Chapter 1
By: Sandact6

Hello there, this is Sandact6. I'll be editing these stories to make the easier to read. I'll keep all of my original content intact however (Well except chapter 4, I'm altering that). My crappy spelling mistakes will mostly be remaining, but I aim to make the chapter easier to read with actual paragraph breaks and line breaks denoting new scenes.

Hello. I'm here again. To please you humans with simple things. Ok, I only did this story because you MUST understand this in order to get all my later stories! (My life as a Vaporeon AND HSLATBR being them). So, hope you like, yadda yadda and yadda. Copyright 2001 Sandact6. NOTE: The topic of Were-pokeism HAS been used before. And you can use it in your fics. BUT! You do not have permission to use my characters in this story. Also, I don't own pokemon ok? On with the story!

"This summer camp sucks!" I said to myself.

"Well... I kinda like it!" said my friend Rini.

"YOU ACTUALLY LIKE THIS DUMP!?" I asked her in surprise, "The food's terrible! Light's out is at 8:30PM AND the flies must be in love with me or something!"

Really! This summer camp SUCKS! All the chicken was, was rubber in a cement shell! Gr... I HATE THIS PLACE!

"Well... Look and the bright side Sam! At least the forest looks nice and the things they show us about pokemon in the forest is UNBELIEVABLE!" Said Rinitrying to defend the summer camp.

"Yes! All true!" I said to her, "But remember when the Ursaring chased us halfway through the woods firing Hyper Beams at us!"

"Well... What do you expect when you go up to a wild bear!" said Rini.

"You won't be happy until I just say I like this place do you?" I said in a questionable voice.

"Yes! I'll give up the second you give up!" she said in a proud voice.

"Well you might as well give up now!" I said to her, "I HATE this place no matter what you - WHOA!" I tripped up and landed in some Tauros Manure. Everyone looked at me and burst out laughing. "I HATE THIS PLACE!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs.

"First expression's mean everything!" Rini said while laughing at me.

I said in a frustrated voice, "Would you like to join me Rini!?"

"No thanks!" she just smiled and said, "Here. Give me your hand and I'll pull you up."

I sighed. This was going to be no easy task. Staying this hell hole know as "Summer camp" Oh, so sorry. Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sam Healman. And I am 12 years old. Just call me Sam for short. I case you did not notice, my parents sent me here because they said, "It will be fun!". Yeah right... This really has been the most embarrassing, stressful and TORTUROUS 3 weeks so far of my entire life! All I am going to do is when I get back home is sit down and watch TV for a nice... oh... 30 hours or so... Give or take a few extra.

"Ok!" said the camp leader, "As you all know this is the third last day you will be here!" The camp leader looks JUST like Ned Flanders! Well... Expect he had black hair and he didn't wear the nerdy glasses that Ned wears.

"Thank you Mew..." I said to myself.

"SHUSH!" said Rini. Rini was your average looking 13 year old girl. Apart from the fact... she had pink hair. Very strange... Creeps me out sometimes.

"Now, pick a partner and look for firewood in the woods. Do not go past the ribbon if you want to get lost in the woods for good!" He said, "The firewood will be for the campfire tonight. The more you get the longer it will be!" he said.

"Yeah... Woohoo... Another campfire... That's one per night ever since I got here..." I said in a dull voice.

"Come on Sam!" said Rini pulling my arm and dragging me into the woods, "A campfire! Let's get some firewood quick!"

"Don't you care that we had about 19 already?" I ask her.

"It will be fun Sam!" said Rini.

"EXCUSE ME!" I said pulling away from her arm, "Every time, EVERY TIME, I go to a campfire something ALWAYS bad happens to me!"

"Prove it!" said Rini as she puts her hands on her hips.

"Well... Last time someone switched my Hot dog for a twig!" I said.

"Yeah... Well... That was just a prank!" she said.

"And the night before I caught on fire!" I said again.

"Well next time do not pour Gas on your pants beforehand!" she said in a stern voice.

"AND! The night before THAT..." I was cut off by Rini.

"Ok I get it !" She said "Can't we just go and pick up some firewood before some other terrible thing happens to you again?"

"Oh... Might as well... If were lucky we MAY ONLY get stung by a Beedrill...or some'thin"

"That's the spirt!" Rini said happily, "Now let's split up! So get can get more firewood AND, I don't have to listen to your complaints!"

Rini ran off. I started to collect some firewood. "MAN!" I said to myself, "If I have to stay in this hell hole for 4 more days I'll lock myself in the bathroom stalls!"

But... then I thought about they can crawl under them... Summer camp... In my opinion it's just a place where adults can send their kids for 3 weeks for them to have some free time. SUMMER CAMP IS EVIL! I can't wait to say that to my friends! This... this place has (and will finish) sucked 3 weeks, 3 WEEKS, away from my summer vacation. And I want them back! Oh... What's the point... I'll only waste them anyway... When I picked up the last piece of firewood and had about... 13 or so splinters in my arms and hands. I heard something...

"Eeeeessss..." growled something in back of me.

"Hu?" I said and looked in back of me. It was an Espeon. A common Espeon. But... this one had a green glow around it... And it was baring it's teeth at me! "Uh oh..." I said to myself, "Nice Espeon! Good Espeon!" I said as I backed away from it. But it didn't back away... If anything, it slowly crawled towards me. Then, I felt my limbs go numb... And I was floating in air. The Espeon was attacking me! Using Disable!

I dropped all the firewood to the ground... I was scared... very scared... I thought that Espeon wanted to kill me! But then it arched it's hind legs back farther... It was going to pounce on me... To kill me I guess... I couldn't close my eyes from this because I was still in disable. Wouldn't matter if I was really... Still wouldn't be able to move. From just fear itself.

Then... it jumped. It seemed to take forever to the Espeon jumping and him biting my arm. At that point, the Disable let go... I screamed out in pain. I looked at the Espeon on my arm. I saw the blood from my arm dripping down from it's mouth onto my skin. The pain was UNBEARABLE!

"LET GO! PLEASE! LET GO!" I screamed and cried out in pain and confusion. Why was he or she doing this!? I made no sense! It finally let go after about 5 minutes of torturous pain and suffering. It, and it's blood covered fur ran back into the woods. Me, feeling dizzy from the pain said, "It's green glow... i... it's gone..." I looked at the place where the Espeon bit me. It was also glowing green for some reason...

"Sam! Sam!" I heard Rini call out after me, "I heard you calling out! Are you..." she gasped in horror and said, "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! COME QIUCK! SAM'S BLEEDING REALLY BAD!"

I blacked out at that point. Thankful because I did so I would not have to bear any more pain.

I woke up back in the camp in the bunkers. People around me and a doctor one of them.

"Sam!" said Rini, "Doctor Peterson! He's awake now!"

"Ow... my arm..." I said, "Wa... What happened?" I looked at my arm where I got bitten by the Espeon.

"You got bitten." Said the camp leader, "We think by a Flareon or Houndour."

"That bite was really deep" said the doctor, "Check that bit under the bandage tomorrow. See how it's doing."

"Will he be ok?" asked Rini.

The Doctor answered, "He'll be fine in about a week or so. Just don't touch the bite and you should be fine."

"I... I was bitten by an Espeon..." I said to myself. But the camp leader overheard me.

"An Espeon? Did you do anything to it?" Asked the camp leader.

"No! No! I didn't! I'll tell you how it all happened." I told them the whole story.

"Well I'm no Animal expert or anything..." said the doctor, "But why did that Espeon attack you AND why was it glowing? Do you know about this Mr. Gander?"

"No." said the camp leader, "First time I've ever heard about this happening."

"Well!" said the doctor packing up, "I need to get back to my cabin now. I'll leave the mysteries to you people." The doctor just grabbed his hat and left and room.

"Well... It's light's out time now Sam." said my camp leader, "You don't have to go to the fire or sleep outside tonight due to doctor's orders"

YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS! WOOHOO! Guess that bite helped me out! I gotta kiss that Espeon!

"Aw man!" said Rini, "I wanted to see his nightly screw up at the campfire!"

"HEY!" I said to Rini in a sharp voice.

"Now now you two!" said the camp leader, "Let's not fight! Sam. The doctor said you should get a good night's sleep to feel well tomorrow." He walked out the door and said while walking down the hallway, "I'll leave the bathroom unlocked for you! Don't let anyone else in tonight!"

"Ok!" I yelled back. I pulled the covers over my chest. Man... What a day... First me falling in crap and now this. Oh well... At least I do not have to sleep outside tonight!" I fell a sleep listening to the wind and the Pidgey talking.

"You're cursed! You're cursed!" It cooed.

Wait a minute! PIDGEY'S CANNOT TALK!

"Pigdey! Pigdey!" said the same Pidgey again.

"Damn straight!" I said. I quickly looked out the window and heard them again. Normal sounding this time. "Man..." I said to myself as I fell asleep, "I hate summer camp..."

Did you like it? I picked an Espeon because no one ever suspects the Espeon... He he he... OH! Must be blabbing on again. Well... hope you like it. I only wrote this in 3 and a half hours. Well... g2g now. See you on my next fic pi!