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Hinata thought everyone was a flower, without exception.

Still, she admitted, she sometimes had no idea which flower certain people were.

It was pretty easy to find flowers for people she'd known all of her life, or flowers for sensei she'd had.

Then there were people that were very hard to figure out or people that she hadn't known all that long.

Sometimes, she thought, there were even people that were both.

Like Sai.

Blushing, she admitted to herself that she might have gone for years not knowing what flower Sai was, had he not acted first.

One day, out of the blue, he'd walked up to her and given her a bunch of flowers.

Before her face could get red, or she could get into a fainting position, or anything else of the sort because of the possible romantic meaning of the moment, he'd walked away just as casually.

It was only later that Hinata noticed just what kind of flower Sai had given her. Hydrangeas.

It was decided. Sai was a hydrangea.

Hydrangea were really common in their country. Lots of hydrangea grew just about anywhere, and you could say they all pretty much looked alike. One hydrangea looked just like another, no individuality.

You could say that, of course, but Hinata knew better. The area around Konoha, after all, was famous for its species diversity.

Even though the flowers looked alike, she knew every single one was drastically different.

Hydrangeas grew in shrubs, bushes. They always blossomed in groups, along with countless other flowers, members of the same tree, but all apart just the same. One flower by itself didn't matter, and if one small flower lost a few of its petals, none of the other flowers cared. It was the group that was important, the bush.

Ever since she was little, Hinata made sure to pick up the hydrangea petals that had fallen off the bush and place them in her flower-book.

Hinata took careful note of the color of the hydrangeas Sai had given her. Blue.

Hydrangeas were originally supposed to be white, of course, and they were, when they were grown in normal, healthy soil. But when the soil became very acid and unfriendly and harsh, the flowers turned a strange blue because of it.

Although Hinata had never liked acid soil, she found she didn't mind blue hydrangeas.

After a few days of thinking the flower through, Hinata decided she might as well ask Ino for the meaning.

"Hydrangeas? Ouch. Who was the idiot that gave you that?" Ino frowned.

"Huh? Um, Sai. …is it bad?" Hinata asked timidly.

"Well…it's Sai, so don't mind it too much. Sakura will beat him up plenty without you having to do anything," Ino smiled comfortingly.

Hinata blinked. "What do hydrangeas mean?" she insisted softly.

"Heartlessness. Missing emotions," Ino explained somewhat apologetically.

Hinata found Sai rather easily that day.

With a smile, she placed a single one of the hydrangeas that he'd given her into his hand. Ripped.

Sai's face went completely blank as he glanced at it.

After a second or two, he looked up at Hinata and gave her a small, awkward smile.

A real smile.

There were two parts to the hydrangea flower. The first part was the one that everyone noticed. The part they thought was the entire flower. The large one, impossible to miss, the label.

That part, Hinata knew since childhood, was fake. Just for show, not worth anything.

When she first saw Sai smiling at Naruto during one of their earlier missions, Hinata had decided he wasn't a very likeable person.

But then there was another part to the hydrangea flower. A small part, very deep inside the larger part. The part that everyone's eyes skimmed over. The fragile, almost invisible part of the flower.

The part that was fertile. Alive.

A while after Naruto's team had come back from that mission and she saw Sai give what she could only describe as a silly-looking attempt of a smile, Hinata knew she'd changed her mind about how she felt about Sai.

The small part of the flower (the heart) was the part she'd pressed into Sai's hand.

By the look on his face, Hinata was sure he'd understood.

Hydrangeas meant cruel, heartless.

Sai was a hydrangea.

But hydrangeas said something else, in flower language…

Thank you for understanding.

Author's Note: Yay! I managed to write it after all! I should note, I always planned on the Sai flower being a 'hydrangea'…it just went through four or five rough drafts before it came out this way. Although it's a little short and written kind of weird, there was a lot of thought put into this and I hope you guys like it.

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