Title: Hunters: Snow White

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: T

Summary: The trio go to investigate the disappearances of young girls in a small town.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural

She watched herself in the mirror as she combed her honey blonde hair. The sound of cheers coming from the crowded gymnasium could be heard clear through the rest of the high school. The whole town had turned out for the basketball game. There was an impatient knock on the ladies room door.

"Aly you done yet?" Her boyfriend called impatiently.

"Yes Tyler." She replied rolling her eyes at her reflection. She checked her reflection one last time and something caught her attention. She leaned in closer and saw a small spot of red that wasn't there before. As Aly watched the red spot grew till it took the shape of a white gnarled hand with long blood red finger tips.

"T-Tyler." She tried to say but her couldn't raise her voice above a whisper. It was coming closer and she couldn't move away from where she stood. She frantically eyed the bathroom door.

"Ahhh!" Aly let out a blood curdling scream as the hand came out of the mirror and grabbed onto her shirt

Tyler burst through the door to see his girlfriend being pulled through the glass. Half her body was already through the glass when he shook off his shocked stupor.

"Aly!" He cried grabbing her hand and pulling as hard as he could. He put his foot up on the sink and tried desperately making headway before it yanked with enough force to smash him head first into the glass. The glass cracked and splintered against his head and he watched in horror as Aly disappeared before falling down unconscious with his blood pooling around him.

"You know I like the classics as much as the next person but you gotta gimme a break, man." Jack said leaning forward against the driver's seat. Sam was snoring softly in the front seat and ACDC was playing softly on the tape deck.

"Driver picks the tunes." Dean said turning the music up louder to irritate her but not so loud that it would wake up Sam.

"I could fight you for the radio." Jack said in a mock threat.

"I bite and I pull hair." Dean warned.

"Come on, we can start slow. Something from 1980 and then we'll work our way up to the present." She pleaded.

"Quit your bitching, your as bad as Sammy." Dean said rolling his eyes.

"I can only hear 'TNT' so many times before I want to hurt something. Preferably something blonde." Jack said narrowing her eyes at him as he rewound that very song and started it over again.

She finally gave up and sat back in her seat. It was easier when Sam was awake, at least then they could pool their nagging strengths. But she didn't dare wake him, she'd learned over the past few weeks that the boys hardly slept, either from nightmares or fear of nightmares to come.

"How long till we hit the Windy City?" Dean asked her.

"Bout an hour last time I checked, then another one and a half till we hit the town." Jack replied. They were on their way to the lead she'd picked out from a national newspaper days before when they were still in Kansas. She was secretly pleased that her lead was being followed by t hem, but she'd be damned if she'd ever admit something like that.

"Poplar Grove, Illinois population 1400." She recited from the map quest page she'd read.

"1396 if those missing girls don't turn up." Dean said.

Jack reached for the laptop Sam left in the back seat and turned it on. She found herself humming along to the now hated song playing in the background and quickly turned it into a cough before Dean noticed. That would just encourage the music Nazi. She brought up the internet page they'd bookmarked about the disappearances and groaned.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Another girl went missing. Its today's Chicago Sentinel. An Allison Craig. Age sixteen." Jack told him. She clicked on the thumbnail picture of the girl to enlarge it. Alison Craig's yearbook photo showed a teenage girl with long honey blonde hair, natural by the looks of it, with light green eyes and a confident smile. The small article about her disappearance said she was a popular student at the local high school, but it was a tidbit about the girl's boyfriend that caught her eye.

"Hey, it says here that she was at a basketball game with her boyfriend when she was last seen and that he was found unconscious and bleeding in the girl's bathroom. He was taken to the hospital for a serious head wound." Jack told him frowning at the computer screen.

"He a suspect?" Dean asked.

"Says he's not yet but you know that's gonna change really soon." Jack said. There was a picture of the boyfriend further down the article, smiling at the camera in a football jersey. He had the sort of boyish good looks that made small town girls and their parents swoon. All light brown hair, dimples and jock charm. Personally she preferred someone who could hold their own in a bar fight, but to each their own, she thought.

"I think we better hurry up. Before another girl goes missing and they go the serial killer route. Having big city cops there could put a damper on our thing." Jack said turning off the computer. Dean nodded seriously and sped up.

Her cell phone rang shrilly. She grinned and took the opportunity to dive forward and turn down the volume.

"Phone call could be important." She said innocently at his outraged look. Jack looked at the caller and answered.

"Hey Billie." She said spreading out across the backseat.

"I'm going to kill him." Was the reply she got.

"What did Tommy do?" Jack asked sighing, it was tough refereeing between the two brothers from a few states away.

"I'm going to kill that kid Jack ." Billie said again thourgh what sounded like clenched teeth.

"We've established that already. What did he do? Just so I know what to say when the newspapers call wanting to know what could cause an other wise, nice respectable twenty four year old man to go off and kill his fourteen year old brother." Jack said into the phone. Dean quirked an eyebrow up in the rear view mirror.

"He's been ditching school, he got into a fight last week and didn't bother to tell me I had to speak to his principle about it. I don't know what to do with this kid." Billie said. She could imagine him pacing up and down the living room of their little house.

"Is he there now?" Jack asked sensing where this was going.

"In his room." Billy said frustrated. "Could you talk to him? He listens to some parts of what you say at least."

"Put him on." Jack said in resignation.

"Tommy! Jack wants to talk to you!" Billie yelled.

"Thanks I didn't need to ear drums anyway." Jack said switching the phone to her unscathed ear.

"Sorry." Billie said absently.

"Jack?" Tommy's eager voice came over the line.

"Tommy." She said letting her annoyance drip into her voice.

"Aw man he told you didn't he. I swear he just doesn't get-"

"Cut the shit Tom." Jack interrupted. Tommy was silent on the other end.

"You been fighting in school?" She asked.

"This guy was talking shit." Tommy said defensively.

"Like I care. If your gonna fight at least do it right and drag his ass of school grounds first." Jack scolded him. Had she taught this boy nothing about breaking rules the right way. "Did you win at least?"

"Yeah. I gave him a black eye." Tommy said excitedly. She heard Billie groaning like a martyr in the background.

"Why the hell were you ditching?" She asked him.

"I didn't want to go." Tommy said lowly.

"Tough. You have to go." Jack said harshly.

"You don't" Tommy retorted.

"That's the great thing about being all grown up, I get to be a hypocrite." Jack said smugly. "And guess what kid, screwing around doesn't make you a badass, it makes you an ass."

"But-" Tommy started to say.

"And stop driving your brother crazy, man's got enough on his plate." Jack said twirling a lock of her hair between her fingers.

"Yeah, fine." Tommy grudgingly said.

"Good. If you good maybe I'll see about heading out there in a few." She told him.

"Really?" Tommy asked brightly.

"If I can, now put your brother back on." Jack told him fighting a smile.

"Thanks." Billie said coming back on the line.

"I should charge you for this shit. This is what guidance counselors are for." Jack said with teasing gruffness.

"I don't think a guidance counselor could get away with telling a kid they'd kick their asses up and sown the state line if they didn't behave." Billie pointed out.

"Yeah yeah, I gotta go, man. Work to do lives to save." Jack said yawning.

"Whatever. Bye Jack." Billie said laughing before she cut the line.

"Kids." She said sighing at Dean.

"You moonlighting as a family counselor now?" Dean asked. Jack shrugged.

"He's a kid having a hard time of it." She replied.

"Of what?" Dean asked curiously.

"Lost their family to the baddies, its been tough on them." Jack answered.

"What did it?" Dean asked.

"Vampires. They were camping when they all got taken. Kept Tommy and Billie alive for later." Jack said shaking her head sadly at the memory. Tommy was so young and scared barely over twelve.

"And you saved the day?" Sam asked groggily. He yawned widely and rubbed the remnants of sleep out of his eyes.

"I was passing through." Jack said looking out the window. She let her words hang in the air. Sam opened his mouth to ask something when Dean gave him a look and shook his head slightly.

"How far are we?" Sam asked instead.

"About half an hour at the speed we're going." Dean replied grinning.

"Another girl disappeared and we might have a witness this time. Boyfriend found messed up where she was last seen." Jack told him. Sam nodded along running his hands through his dark hair. It was sticking up in all different directions.

"Sleep good Sam?" Jack asked flicking a wayward strand. He grunted an affirmative and looked glass eyed out the window.

"Maybe you should rest up some more." She suggested softly.

"I'm fine." He said rubbing his eyes. Jack was about to say something but followed his earlier lead and decided to drop the subject.

Both Sam and Jack groaned when Dean rewound his tape and turned the volume back up.

"Shut up." He said rolling his eyes and turning the volume up high as it would go. The same damn tape since they'd left Kansas. Revenge for them taking over the radio while he was incapacitated.


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