Chapter 10

By: Sandact6

Well well well. Here I am doing something I never thought I'd end up doing again quite frankly. I'm aware how of the (very) long time it has been since I last updated this. Well it's been nearly 10 years since I originally started this story. Technically 11, but shut up 10 is a nicer number to use. Anywho, this is a story that has been floating around in my head for a while now, but I've never been able to get off my rear end and actually do it. Mainly a "I wonder what Sam's life would be in 10 years time from the original start of Were-Pokeism?" WELL WONDER NO MORE! This fic shall be all about Sam and company when they're in university!

It's probably a bit more serious compared to the last two chapters, mainly focusing on some plot points I had planned for more chapters of the fic but never really gotten around to doing so. But fret not, I still plan to inject humor. This fanfic was originally founded on humor. As a lot of "People turn into Pokemon" stories at the time were pretty series, I wanted something funny. A parody if you will of those stories, but still remaining a consistent story throughout.

In all likelihood you probably just scrolled past this text and onto the story itself. That's fine. I understand. Just go ahead and enjoy.


"...Oh not again..." I sighed as I wriggled my head out of the covers, looking over to the alarm clock which is now snapped in two. I've gotten pretty good at controlling my powers, but doing so when groggy has always lead to some... less than ideal results.

"Brrrlegh..." I moan as a I stretched myself out under the covers while pulling them off of me at the same time with my psychic powers. I look at the remains of the alarm clock, gently picking it and all the pieces up at once before putting it in the wastebasket. Next step, freshening up for the start of a new day.

I head to the bathroom in my room, climbing the booster steps in front of the sink. As I look in the mirror, I can only see a very groggy Espeon staring back at me, fur suffering a massive case of bed head. You know what bed head is right? Now imagine that only all over your entire body.

"Note to self, staying up late to do papers is not generally worth it." I mutter to the reflection of myself as the toothbrush begins to levitate. I turn on the facet while grabbing the comb nearby, running it through my fur as I wet the toothbrush and apply my toothpaste. I splash a cup of cold water on myself, sending a small shock throughout my body, jolting it awake in preparation for the day ahead.

I head back into my room, grabbing my finished report from the table and putting it into my schoolbag. I open it up, only to find something missing.

"Oh come on... where did I... Ah." I say noticing my text-to-speech device next to my computer, and put it into the bag. Ever try going to school when you're incapable to speaking and uncapable of sign language? HORRIBLY difficult.

I leave my room, heading downstairs to the kitchen area. I hang my bookbag on the side of the chair as I push the booster steps up towards the stove. The entire kitchen comes to life as I begin to make my breakfast. Eggs crack over the propane stove as four slices of toast are pushed down into the toaster. Yea I'm an Espeon. Yea I'm making human breakfast food for myself. Did you want me to eat pokemon breakfast food? WELL TO HECK WITH THAT! I MAY BE AN ESPEON, BUT THERE'S NO WAY I'M GOING TO BE EATING THAT TASTELESS GA-

Oh! Toast is up! ...What was I thinking about again? Eh probably nothing important.

I take my omlette and toast, levitating the plates over to the table. One for Ada, and one for myself. ...Odd... Ada isn't here yet.

"Great... Another morning where she has something planned..." I sigh as I set her plate on the table next to mine. I turn on the TV to watch some of the morning news while I ate my breakfast. It was mostly just celebrity gossip garbage, but a few juicy tidbits about things I actually like were in there.

"The park officials say that the indefinite length of 'Mr. Bone's Wild Ride!' was intentional and in no way should prompt such an extreme reaction and in-depth investigation. However, the park officials assure us that the park will re-open once the proper officials have been bribed." The news caster says.

"God bless the loose laws for theme parks." I say as I finish the rest of my breakfast. However, just as I finish my breakfast, all the lights on the lower floor go out. My attention is caught immediately, to the point of where a giant exclamation point over my head would be suitable.

"Hm... No light... No wind either... You're getting better Ada." I mutter as I leap off the chair just in the nick of time.

"He's not here!" A masked four legged pokemon about the size of me says, flashlight on the top of his head.

"He can't of gone far! Spread out and search for him!" the other barks, beginning to fan out and look for me.

I remain hidden behind the nearby garbage can, propped up on my hind legs, a headband wrapped around my head to keep my ears down (and it makes me look cool). I mean who in the world decided that Espeon's would have such huge ears anyways. I mean is evolution just mo- Sam Sam now's not the time for this...

I slowly land myself on the ground, levitating my school back up off the chair and high into the air, during which I trip over one of the cans inside of the cupboards.

"?" the faceless pokemon faces says it all as he heads towards the cupboard to investigate. Leaving me to quickly leave the kitchen area.


I nearly have a heart attack as I enter the main entrance. Nearly six pokemon with lights on their heads, all of them scanning the room. I barely have time to dodge behind a couch in the room before the light swings over towards me. My phone suddenly begins to glow from within my bookbag. "CALL. (Press Select)" appears blinking on the screen.

...Mental note. Don't let Jon have my phone again.

Rini: Violet Lynx, you just missed the bus. Everything alright?

Lynx: Oh great first Jon does it and now y-. Up late last night doing paper, now Ada has her goons out for me.

Rini: Goons?

Lynx: About six of them looking for me in the main entrance alone. Ada's cut off all the lights and seems she shut out all the air out too. I can't sense the future and I have no idea where these guys are going to be.

Rini: Lynx have you forgotten your training?

Lynx: Of course not. But I fail to see how stomaching Ryoga's food plays into this.

Rini: Not that training! I know you're pretty used to reading the future by now, but you don't need that to get out of there. Look. Aya mostly just takes pokemon directly from the street itself right? Those guys wouldn't know human interior design if it hit them up the the side of the head.

Lynx: Yea... That'd do it. Thanks Rini.

Rini: Anytime Lynx.

Taking the battlefield tactics Rini have just instructed me about, I wait until the pokemon are not looking my general direction. Then lifting up the chair, I begin to slowly walk towards the exit. Being very careful not to let my claws hit the floor to make any sound. It takes some time, but eventually I manage to get to the door of the house.

OK... I've got to undo the deadbolt, open the door, run out, and lock the door before those masked goons find me, have to do it in order, quickly, AND not rip the door off the hinges or my parents are going to make me work it off. What? You think because I'm rich that I can pay for new doors out of my pocket! HA! YOU try finding a decent job as an Espeon that doesn't involve selling your soul to some advertiser or pit fighter! I DARE YOU!

I exhale softly as I begin. I quickly undo the deadbolt of the door, the rather loud "CHU-THUNK" easily audible in the room.

"Huh?" The guards in the room look towards the door.

No time no time! I quickly begin to bolt towards the door, just as it begins to open up.

"We see him!" one of the faceless pokemon goons say as they begin to run towards me.

"Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon..." I mutter as I quickly run outside, turning around on a dime. The gem on my forehead glows as the heavy doors slam shut, and the loud "KEH-CHUNK" of the deadbolt can be heard.

"He's locked the door!" one of the pokemon on the other side says.

"Open it!"

"I don't have thumbs!"


"I don't kkknnnooowwww..." sobs the pokemon on the other side.

I take a few breaths as I stare at the door. Man that was close. If I was caught by those guys I'd probably have to spend an entire day locked in a room with Ada. I get pretty sick of it, but considering I need to hand in a midterm report today, I REALLY didn't want to be caught today.

I turn around, only to notice that in my rush I let go of my bag when I was spinning around, flinging it across the yard.

"Oh no..." I gasp as I quickly bolt across the yard, my telekinetic powers lifting up all of the various school supplies scattered about. I see my report in my fathers rose bushes. Quickly snatching it out, I look over it from front to cover.

"Whew... Safe..." I breath a sigh of relaxation as I see that my report isn't wet and without grass stains. I'm late enough as it is. I don't honestly have the time to go back in and print it off again. Especially with all of Rini's goons waiting for me back inside.

"Well at least I'll be able to make it to school..." I mutter as I read the wind currents, heading off towards the bus.

It's around lunch break at the university, and I head to cafeteria to get my usual wrap, taking the tray and heading over to meet Rini.

"Hey Sam, how'd class go?" Rini asks as she takes my bag for me. I'm surprised at how well she managed to grow up. She cut her hair so it's only the length of her entire neck now, but her face definitely gives off a vibe of someone older than she looks, and it suits her as she's one of the sharpest people I know of.

"Thanks." I manually say as I bring out my text-to-speech device, open it up, and begin typing. "Barely managed to get there in time no thanks to Ada's antics. I swear as if she wants me to fail this class on purpose. Attempting to kill yourself in summer heat?"

Rini takes a long gulp from her sports drink before she puts it down on the table. "Not far from the truth. Deciding I want to try and loose a few pounds so I fit into that new swimsuit."

"Then why are you eating that ice cream?" I type as I begin to undo the wrapper on my wrap.

"...Shut up." Rini says as she digs her spoon into the ice cream. "Besides I'm not like you. This is like the hottest summer yet and you don't even seem to be bothered by it. You could probably just Morning Sun away all your fatigue anyways."

I take my fork and knife and begin to cut off a piece of the wrap. "Firstly, Morning Sun doesn't work that way. Believe me I've tried. Secondly it's not like I'm a Magmar or anything. I'm still bothered by really really high temperatures. Just not nearly as much as other people. Aaannddd... Right on time."

"That's because Espeon's are the desert adaptation Eevee! Your read wind currents to locate food and dodge predators, while these BIG FLUFFY EARS help disperse heat! FLUFFY EARS!" a familiar person says pulling on my ears and waving them back and forth.

"Annoyed. Hello Jon. Please stopping on my ears." I reply via the text-to-speech. Since this thing doesn't convey emotions that well, I've basically been forced to type in how I'm feeling before every sentence.

"Jon! Ryoga! I thought you two were still doing those tests!" Rini says in a rather surprised tone.

"Nope! We finished early! And I brought cake!" Ryoga says putting a box on the time.

"Nonchalant. Ryoga, I'm pretty sure bringing highly explosive or highly toxic material outside of the chemistry labs is illegal." I say to him as I begin chewing my food.

"NO CHEWING WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN!" Ryoga quickly snaps, pointing at my jaw. I can only give Ryoga a long, hard look and just sigh shaking my head. "Oh don't you give that look with me!"

"Sam we've been friends for years, I'm pretty sure you know by now that Paul is just trying to get a reaction out of you." Jack says rather calmly as he sits at the table, dressed in his artist apron. Even after all these years Jack and Jon are still the spitting image of each other. Being twins does that to you.

"Finish your painting?" Rini asks.

"Na, helping the professor clean the art room." Jack says as he sits down at the table next to me.

"Good! We're all here now! Now the cake I made this morning can be had!" Ryoga says as he begins to open his box.

"This morning? On campus? I didn't feel an explosions come from the physics lab. Oh this must be a special moment. You finally learned that nitroglycerin is a bad thing to use for cakes."

"I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG SOMEDAY! JUST YOU WAIT!" Ryoga says pointing at Jack.

Jon coughs as he holds his hand out to Jack. Jack merely sighs as he digs out a ten dollar bill and hands it over to Jon.

"YES! I WIN THE BET!" Jon says opening his wallet to put his money inside, when he suddenly seems surprised by something inside of it. "Oh wow! I completely forgot where I put this to!" Jon says as he throws something on the table.

Bending over to look at it, we all see our younger selves, huddled together for a camera shot on the night of my thirteenth birthday party. Our smiles seem so bright and cheerful.

"Ohmigawd!" Rini gasps as she puts down her ice cream. "Wow that was nearly ten years ago!"

My own eyeballs nearly pop out of my head. I did NOT see this coming. "Oh wow. I'm genuinely surprised by this. Man we've all changed so much compared to back then."

"Change? HA! Our personalities are all pretty much the same!" Ryoga laughs.

"Yea but we've all grown so much since then. I mean if I was told ten years ago that I'd become a Psychologist, I would've laughed my rear end off." Rini states. "And I DID NOT see the respective paths Jack, Jon, and Ryoga would take. I mean Jon is becoming a physicist, Ryoga an Engineer, and Jack an artist? I mean I'm happy for you all, but wow I didn't see that coming."

"To be honest, neither did I. I mean... I hate to admit this but there was a point where I always felt like I was being overdone by Jack in nearly every field. Straight A's in all of his classes where I was lucky to get C's." Jon admits.

"Don't lie. You were always better at the weird logic leaps than I was, you also did a hell of a lot better in any physical education class. I mainly took art... I dunno I kinda like how there's basically unlimited ways to express yourself." Jack replies.

"Bullcrap! You're taking a double major in both art AND physics! That is incredibly sick!" Ryoga points towards Jack.

"Yea and I barely have any free time to show for it. Jon's probably ahead of me of me now... You took Physics 4521 right?" Jack asks.

"Yea I took that last semester. Into 5201 now." Jon replies.

Jack raises his hand in a "point proven" gesture.

Jon picks the picture back up and looks at it more closely. "You know, I do kinda miss the Summer camps when we were younger. We stopped going to them all of the sudde-"

"Jon! What the hell!" Rini says.

"Wh-what? Did I do something w-" The gears in Jon's head begin to click as he looks down at me. "Oh crap! I'm sorry Sam! I completely forgot about that!"

I just swallow my food and roll my eyes. "Guys that's water under the bridge. I'm long since over it."

"Really? This is a bit more than becoming permanently crippled Sam. It's an entire species change." Rini tells me.

"Yea I'm pretty much in the acceptance phase. So I got dealt a bad hand in life. There are some things that suck, don't get me wrong. My diet basically has to be on par with a diabetic and mainly need to stick to mostly protein rich foods, My thirteen year old self had more physical strength than I do right now, I need this bloody machine to talk for me, and my popularity seems to flip back and forth wildly. Sometimes people want me to do tricks for them, other times I'm still annoyed by animal control officers because they think I'm a stray or something." I reply.

"Yea but you got some AWESOME silver linings in exchange at least! It's not like me where you lose complete control of your lower body!" Ryoga replies.

"Yea you've gotten pretty good at controlling your powers haven't you?" Jack asks me.

"Oh. Oh you have no idea. These psychic powers are like a gift from some sort of higher power. If I didn't have things then my younger self would probably be right in that my life would've completely ruined. Ada calls me incredibly lucky all the time because of it. They actually allow me to overcome the physical limitation of not having hands. But yea looking back my powers have grown quite a bit. Thanks to my father who trained me all the time, I can actually lift a car now, which is more than what most humans can do! But honestly that's nothing compared to what most psychic types can do. But my precision has always been roughly the same, but I *have* gotten pretty good at multitasking though. Before I could only do one thing at a time, but now I can do nearly a dozen minor things at once. They actually allow me to function in society. I actually pity Ada somewhat. Sure being a Vaporeon is nice, but in comparison to psy power? No way. The pity is probably why I make her breakfast every morning."

"Guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship!" Jon gloats.

Rini and I can only glare at him, blatantly broadcasting our intent, causing him to overt his gaze from us and whistle innocently.

"You said she was causing some trouble for you this morning as well. She's STILL at that?" Rini then asks me.

"1287 at the exact count. Her ability to do anything involving numbers inside of her head alone is amazing and her persistence is just the same. She didn't tell me that near the end of the timespan that I'd begin transforming randomly, so that inflated the number somewhat." I reply while chewing on my wrap.

"Ha ha! You'd best get busy then!" Jon says as he winks and points his fingers at me.

I turn to look at Jon blankly as I swallow my food. I pick up an empty soda on the table across from us, levitating it in front of his face. The jewel on my head begins to glow in addition to my body as I ramp of the power on my telekinesis. I fold the can once, twice, multiple times, crushing it into a small bundle which is more than a human could manage, before gently flicking it at his forehead.

Jon's reaction is somewhat stunned as the crushed can hits his forehead. "Alright! Subject change! Ryoga and I have an announcement to make!"

"After years of trails and testing, we've finally made the latest model of the 'Megajay' power armor!" Ryoga opens the box, showing a cake. While it hasn't exploded it, it looks like whatever was holding the icing exploded all over the cake.

"...Is that your attempt at modern art?" Rini asks him.

"NO! It's the photographic image of Megajay! Just that foot operated fabrication tools are terrible at icing cakes!" Ryoga states.

Jack can only stare at Ryoga and Jon with a horrified expression on his face. "...Why were you using lab equipment for cake decorations? WHY are you making that suit again!? The only thing that has ever happened when you two tried is that something ALWAYS get blown up whenever you run around being a vigilante! In fact, where do you even get the resources to-"

Both Ryoga and Jon simply stare at Jack, large ecstatic, toothy smiles going across their faces, portraying them as the lunatics they are.

Jack averts his eyes and puts his hand out towards them. "No! No on second thought, don't answer that question! I don't want to know!"

Suddenly my phone begins to vibrate, indicating that my lunch break is pretty much over.

"You'll have to save a piece of that cake for me. I've got to head to my next class now." I say looking at my phone.

"See ya later Violet Lynx!" Jon says to me. I suppress the urge to make all the garbage in the cafeteria fly towards him.

"Ugh... I'm beat..." I mutter as I lay down on a park bench.

The sun is beginning to set, tinting the surrounding area a glowing orange as a warm gentle breeze blows through the area. Normally I love the wind. Since my transformation I've had a newfound appreciation for it. Having some sort of foresight ability is a really neat ability. Granted I can't do things like see really really far into the future, but I have been able to predict events up to 24 hours. For some reason, I've been able to predict weather and/or very traumatic events up to nearly three days. But today it's a warm breeze. And I have fur. And it's been very hot. And the air conditioning in the library was BROKEN! If it wasn't for the "Desert Adaptation Eevee" gimmick I have on me, I'd probably be baked. Umbreon's and Jolteon's must have it rough, and I shudder at how Glaceon's must feel.

"Well well 'Violet Lynx'!" I hear a familiar voice ring out beside me. I lazily bring my eyes up, only to see that it's Ada perched on the edge of the park fountain.

"Ada please, not now... My head is beat after reading the history of parliamentary changes from 1800 to 1900." I warn her. While Ada is still relentless in her asking for pup thing, she does back off on important times when I ask. "Besides, you nearly made me late for class this morning with your little stunt and the professor hates me enough as is."

"Hates you? Oh no, is he another one of those people who believe animals have no abstract intelligence?" Ada asks as she hops on the bench in front of my face.

"Na. He's allergic to long haired pokemon." I reply.

"HA! Uncommon but definitely possible!" Ada replies back. "But something tells me that you were thinking of some other things besides just your professor and my little capture attempt this morning."

"Not really. Mainly just enjoying the breeze. But... I guess I've been thinking about a few things. Mainly the things about the future and such." I say.

Ada just sighs. "Oh Sam don't tell me you're going into another rejection period with yourself again."

"No, far from. I told you that I've accepted what I've become. But now I'm just wondering about... legality issues you know?" I say.

"But Sam you won that lawsuit didn't you? Samuel vs Government of Canada and Samuel vs... Whatever that biotech firm was. You don't pose any danger to the public at large, you cannot transmit your infection via any way, shape, or form. You have the same rights as any other human being. I can't possibly see how you have any legality issues left to worry about." Ada replies.

"You and I have human rights Ada, but what about the others like us?" I say getting back up and looking towards Ada. "I'm just mainly wondering what kind of shifts not only society would have to do, but the Government as well. I mean there are some people out there who still don't believe my story. They think I'm either a savant Espeon, some guy using his pet to pull probably the most thought out prank in the history of the world, some who think I'm still capable of spreading the disease I had, and some who just refuse to believe what happened to me to be true. Heck, if what happened to me happened to someone else then I probably believe in the last point as well."

"You can't possibly spread the disease anymore. It's completely run it's course. The DNA testing was close enough to prove you had your parents DNA, and if you were a savant Espeon then the chance of that would probably be one in 500 billion or some astronomically low chance. To be honest anytime I hear someone discrediting what we've been through it only serves to make me angry." Ada replies. "But all good things take time Sammy. I mean people left you alone after the initial media blitz surrounding you died out right?"

"Oh... Don't remind me..." I shudder at the past memories of the media hounds. After my secret was let out, media hounds from around the world pretty much stalked us everywhere. Painting our stories as black, white, grey, heck probably every other sort of colour on that scale and even including violet.

"Yea but they've pretty much accepted that now. I mean hey, we still got some spotlight considering we're probably the only known people in the world with this condition, but after spending years in an underground top secret research lab and then a year in the woods all along, it's certainly refreshing being in the spotlight again!"

I can only smirk. Ada took to the media like she does to water. Her extensive knowledge on my condition was instrumental to our court cases. Not only that, but she has saved my rear countless times in the past. While still a pain, I now consider her a trusted comrade. ...OK well sorta trusting. I'm still wary of all her stunts to get me to go for her.

"But... You're sure that I won't become a green Espeon and complicate someone else's life?" I cautiously ask Ada.

Ada only glares at me before shooting a low powered water gun into my face. "Weren't you listening!? I told you. The virus is no longer in your body. The only thing that'd happen if you bit someone is that they'd need to go and get stitches. I've been like this for a long time, and I've never had it happen to me. It only infects normal pokemon, but I'm still not sure how. The lab I was working at was destroyed before we could find that information out. Part of it's use was to increase the lifespan of a human, and in that it does work. You'll live about 50% longer than a healthy human should as well."

"That's one thin silver lining I guess." I mutter. "But... You're sure about the rarity of the disease right?"

"Positive. It is very rare to see a pokemon with it. While the increased hostility towards humans and only humans while the pokemon is under the affects of the virus is worrisome, they always break off once an attack is successful and they always leave the victim alive. After the attack the virus in the pokemon's bloodstream simply dies off." Ada replies.

"...And you didn't ask where it came from originally?" I ask Ada with a raised eyebrow.

"Sam, this was the kind of facility where if one asked too many questions they were fired. I had student loans to pay off and I liked the money. Looking back I'm ashamed that I did such a thing, but we all do stupid things when we're younger." Ada asks.

My mind flashes back to all the events I did as a child. "Oh boy you're telling me. ...In fact one of them is about to appear shortly."

"...Ryoga?" Ada asks after hesitating for a second.

"Nope. Worse." I reply.

"I HAVE YOU NOW!" a male's voice roars as an animal control truck roars out from the bushes and pulls to a stop in front of me. A man in his mid 30's leans out the window wearing his animal control hat "Samuel D. Healman! This day I, Josh Steinberg, shall take you in!"

"...What the... Sam what's going on here!? Why is Josh, the dog catcher, after you!? Did you bury a dead Hoot Hoot in the neighbours yard!?" Ada yells at me.

"OH! ONE TIME! JUST ONE TIME I DID THAT!" I yell at Ada as I bring out the text-to-speech machine and begin typing on it. "Josh knows what I am, but I also told him that if he manages to catch me, I'd basically give him a wad of cash."

"...What? You barely do that for anyone!?" Ada asks me in disbelief.

"Look Josh was feeling like crap when he knew what I actually was. I... just figured he needed a little motivation to get going again..." I tell Ada without the machine.

"AND THAT CONSISTS OF MY PLAN TO CAPTURE YOU!" Josh says while leaning out of the car.

"...Oh crap we were supposed to be paying attention!?" Ada says, I type in her words on the machine.

"Uh? What? You were saying something? I had my iPod in." I say back to Josh.

Josh's face begins to almost glow red. Instead he just hits a button on his dashboard, making some kind of launcher come out of the side of his vehicle and launch a net straight towards me! What!? How come I didn't see this!? ...Oh no, he's plated his vehicle with some of that fake dark type stuff hasn't he?! I can't move it with my powers either!

But the net is simply shot out of the air by some blast of energy, sending it's flaming remains scattering to the ground.


"Who did that!?" We all ask as we look up towards the location of the voice.

As we all look up, we can see a man dressed in silver and blue power armor, a blue cape coming out of his back while he holds a smoking blaster that appears to be from a sci-fi movie in his hand, and a helmet with an blue opaque visor blocking his eyes and nose. "I AM HE WHO PROTECTS THOSE WHO CANNOT DEFEND THEMSELVES! I AM THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS! THE DARKNESS THE LIGHT! THE FINGERNAIL THAT SCRAPS AT THE BLACKBOARD OF YOUR SOUL! INSERT AWESOME METAPHOR HERE! I! AM! MEGAJAY!" Megajay then poses making a set of pyrotechnics appear behind him.

"IT ACTUALLY WORKS THIS TIME!?" Ada screams in shock.

"Shocked and somewhat angry. Jon! What you doing!? Get out of that thing before you get hurt!" I say to him.

"MY ONLY GENETICALLY HUMAN NEMESIS MEGAJAY! I've long since prepared for this day, and won't have my plans foiled by you this time!" Josh has a large smile on his face, grabbing a key from around his neck and putting it into the dashboard. "MUNCIPIAL DOG CATCHING VEHICLE, VARIABLE TRANSFORMATION!"

Josh's vehicle suddenly flies up into the air, the lower part of it splitting into two before growing feet. The driver side folds down onto the chest before it splits into two arms and a head. The end result appears to be a large robotic version of him.

"THE BANE OF POKEMON WHO WISH TO HARM HUMANS! THE GUARDIAN BETWEEN NATURE AND CIVILATION! THE ONE! THE ONLY! SOULCATCHER!" Josh yells as two rods eject from the robots shoulders, in where he connects them before spinning the giant rod around and stopping, forming a giant net. "Megajay! Prepare to taste the net, OF ORDER!"

Josh then blasts off towards Megajay, only to have Megajay engage his own thrusters and jump back away from Mecha-Josh's charge. The two land were we can't see them, filling the forest behind them with explosions and other sounds of battle.

Both Ada and I just remain agap at what we just saw, and remain so for several seconds while our minds attempt to process the events that just transpired.


"I... I think my common sense meter in my head just stopped working... I'm going home to think of things that actually happen. Like the Squirtle Boys actually being good." I mutter as I grab my bags and begin to head home. Ada remains behind, just simply staring at the scene.

At around 10:30, I'm just laying on the couch in my living room, yawning as the news scrolls through it's celebrity gossip section.

"...Where they coming now or two minutes from now... May as well check now." I mutter to myself as I hop off the couch and head towards the door. As I open it, I can see Jon, Ryoga, and Rini standing in front of the door just about to knock on it.

"You know it's very freaky when you do that." Rini says looking down at me.

"Girls just jealous of my foresight!" I brag.

"You kidding!? I only wish I could do that!" Jon says to Rini.

"Sam! We brought you cake!" Ryoga says holding out a plate of colour exploded cake in front of me.

The text to speech floats down from the table next to me and begins to speak for me. "Thanks, and Ryoga would you mind looking at my alarm clock? I broke it again by waking up!"

"Broken alarm clock!? RYOGA SHALL MAKE A MUCH BETTER VERSION!" Ryoga says throwing his fists into the air, with me catching the cake.

"Worried and alarmed. Please do not turn it into a bomb or make it explode in any way, shape, or form!" I quickly type out next.

"Oh don't worry! It will only explode mildly! But for now, Ryoga must see news! Special feature tonight!" Ryoga then wheels into the house and bolts towards my living room. "SPECIAL! FEATURE! SPECIAL! FEATURE!"

I can only sigh and shake my head, knowing what they're going to watch. "Alright I gotta be serious with you Jon. You made the Megajay suit work, congratulations, but can you please *stop* using it? The stunt you pulled at the park today was incredibly dangerous."

"...Park?" Jon asks me with a confused expression on his face.

"...Ryoga and Jon were at the lab all day. Ryoga and Jon never even went to the park." Ryoga slows down a bit.

"It's true. I was with them all the time." Rini adds.

"Terror. Wait... If you two were at the lab... Then who was at the park?" I ask, a part of me wishing not to know the horrible answer to that question.

"CITIZENS OF THIS FAIR CITY!" we hear a voice on the news say. We're all pretty much on the couch in the next instant, seeing a picture of Megajay standing over Josh's mech while swarms of media are around him, standing next to him is a Vaporeon in likewise coloured powered armor. "I am the Blue Knight of Justice! Because as a child I was nursed on the milk of justice, and as I grew up I acquired a taste for justice! Now once again as I grow older, I again desire the taste of justice! But I cannot find the milk! So I go to Starbucks! And get a coffee! But it's not the same thing! IT SUCKS! IT'S TERRIBLE! WHY DID I ORDER IT!? AND NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT OUR MISSION IS! AND WHAT! WE! MUST! DO!"

The expression of everyone in the room could only be described as shock and utter awe. Our mouths all widely agap as we simply stare at the bastion of insanity on the screen that even overloaded the minds of Ryoga and Jon.

"I... Wa..." Rini mutters incoherently at the screen.

"I... I think I need to go to bed now..." Jon says looking at the screen.

"Good idea... I... I think I'll just sleep in and call in sick tomorrow..." I say in my real voice, long ago having dropped anything I was holding with my powers to the floor.

"...I... I don't know what to think anymore..." Ryoga says. "Yea... I'll sleep in two..."

"Night..." Rini says getting up from the couch, still wide eyed and heading towards the door with Jon and Ryoga.

"Night..." I also say as I turn off the TV. I door head back up to my bedroom to get ready for bed. The entire time my eyes are wide open the entire time, my brain unable to process anything but utter disbelief over what just happened. I head over to my bed, pull the covers over myself, and close my eyes.

"Relax Sam... This is all a nightmare... You will go back to sleep, and think of happier times... times you were sane... Maybe when you were thirteen again..." I mutter as I try to get the events of tonight out of my head, slowly slipping into dreamland.

"WWWAAAAA!" I scream as I wake up, my tongue panting. I hurriedly look around as to where I am, only to see that I'm on the balcony of my house. The light of a full moon above me in addition to the endless sea of stars.

"Sam! What's wrong!? Did you have a nightmare!?" Ada says quickly rushing to my side.

"I... Just had the weirdest... Dre- Nigh- I don't know!" I quickly tell Ada.

"Odd. I thought you said being in a place with lots of wind made you feel calm." Ada says. "Well there is a legend. Espeon's cannot see more than a day or so in the future, but they say on calm nights, with JUST the right wind conditions and trance, they can see MUCH further into the future."

...What? Could... Could that actually be true... "Then... What I just saw..."

"Pfft! I'm just kidding you! There's no basis for that! What you had was a dream and nothing more!" Ada says slapping her tail on her back. "Now come on, since you're up I want you see you play that new game you got! You got to as I can't play it with these bloody paws!"

"C-Coming..." I get up and begin to follow Ada into the house. Was... Was what I just saw a dream? Or would that actually come to pass someday?

What a tweest! In case you're wondering, I planned for this to take place right after the chapter where Sam comes from and shows his little secret to his father.

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