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Normal pov

Chapter 1: a new beginning and end

Tyson Granger, Ray Kon, Max Tate, Kai Hiwatari, Daichi Sumeragi and Kenny were all sitting in the neat lounge room of Hilary's house, celebrating their victory against Boris and Bega. Hilary's parents had gone on a business trip and left her in charge of the house. Tyson and Daichi sat side by side, re-living every breath taking moment of the final battle with rehearsed perfection. Ray, Max and Kenny sat on a large sofa, listening and laughing, adding in extra details. Kai sat on his own on the large window sill, looking out into the sky. Hilary was in the kitchen, making the boys something to eat and humming quietly to the tune of 'Numb' by linkin park. She grinned as she heard Tyson and Daichi almost yelling at the top of their lungs.

'That battle with Brooklyn has got to be one of the toughest I've ever fought!' said Tyson happily.

'Yea, it was a close one,' commented Daichi, 'you almost lost'

'But I pulled through in the end!' said Tyson defensively

'Yea, but that was after you were losing for more than half the match,' said Daichi smiling mischievously, 'I so would have taken Brooklyn out earlier if it was me he was versing!'

'Yeah right!' said Tyson firing up, 'I'm a better blader than you are! There's no way you could have done better than me!'

'Oh yea!'

Tyson and Daichi glared at each other competitively and angrily, their foreheads squashed against each others. Ray, Max and Kenny couldn't help laughing quietly. Kai shot a glance their way then looked back out the window. Hilary came out carrying a tray of sandwiches.

'Calm down boys,' she said, 'Lunch time!'

Tyson and Daichi looked at her and forgot their argument instantly and almost knocked Hilary over the second she put the tray on the coffee table.

'Food! Watch out Hil!' said Tyson diving in.

'Gimme gimme!" shouted Daichi grabbing at 2 sandwiches.

'Well excuse me!' said Hilary indignantly, 'Rude much?'

'Wow, these look yummy Hil,' said Ray

'They taste even better than they look!' said Max with a mouth full of food.

Hilary looked over to Kai who hadn't moved. Kai stared out into the big blue sky, thinking of his last Beyblade match against Bega... when Dranzer... was destroyed.

'Kai? Are you ok?'

Kai looked around and saw Hilary looking at him with concern. He looked away.

I'm fine,'

'Are you sure?' she asked, 'I've been meaning to-'

Hilary was interrupted mid-sentence when the telephone suddenly rang. Hilary ran over and answered it.

'I'm stuffed!' said Daichi patting his stomach, 'I wanna do some battling!'

'Well you can wait,' said Tyson biting into another sandwich. 'The rest of us are still eating. We actually chew our food instead of swallowing it whole like a duck ar some other farm animal.'

Kai looked over to Hilary. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. The others didn't notice until they heard the wireless phone drop onto the floor. They all looked around startled. Kai and Ray stood up. Tyson, Max, Kenny and Daichi looked at her. Hilary's face was a mixture of anguish and inner torture.

'Hilary?' asked Max, 'What's wrong?'

'M...my p-parents,' she whispered, 'They...they...'

Kai came closer, the other boys all felt something stir in the pits of their stomaches, as if they could sense something dreadful was about to be shared, and they were right.

'They were killed...' Hilary finished numbly, 'in a...a car crash...'

A single tear rolled out from the corner of Hilary's eye, and then she fainted. Before any of the others could get up, Kai swooped down and caught her before she hit the ground, her limp form unconscious in his strong arms. Tyson, Daichi, Ray, Max and Kenny gaped in dumb-founded horror. Hilary's parents were dead?