, "what ARE you talking about, I've been here all day and in that time I've done many an irredeemable thing, so you may have to actually articulate something along the lines of English and tell me EXACTLY what has you so Mad".

"You know fine well what you did"

"Well I might, but then again, so far today I did pinch Cuddy's ass and then give Wilson a leech sandwich. Oh and don't forget that cute little nurse that has the really big breasts"

"What about her…and her names Kim by the way"

"I don't want her name! Eeesh! Its not like I'm going to marry her! Anyway I made big-breasts cry. That was really fun. I told her her breasts make her bum look big, you should have seen her. It was like Niagara falls."

"I don't care! You told Jane I was gay!"

"But you are!"

"No, I'm not"

"Sure you are"

"NO, I'm not"

"But the hair? My god Chase, I'm soooo sorry, I just always presumed"

House put on his most innocent face to date and bowed his head, "I…I think…"

"Shut up! You know that's not even the worst bit"

House raised his head and Chase saw the biggest grin cross his face, and swallowed the lump in his throat. "What do you mean? I did something worse? What? I would never…"

Chase groaned, he was defiantly having one of those days. "House, why!"

"Why what?"

"God stop being an ass! Why'd you tell her I was into bondage?"

House looked at him with a classic 'duh' expression, "because you are"


"Yes you are"

Chase calmed down, he was letting House get to him more and more these days and he wanted it to stop. Ever since his father turned up, then left, House has been being extra annoying to him. At first he thought it was just his nerves being frayed at the idea of his dad being around. But lately he realized that it wasn't him, it was like House was hitting him harder with the jibes, and lately it's began to take its toll on him. He's only human after all.

Chase took another deep breath and let it out slowly, House just looked at him, suddenly curious at the abrupt change. Chase turned to face away, "I don't understand!"

House knew what he was talking about, he told Wilson that he wouldn't tell Chase about his dad, but told him later that if Chase ever asked… he wouldn't lie. That had shocked both of them, as House didn't know why he didn't just run off there and then and rub it in the wombats face. Wilson looked at him funny, then nodded and went back to work.

"What don't you understand?"

Chase turned back to House; House seemed to be genuinely asking. He lacked all of his sarcastic tone, and it shocked Chase for a moment.

"I…erm, I want to know what happened, what changed? When my, my dad left, you started to erm you started to hurt" Chase sighed, he felt like a child asking a parent if they loved him and he hated it. He never wanted to feel week in front of House.

House let out a deep sigh, "Chase, the first step to answering you questions is for you to actually as them, or at least be more specific. Do you know how many answers I can give you to 'what happened' and I thought you had went and got smart! How wrong was I?"

"Fine, why don't you tell me what questions to ask then!" House just looked at Chase as if he'd grown another head, "But that would make things easy and I wouldn't want that. Then if I helped you all the other ducklings would want daddy's attention, it would mess with world order" House didn't know it was possible but Chase actually sulked. His bottom lip pulled into a pout and he looked at him through puppy-dog eyes.

"Don't sulk! You do realise I could just not tell you. It's as simple as that"

"Then why are you, telling me that is?"

"Probably because you have the finest ass. Well apart from mine of course"

Chase blushed, "Maybe you just like my dazzling wit"

"Definitely your ass"

Chase smiled, "Why have you been… god I'm so gonna sound childish. Why have you been picking on me? More. Lately."

'because your dads dying' House thought. He didn't say it, but it was a close call, instead he asked, "How's your dad? Been in touch lately?"

"Wait, so this is about my father?"


Chase was surprised; House seemed to be trying to be nice. It put him on edge. Something bad was definitely going on.

"Humph, the way you're acting it's like he's dying or something, your being too nice. So tell me… what's it about?"

House winced at what Chase said, but it apparently didn't show. The wombat had just said what House wanted to tell him out loud, and yet he still didn't realise. House wasn't sure what to do, this was unmarked territory, maybe he should call Wilson?

Chase was getting paranoid, House had been standing there for a few minutes now without saying anything. It suddenly clicked. Chase felt sick, he could feel everything shatter, 'Oh God! His dad was dying. He was dying and he never told him!' Chase looked at House,

"House", Greg looked at Chase and knew Chase had figured it out. House nodded.

"How did you find out? When… How long has he got?" Chase sobbed out the last question.

"I found out when he was here, he was a puzzle. I'm not sure how long he has left, Wilson might know"

House watched as Chase closed his eyes and took a deep breath, a small tear rolling down his cheek as he took a moment to take everything in. When Chase opened his eyes House saw so much pain, House thought that Cameron was the most broken out of his ducklings, but he saw how very wrong he was. He saw Chase wavering and caught him as he and Chase sank to the ground.

Chase felt extremely sick, like his whole world was coming to an end, and he was sure his heart stopped for at least a second or two. He realized he was on the floor shaking in House's arms in House's office and it scared him. No way should he feel safe with House, but he did and that confused him. House felt good too, and he wasn't making snide comments about how 'good catholic boys shouldn't be comfortable in another mans arms, or cry like babies'. It was an interesting situation, so Chase decided that he wanted to kiss House, he could always blame things on his emotions later if House said something.

Chase was trembling in his arms, and all he could think of was how warm and comfortable Chase felt holding him tightly like a blanket. House wasn't sure how he felt about Chase, but at this moment it was the closest thing to love he's experienced. House wanted to just plant one right on Chase's lips; it would be the House thing to do; only House didn't want to hurt Chase. Not like that anyway.

Chase shifted in his arms and looked up at him. House thought he looked absolutely stunning at this point and couldn't help the brushing of lips, or the moan that escaped him. The kiss was short and very sweet, it was perfect and Chase gave House a small lovable smile that House couldn't help but reflect back. House hugged Chase then and then moved back, "I care very much about you Chase", House whispered to him, Chase looked up and laughed softly, "I care very much for you too House". As they both stood House kissed Chase on the tip of his nose, Chase smiled again whilst mumbling 'never could stop with the affection' and moved closer to the door. Just as he was about to leave he heard House whisper just loud enough for only him to hear, "I'm really sorry about your dad, if you need anything…"

AN: I might continue this story onto a second chapter, but it depends.