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Tyson sat back in his chair.

"Like I said before, it's too early for this shit."

"I reckon." Ray agreed.

Tala ignored them and turned towards his captive, ruthlessly tearing the tape quickly from Fletcher's mouth.

"Dude," Tyson said, holding his own mouth, "That was cruel and cringe-worthy."

Tala and Kai ignored him and turned their chairs around to face Fletcher. The adult felt his lips burning, the tape had torn away the top layers of skin and now his mouth felt raw.

"Okay Doc." Tala said coldly, "You're going to tell us where Boris is."

"What makes you think I'll do that?" Fletcher sneered.

"Because we lived in Balkov Abbey for almost our entire childhood," Kai expained as he walked over to the cutlery drawer and pulled out a sharp knife, his voice sending chills down even his friends spines, "Boris taught us how to be his perfect soldiers and being a soldier, you need to know how to force information from your enemies. Now, seeing as though you work for Boris, you surely would have seen how he trains his minions to do this... haven't you?"

Fletcher swallowed but made no reply. Tyson, Ray, Hiro and Hilary felt very uncomfortable and intimidated.

"It doesn't matter if you have or haven't..." Tala said darkly.

"Because if you don't tell us what we want to know," Kai came back and stood before the bound man, staring at the glittering knife, "You will find out, first-hand, just how affective our methods can be."



"You wouldn't." Fletcher challanged.

"He might not," Tala said dangerously, "But you know that I will. After all you did cuff me to my bed and you tried to make my brains your new hospital wallpaper. You think I'm bluffing?"

The doctor swallowed.

"I'm not telling you anything!" He shouted defiantly. "He'll kill me!"

"Who? You mean Boris?" Kai asked. "If you tell us what we want to know then we will make sure he wont be able to hurt you."

Fletcher shook his head and chuckled softly. Tyson, Ray, Max, Hiro and Hilary looked at him in surprise. He raised his head and stared at Kai darkly.

"You don't get it do you?" He whispered. "I want to kill you two! I want to shoot you both in the heads! I could have killed you at any time by administering the wrong medicine but no, I waited until I got my hands on a gun. Don't you stupid kids understand? There's a bounty on your heads! You're both wanted... dead!"

Kai and Tala looked at each other then back to him.

"Then why did Boris want Hilary?" Kai growled.

"Back up plan." Fletcher replied silkily. "If no one else killed you then he'd leave your little girlfriends bloody corpse in your room. Of course you'd be overwhelmed by grief and rage that you wouldn't be able to think straight and you will be led by your lust for revenge. Boris wouldn't need to find you then, because you'd go straight to him."

Kai suddenly punched Fletcher hard in the face. His crimson eyes were dancing with an angry light. Tala and Hiro both had to grab the slate haired teen before he attacked Fletcher again. Kai calmed down and shrugged Tala and Hiro off, still glaring at Fletcher. Tala looked back to the older man, his eyes two cold chips of ice.

"Where is Boris?"

"Go to hell."

Tala and Kai looked at each other then over to Tyson and Hiro.

"Can we use your bathroom?" Kai asked grimly.

"It's easier to wash blood off tiles than off carpet." Tala added, glancing at Fletcher.

The doctor made no reaction to this. Tyson swallowed and nodded numbly.

"Yeah, sure. Just don't disturb Grandpa. He's in the dojo practicing."

"We'll try not to." Kai said.

He grabbed the back of the chair Fletcher was tied to and dragged it effortlessly down the hall towards the bathroom. Tala raided the kitchen drawers and took out, three sharp knifes, a smaller ridged steak knife and a spork. Tyson shuddered and watched him follow Kai, briefly nodding at Daichi who walked into the kitchen sleepily. The young red-head looked back at Tala then back to the rest of his friends, completely lost.

"Isn't he supposed to be in hospital?"


Boris Balkov moved snakily through the halls and towards the apartment which belonged to Kai. He kept a calm face but it was also lined with seriousness and detirmination. He stopped at Kai's door and noticed a small note on the door left for the apartment blocks room maids. Being one of the most expensive and classy apartment blocks in the country, there was everything from room maids to room service.

'Sleeping. Do not Disturb.'

Boris growled.

'A joke from Tala I'll bet..' He thought.

He took out a small, silver tool from his pocket. He pushed it into the door lock and squeezed it slightly. The tool suddenly activated, sending little spines into the mechanism and unlocking it. He removed the tool, replaced it in his pocket then opened the door quietly and cautiously. The room was dark and the curtains were drawn. A sweet musky smell filled his nostrils and he headed through the small hallway to the lounge room. He saw a shadowed blob move near the outline of the television but couldn't make it out in the dim light. His hand manouvered its way along the wall until he came to a light switch. He flicked the switch and found both his assassins tied back to back with their feet bound, arms behind their backs and mouths taped shut. The man was still unconscious but Green-eyes was stirring slightly, disturbed by the sudden bright light. Boris looked at them with disdane but moved forward to untie them. He pulled his knife out and cut the rope in a single swift movement.

"You failed Karina." He said to the green-eyed woman. "I want an explanation. Now!"

"The girl must have heard us coming." Karina said groggily. "She was waiting for us and knocked Tekeshi out in seconds. She was too quick for me and I was struck down."

"You are lucky I am short on soldiers," Boris seethed angrily. "Otherwise you'd be nothing but a corpse. Now get your pathetic partner and lets get out of here before I'm seen."


Tyson, Hiro, Daichi, Ray and Hilary heard nothing coming from the bathroom which was less comforting than they had thought it would be. Kai and Tala had obviously taped Fletcher's mouth shut so that he couldn't even scream. Tyson and Daichi were looking pale. Hilary looked uneasy and nervous. Hiro and Ray were both on edge. They finally heard footsteps coming down the hallway and soon Kai emerged into the kitchen. Ray looked at Kai's hands. They were wet after just being washed.

"Did he talk?" Hiro asked.

"Eventually." Kai muttered, sitting on the other side of the table. "But he knows more. Tala is still with him. He's better at... extracting information than I am."

"Nice to know." Tyson said weakly.

"What did he tell you?" Ray asked.

"Well," Kai sighed. "Boris has offered a load of money for me and Tala. But Fletcher said Boris didn't own a load of money and was currently in hiding. That means he has a backer, some one with a lot of money who supports what he's doing."

"Any idea who it might be?" Daichi asked.

Kai shook his head. "A lot of people have it in for the Hiwatari family, especially considering my grandfather destroyed a lot of peoples futures and lives."

"Your grandfather wouldn't support Boris would he?" Hiro asked. "I've heard he really hates you."

"I doubt enough to kill me." Kai replied.

"You cheated him out of millions of dollars just last month when you sued him for abuse, theft and left clues that indicated he was behind several murders in Russia." Tyson replied. "No offence Kai, but if you did that to me, I'd murder you myself."

"He doesn't know about my imput into his imprisonment for the murders." Kai replied. "He has plenty more money to replace what I took."

"So Boris isn't up to any world domination schemes this time?" Tyson asked.

"Doesn't look like it." Kai said.

Tyson smiled. "Well that's a relief. No offence Kai but him trying to kill you is a lot more managable than him trying to take over the world."


Five minutes of silence passed until footsteps came down the hall, announcing Tala's soon arrival. Kai was the first to speak when the red haired Russian entered the room. Like Kai's, his hands were also dripping with water, carrying the faint odour of the hand soap.

"What did he tell you?"

"Not much." Tala replied, pulling a chair out and sitting on it backwards but so he still faced everyone. "But he did give me some information. He said that Boris usually talks on the phone with a man he calls 'Master' but wouldn't say the actual name. This master guy is the head of the whole operation. He was the one who sent men in to save Boris's filthy life at the warehouse a short time ago. That was why no one could find a body. There aren't many soldiers left with Boris. After the attack at the warehouse, a couple of detectives linked the soldiers and uniforms to some other people they've been keeping an eye on around the country for misterious behaviour and suspected murders. They sent waves of police and SWAT guys in and arrested a load of them. It was in the news recently actually. But they said it was a cult or a terrorist army or something like that. Any way, the majority of Boris's lap-dogs were arrested or killed in huge shoot outs. Boris has only around a thousand soldiers left but that's still a fuck load. Fletcher also said that he's training and recruiting more little lackies every day. He doesn't know where Boris is and even if he did, I doubt he'd tell us. Oh yeah, Kai. Just in case you're interested, you have a two million dollar bounty on your head. Same as me."

"Holy shit!" Tyson said. "We could be rich!"

Hilary, Tala and Kai glared coldly at him. Tyson shrunk in his chair and smiled nervously.

"Still too early for jokes huh?" He asked. "So um, Tala. What did you do with Fletcher?"

Tala smiled in a way which would make the devil himself tremble in fear.

"I chopped him into little pieces and flushed him down your toilet."

The whole room fell silent. Kai smirked. Tyson and Daichi both took on a greenish complexion. Hilary and Ray looked horrified. Hiro gave a disapproving look. Tala on the other hand looked proud and laughed evilly.

"Please tell us you were joking." Hilary said, sounding as though she were about to throw up.

"He was joking." Kai said simply.

"Then where is Fletcher?" Daichi asked timidly.

"Tied up in the bath tub." Tala replied. "I needed to wash him off. I didn't want blood all over the floor."

"Thanks for the visual." Tyson muttered.

Hilary opened her mouth to say something when a hard metal can smashed through the window. Kai, Tala and Hiro only needed to glance at it to realise it was a gas bomb. It exploded and a thick grey mist errupted into the air. Hiro, Kai, Tala, Ray and Tyson were on their feet in an instant.

"It's smoke!" Tala said loudly, putting his shirt over his mouth. "We have to get out!"

Kai pulled his scarf up over his mouth and quickly grabbed Hilary's wrist. She coughed harshly as the grey smoke completely engulfed the air. Hiro grasped Tyson who grabbed Daichi and they all ran out into the hallway.

"GRANDPA!" Tyson and Hiro yelled in unison.

They both breathed in the thick smoke and went into fits of coughing.

"We have to get to the dojo." Hiro coughed, "Grandpa's there."

Tala looked around, trying to see through the wash of grey around them. He grasped Hilary's other wrist.

"This way!"

Kai and Ray faintly saw dark shadows shifting in the thick smoke. Hiro, Tyson and Daichi moved past them, following Tala. Hilary tried pulling Kai along but he slipped out of her grip. Kai and Ray saw the dark shapes and quickly launched themselves at the others, tackling them all to the ground as a barrage of bullets zoomed overhead, chipping and splintering the wooden walls. Kai shifted into a crouched possition and waited until he saw the dark sillhouette of a soldier coming towards them. He charged at them and served them with a quick chop to the throat. The soldier fell to the ground, dead. Kai quickly took the soldiers guns and looked around the smoke again. He heard some thing behind him and quickly turned to see Ray hit another soldier in the head with a fatal high kick. Ray had taken his head band and put it over his mouth and nose.

"I have your back." Came his muffled voice.

Kai nodded but looked at the neko-jin anxiously. Ray wasn't showing it but every move was causing him terrible pain as his leg still hadn't recovered from when he was shot. He and Ray ran over to their friends who were waiting for them. Tala lead the group until he finally found a window. He smashed it open with one punch and the smoke started to filter out through it. Tala was narrowly missed by several bullets that hit the window frame, parrallel with his head. He swore vehemently and dropped to the floor. Kai turned the largest gun in his possession out the window and fired the machine powered gun blindly, rewarded with the cries of hit men. Kai slid the second confiscated firearm, an average Glock hand gun, over to Tala and the third to Hiro.

"On three we go out Tala." Kai said firmly. "Hiro, give us some cover. Ray and Tyson, watch out for any other soldier scum that's in here."

Tala, Ray, Tyson and Hiro nodded. Hilary looked at him in a panic.


"One. Two. THREE!"

Hilary tried to grab Kai. "No! Kai don't!"

The two boys leapt out of the window and landed on the soft grass, rolling to their feet in a military style. Bullets instantly rained down on them and they had to quickly duck behind nearby trees. Hiro squinted through the smoke which blew out the window and sniped off one of the five soldiers that were shooting at Tala and Kai. The two Russian boys looked at each other and nodded. They quickly shot out from around the trees, wounding one of the men and killing another. The other two soldiers looked at their fallen comrades then ran out of the yard quickly. Tala and Kai tried shooting them but the two soldiers were gone in seconds. Another soldier was thrown out the window by Ray and Tyson with his neck broken and head twisted around grotesquely.

"There are none left." Ray said. climbing out the window. "I'm pretty sure that was the last. The others all ran."

"Why did they run?" Tala muttered.

Hilary climbed out of the window and ran over to Kai. Kai was expecting her to come and hug him but instead she stopped in front of him. Her hand came up and slapped him across the face. He was shocked for a moment then looked at her. Hilary's eyes glistened with tears and she tried to keep an angry face.

"You big dumb idiot!" She said loudly, "You could have been killed just then! What if you were shot huh? What would I do then?! Haven't you realised yet how much I need you!? How much I love you?"

She threw herself into him and hugged him around the waist tightly. Kai, still unsure of what had just happened, hugged her back. They all jumped at the sound of cracking wood and Tala and Kai immediately aimed their guns at the direction of the sound. They quickly hid their guns at the sight of Grandpa Granger who stood over a fallen soldier with a broken kendo stick in his hands. Grandpa looked weary and roughed up with a couple of scratches, but otherwise fine.

Tyson, Hiro and Diachi ran to the old man instantly.

"Damn buggars!" Grandpa said angrily. "They attacked me in the dojo! Thought they could beat me huh! Think not! Thank God you little dudes are okay."

Kai and Tala faintly heard the groaning of a soldier they wounded earlier and looked over to him. He was shot in the right shoulder, lower stomach and left leg. He was lying on his back, moaning in agony. Kai and Tala stood over the man, looking at him in disgust.

"Your mates abandonned you." Tala said coldly.

"If you want to live tell us what you know about Boris and his plans." Kai said curtly.

The soldier laughed, letting blood gurgle at the back of his throat and spew thinly out of his mouth in a small stream.

"You'll get nothing out of me." He whispered in a rough voice. "You will both die! I don't have the ammo to kill you but the others do, and they will. Besides, the reward money will mean nothing to me if I kill one of you and the other shoots me."

"You're speaking nonsense." Kai snapped. "Tell us what you know."
The soldier laughed. "We completed what we were sent to do. See you later when Boris delivers you to hell."

He pulled a gun out with his left hand and aimed it under his chin, pressing hard on the trigger. The shot rang through the yard and caused a chill to flow through everyone. Kai and Tala turned away from the corpse and walked away.

"What did he mean they completed what they were sent to do?" Tala asked. "Aren't we their targets?"

Kai thought for a moment then it clicked. He ran back to the house with the others following behind him. Kai ran through the now smokeless halls and skidded into the bathroom. He pulled back the shower screen around the bath tub and growled angrily. Doctor Fletcher laid limply in the bath tub, a line of blood coming from the bullet hole in his head. Tala appeared in the room and swore venomously.

"Fucking bastards! He was our only lead!" He yelled, "Now what the fuck are we supposed to do!?"


Boris sat in his leather chair staring around his lush office around him. A soldier stood in front of the polished timber desk, his boots in the plush red carpet. There were no windows and the only source of light came from a fixture in the ceiling. Boris indicated to a simple wooden chair was in front of the soldier.

"Please coloniel Davies. Sit."

The soldier sat obediently and waited. Boris leaned on the desk, his fingers laced together and his chin resting on them.

"I understand the soldiers have some questions." Boris said lazily. "Let's hear it."

"Well sir," Davies said. "A few of the men were wondering what your plans are for Hiwatari and Valkov. You said that they were essential to your plans but then you send men to kill them. We don't understand."

"You soldiers don't need to understand." Boris replied. "You just need to follow orders."

"We do need to understand." Davies said firmly. "Because if we don't know whats going on then we might decide that it would be safer for us to go elsewhere."

Boris smiled. "Are you implying that you and your soldiers will commit a mutiny?"

"I didn't say that. Though that would be the rumour going around at the moment."

Boris's smile widened coldly. "You have a lot of guts to say such a thing to me. You have character. I like that. I will tell you what I am doing but you are not to repeat this to any one. If anyone does find out then you will be involved in a very unfortunate accident."

"Yes sir." Davies said, trying not to sound eager. "So why have you sent men to kill the boys if you need them?"

"Because, if I send people to kill them, then naturally they will wonder why." Boris replied. "I know they are skilled enough to avoid being killed for a while so I have no fear of your soldiers killing them. They will try and find out what I'm up to by any means necessary. Sooner or later they will get enough evidence to figure out what I'm up to and where I am, then they will come straight to me. All I have to do is leave a trail of bread crumbs for the little fools to follow."


Coloniel Davies walked along the paths of the complex which was the head of all Boris's operations. He looked around and ducked into a room that he knew held no security camera's. He closed the door behind him and pulled out a small device which was under his shirt. It was like a thick black curved match stick. Each end looked like a little microphone. He took each end and pulled it apart. It split in half but still connected by a thin wire. He held one end to his mouth and the other to his ear.

"It's Mike. Did you get every thing Balkov said?"

A voice came out of the microphone Coloniel Davies held to his ear.

"Good work Mike. We still haven't been able to find out who Balkov is working for yet. You will have to stay undercover for a while longer. Get any information you can about Balkov, his plans and the three other boys he's after, especially Kai Hiwatari and Tala Valkov. Those two are the main two in this whole thing. Any word on the condition of Spencer Petrov and Ian Papov?"

"Petrov is fine but locked in a cell. Unfortunately they took Papov to do some experiments and he was killed. Bryan Kuznetsov has been able to allude Boris and even attempted to break his friends out of the complex. I think he has gone to Fortitude Valley in search of Hiwatari and Valkov."

"We'll keep an eye out for him." The man on the other line said. "Keeping the remaining boys out of danger is our top priority at the moment. If Balkov gets his hands on them then who knows what will happen. Especially with all those tests he's preforming."

"How are things over there Grey?" Mike asked.

"The department of homeland security is still in the dark thank God. I would prefer that this doesn't reach the government. All they do is meddle and I'm not ready to reveal the Special Operations Spy network to them just yet."

"The SOS soldiers are more competant than a lot of their men any way." Mike agreed. "I will get back to you when I find out more about this place."

"Good. Once we find out who is behind this whole operation then we'll storm the complex and shoot the bastards responsible. Make sure they don't do it again."

Mike smiled. "Alright. I got to get back to work. Out."



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