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This chapter's Naruto x Hinata.

It was common knowledge that Hyuuga Hinata loved pressing flowers. She cultivated the best private garden in Konoha, to be sure. She loved flowers-not because they were pretty, nor because they were soft and meek like her, but for another reason.

Hinata believed that the flowers she cultivated resembled the people in her life.

Her favorite flower? That would have to be the sunflower, which represented an oh-too-obvious figure. Naruto.

Naruto was a sunflower, bold and bright, golden glint standing out among all the other flowers in her garden. Out of a normal-sized seed, a sunflower grew, reaching up towards the sky, outgrowing all the other flowers to a height of over10 feet. That was Naruto, all right.

A sunflower, distinct and confident, always turned to face ahead-face the sun, unafraid of the surrounding shadows. A proud failure, just like Naruto, finding the sunshine no matter what.

But the sunflower also carried a curse.

In ancient mythology, Hinata knew, a maiden named Clytie once fell in love with the golden sun god Apollo. But the sun god wouldn't notice her, and so the maiden would do nothing but watch him perform his mission of traveling throughout the villages through the sky. After nine days spent just watching him, she was transformed into a flower.

She knew she should learn from the myth. After all, even though she did very little except watch Naruto, Naruto still wouldn't notice her.

But it was hard to look away from Naruto's bright smiles, his sheer determination, the hope he brought.

There was another reason why she liked sunflowers. One day, out of curiousity, she had asked Ino what a sunflower symbolized.

They symbolized devotion.

The kind of devotion Naruto had to become Hokage; the kind of devotion he had to always get back up; the kind of devotion he had to follow his own way of the ninja.

And the kind of devotion Hinata herself had in doing nothing but watch the sunflower grow.

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