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Title: WHY?

Chase and Wilson became good friends over the next few weeks which made House a little jealous, which is why he was sitting across the other side of the cafeteria watching the two whilst hiding behind an overgrown plant. What were those two laughing about, what was sooo funny that they'd be spending every lunch together? In fact, as House thought back, they had been spending less time with him, well… he'd get to the bottom of it; otherwise his name wasn't Gregory House!

"So how should we distract him?" asked Chase as he had another sip of his coffee.

"Well how about you walk up to him in the conference room, shut all the blinds and give him a strip tease?" Chase snorted at that and nearly spat out his coffee.

"How about you do that and I'll just sneak it in?"

"Oh yeah?" Wilson wiggled his eyebrows trying to be like House but just looking like a moron. Chase laughed again.

"Why don't we just both sneak into his office while he's gone?"

Wilson smirked, "Chase! House has been following us around for the last two days wondering what where doing, I think he'd notice if we tried to do it now!"

"Yeah good point. How about… You sneak away first, wink at me and then set everything up. I'll pretend to follow you, but lead him somewhere else, then we can surprise him today and he might even stop the whole stalker thing he's got going on"

Wilson nodded, "Good plan, okay we ready?" At Chase's nod Wilson stood up and started to leave the cafeteria, not before turning around and giving Chase a wink, which made Chase laugh. Wilson really seemed to enjoy this.

Chase waited until Wilson had went through the doors before getting up himself, he made sure to smile has he wondered through the corridors, everything was going to plan. He knew House was following him, he swore he could actually hear House growl when he headed towards the stairs. Chase chuckled to himself, by the time Chase took the stairs up and along to House's office, Wilson should have everything ready. It would be perfect, Chase smiled, he hoped House like it.

Wilson actually ran all the way to his office where House's 'surprise' was waiting, once he was there he grabbed the box making sure he could still see over it and then made his way along the corridor back towards House's office, making sure not to shake the box or drop it.

Once Wilson got to House's office he placed the box on House's desk and went to close the blinds in the office. Then he locked the side door that led to the conference room and moved back to the box. He gently lifted the item out the box and lay it on the desk, he then moved the box behind the desk to one side. House may need the box later to take it home, Wilson thought. With that done he hid behind the desk waiting for Chase and House.

Chase had nearly reached House's office, 'good' he thought 'Wilson shut the blinds', Chase had slowed his pace a little to make sure House could keep up, he had amazingly. It's surprising how much he can do with that leg when he puts his mind to it. Once Chase reached the office he pushed open the door and shut it before quickly running to join Wilson behind the desk, they both smiled at each other then waited for House.

House was angry, of all the nerve! He had followed Chase to his OWN office! He couldn't believe that they would be that evil, actually he always knew Wilson had an evil streak in him, this just confirmed it. House prepared to barge in there and drag Wilson off of Chase before whacking him so hard on his leg, give him a limp he thought smugly.

When House stormed into his office what he saw left him stunned. Was that… it was…

House got a jump when Chase and Wilson jumped up from behind the desk, "Surprise!" both of them shouted before smiling at House. Chase walked over to House who still looked stunned. "What's wrong, would you have preferred it if me and Wilson WERE having an affair?" Chase smiled and kissed House on the cheek.

House looked at Chase, "Well…" Chase hit House lightly on the shoulder, "Not gonna happen!"

"Not even for my next birthday?" House looked like he was sulking, if Chase hadn't known better… Chase rolled his eyes, "Do you like it?" he asked. House looked at his present and smiled, "It's perfect!" and hugged Chase before walking over to his present. He looked down at it and it looked back. "It doesn't say much" House said. Chase looked over at House and said, "Maybe it's waiting for you to make the first move. Try giving it a name?" House looked back at the sandy colored Alsatian puppy that was sprawled out over his desk with a bright blue collar on.

"Sooo… what should I call you? Any specific name you'd like to suggest?"

The puppy looked up at him and House was sure if a puppy could roll his eyes that this little tyke would be doing it.

"How about… Wombat?" The puppy growled at him and sniffed in disapproval.

"The puppy actually likes Chase House, so you might have to fight him eventually" Wilson laughed.

"Hmm, how about Al?" House looked at the puppy, "Okay too unoriginal, how about Wolfgang?" Chase laughed at that, "You actually want to have a dog called Wolfgang? That's brilliant but does he like it?" When Chase had finished, House looked back at the puppy, but the puppy growled as if to say, 'Don't you dare'? House humphed in response.

House smiled after about half an hour, "How about Ace! As in he's our Ace card!" House looked really happy and looked down at the puppy, "What do you think, wanna be our hidden Ace?" The puppy looked up at House and barked once before standing up and jumping down off the desk. House looked to Chase, "He likes it! Well it's about time!" Chase smiled at House before scoping up Ace and going over to House. House put his arm around Chase's waist and patted Ace on the head. "You two look adorable together" House said as he went to kiss Chase on the lips, but quickly stopped when Ace bit him on the ear. "What was that for?" House looked at Ace who looked at Wilson. "Oh I see, Wilson bugger off, no free porn for you" Wilson laughed; "It doesn't seem like you'll get any with Ace there watching out for Chase" Wilson mocked. House smiled, "That's what the box is for, if the puppy wants to play he can do so in the box! You understand that!" House asked the puppy who just looked at him evilly.

Cuddy didn't know exactly what was going on; the nurses had told her that there were barking noises coming from House's office, so she was going to see what was going on.

When she opened the door what she didn't expect to see was House lying on the floor with a puppy curled on top of him.

"House? What… What are you doing?"

House looked up at Cuddy and turned Ace around to see her, "Look Ace, it's a mean old witch whose come to cook me in the oven. Then she's going to feed Chase to her flying monkeys. What do you say to that?"

House looked at Ace and smiled, Cuddy looked at the puppy and started to walk towards it during what House was saying, but was stopped when the puppy growled at her.

House laughed, "See Cuddy, your not sticking your claws into my Ace!"

Cuddy looked down at the puppy with a frown, "Your puppy? I saw you more of a rodent keeper. But I see your teaching it your annoying little ways… just remember, it's not allowed back in the hospital!"

"It'll be in my office to cheer me up everyday as you can't expect me to leave a puppy at home! Do you?"

Cuddy groaned, "Fine! But the door stays locked, if it gets out…" Cuddy warned before storming out of the office, she needed to shout at someone. House went back to lying on the floor with Ace; maybe he'd teach it to pee on demand, that would be a great party piece.

When House, Chase and Ace went back to Chase's flat later that night things couldn't seem to have been any better. House was happy with his new pet, which was actually a pet and not just a human he got to fetch things now and then, and Chase was happy that House made someone other than him fetch and play dead. So when Chase sat down on the sofa he didn't expect what House was about to say.

"You want to do what?"

House looked at Chase like he was a two year old that couldn't understand anything, "I said I'd like it if we got a house together, move in, make nest etc etc…"

Chase looked at House, "You really want that?"

"Yeah of course. Why? Don't you?"

"I do it's just I didn't think you were a white picket fence sort of guy"

"Well, maybe not a white picket fence, more like a high electric fence to keep everyone out and you an Ace safe…"

"You're so romantic" Chase laughed

"You're so hot" House pushed Chase backwards so he was lying on the sofa looking up at House. Chase smiled up at House, "Why don't you prove it!" House growled and proceeded to kiss the life out of Chase whilst simultaneously ripping off both their clothes.

Chase was in heaven, House had kissed him all other before switching to licking and nibbling at every part of his body. He never knew his feet were so sensitive, and he definitely didn't realise how much fun it could be, "God House your killing me!" Chase gasped out as House rocked back and forth; "At least you'll… die happy, right", came the reply. Chase looked at House and couldn't believe how hot he was. How can someone who looked that good now be with someone else?

A few hours later…

House had Chase lying on his back resting his head on his leg, while House was stroking his hair. How did Chase get it so soft? House looked down at Chase, he looked so relaxed and it made him smile softly. "Chase?"

"Hmm…" came the tired response

"I think you are amazing!"

Chase chuckled softly with his eyes still closed, "I think your amazing too" came the whispered response. House sighed, he was in heaven.

Okay thanks everyone for reading the story,I hoped you enjoyed it. I think I might do a sequal sometime so keep a look out! xxx