"She's a nice girl! And she's pretty!" Momoshiro tossed a flirtatious smirk in Sakuno's direction. "I don't see why you don't like her."

"My love life, or lack thereof is none of your business." Ryoma said blandly. "Now, let's get to practice before Tezuka-senpai has us run laps."

"Hey, get back-" Momoshiro grimaced. He looked back at the girl "He's an idiot. No idea how to treat a lady. Someone should knock some sense into him."

Sakuno smiled lightly. "I'm sure he'll learn." She said diplomatically.

Momo shook his head. "Someone would have to strap him down or force him on a girl before he'd admit he has hormones." His head shook slightly, watching him walk away. But his expression shifted rather quickly to something sly. "Well, watch this." He muttered. He grabbed the young Sakuno by the arm, surprising her into dropping her racket. She winced as she saw it hit the ground.

"Nani, Momoshiro-senpai?" she questioned in a timid voice, trying hard to keep up with him and his long stride lest he yank her arm again.

"I'll teach that insolent little twit how to treat a lady." He muttered.


Hey, Ryoma!" Momo shouted. Ryoma turned, looked back. He didn't get a chance to answer before Momo pulled Sakuno in front if him and pushed her forward. "Catch!"

Sakuno, being as lacking in grace as she is, and having been caught off guard by the push, tripped over her own feet and stumbled forward. She knocked into Ryoma, catching her balance slightly by grabbing his shoulders. She looked up, but she was still falling forward. Her head knocked his hat off as her mouth slammed into his.

She stood straight and backed up two steps, her hands covering her mouth. The small smack that had sounded when she pulled away gave away that it had turned into an actual kiss, it hadn't simply been an accident.

"Gomen-nasai, Ryoma kun!" She said in a small, frantic voice.

Ryoma wasn't paying attention. He was, interestingly enough, looking around behind him for his hat. Momo exploded.

"You ungrateful, arrogant littel swine!" He stalked around him so he could shout to his face. "No apology, no asking if she's ok, not even a blush! You're looking for your HAT!" He snatched up the hat before Ryoma could grip it. "I don't think you even HAVE hormones! You don't, do you? Is it even physically possible for you to blush?"

Sakuno had stepped tentivly between them, her hand held up a little, toward Momo. She was studdering something that might have been meant to calm him down, but partially out of her mouth, she saw that he wasn't screaming anymore. He was staring, mouth agape, at Ryoma. Sakuno spun.

The expression on Ryoma-kun's face was not horrifying, though it did shock her. Contrary to the words Momoshiro-senpai had been screaming moments ago, Ryoma did have a light pink flush covering his cheeks, though she was uncertain whether it was because of their accidental kiss, or from anger at Momoshiro, since his eyes were narrowed in a glare that would scare Kaidoh-senpai. Not quite sure why she was doing it, she reached behind her, took Ryoma-kun's hat from her senpai, and handed it back to him. She wasn't sure, again, whether he kept his eyes on Momoshiro out of anger at him, or embarrassment to meet her own.

He placed the hat on his head, pulled the brim low, and walked off.

Momoshiro-senpai stayed frozen for a few more seconds, worrying her. She was about to wave her hand in front of his eyes when his face contorted in a manic, gleeful, and most of all scary, grin. Sakuno felt like it would be a good time to run, but he had grabbed her wrist before she'd even lifted her foot.

"He LIKES you." He said, Sakuno supposed to her, since everyone had moved on, in a gleeful, and equaly terrifying voice.

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