Sakuno ran into Ryoma's room and slammed the door behind her, a panicked expression on her face.

Ryoma didn't even glance up from his homework. He and Sakuno had been dating for a few months now, so he was pretty used to her dashing into his room without warning.

"Your dad's in rare form today…" Sakuno said, a little breathlessly.

Ryoma smirked. "You're the only person I know, besides my mother that can tolerate him. I don't know how you do it or why, but it's one of the most impressive things about you." He set his notebook beside him on the bed and looked up at her.

She was standing with her back pressed against his door, as if terrified his dad would walk in brandishing a porn magazine.

(One of the few things that made Sakuno run from his father was his unruly habit of trying to show her the girls in the magazines. He says it's because the articles are interesting, but Ryoma had a sneaking suspicion it was because of the adorable noises of terror Sakuno would make.)

Summer was hardly over, and it was still pretty hot outside. So Ryoma was hardly surprised that Sakuno was wearing a sundress. He was surprised, however, at how revealing and flimsy the dress was. Light pink with white flowers, the hem of the dress came well above her knees, and the neckline well below her collar. The straps were flimsy and thin, and with a sudden flush (from both anger at the thought, and embarrassment from it) he realized that she probably wasn't wearing a bra.

Ugh, gaw, he was as bad as his father.

He finally looked up to her face, and saw that she was grinning. He narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, shut up…" He muttered.

Sakuno laughed out loud, and ran to bounce onto the bed next to him.

She flung her arms around his shoulders and laid her head on his shoulder. "So, you like my dress then?"

Ryoma looked down at her, smirking. "That dress is shamefully revealing. You should be ashamed of yourself for going out in public in such a shameful dress." He said seriously, before tackling her and kissing her thoroughly. He pulled back with a smirk. "I like it." He said.

Sakuno giggled, but was cut off when he kissed her again.

And then again.

And so on.

Of course, the horribly inappropriate make-out session (as Sakuno loved to call them) ended much too soon (as, in Ryoma's opinion, they often did) when Sakuno broke out in a fresh fit of giggles.

Ryoma pulled away and frowned down at her. Sakuno's face contorted, as though she was trying to look apologetic, but it didn't hold and she burst out laughing again.

"Should I ask?" Ryoma asked blandly.

"I was just thinking…" Sakuno said, her voice shaking from suppressed laughter. "Your dad has a lot of dirty magazines."

Ryoma raised an eyebrow. The thought that his dad's porno collection, of all things, would enter her mind while he was kissing her wasn't a happy thought.

"And he has them hidden…like…everywhere." She continued, still choking down giggles.

Ryoma's eyes narrowed. He rolled off of her and sat up. "So?"

Sakuno took a deep, calming breath (though it didn't do much good). "So, what if he's hidden some in here?"

Ryoma's eyes widened. "He hasn't." He said sharply.

Sakuno bit her lip to keep from grinning. "But what if he has?"

Ryoma glared down at her suspiciously. She'd propped herself up on her elbows, a position that did nothing to calm his hormones. "I don't know, what if he has?"

Sakuno grinned up at Ryoma, her eyes twinkling. "Have you read any of your dad's magazines, Ryoma?"

"No." He said it blandly, but quickly. Sakuno's smile didn't falter.

"Are you sure?"

"I think I'd remember."

"Because…" Sakuno shrugged. "You take after your dad in Tennis, you know? So-"

Ryoma cut her off. "I don't take after him in tennis, because I'm better at it than him. And I do not read his magazines."

Sakuno bit her lip, but she was still grinning.

Ryoma glared. "Stop looking at me like that."

Sakuno sat up. "Oh, come on Ryoma! Your dad's dirty magazines account for, like, at least twenty percent of this house's structural stability! There's no way you haven't at least seen one of them!"

"Seen, maybe; read, no. And you seem awfully interested in my dad's reading material."

"Only as it pertains to you!"

Ryoma ignored her. "Maybe I should get him to show them to you." He made for the door.

"Ryoma, no! That's not funny!" She jumped between him and the door. He lifted her up and moved her out of the way, but he was grinning.

"Hey, oyaji!" He called loudly. Sakuno squealed and tried to cover his mouth. "What was that you said about a swimsuit edition this month?"

Sakuno squealed again. "Ryoma, no!"

He jumped away from her and opened his door. "Sakuno wanted-" He started to say. The rest of his words were muffled, however, when Sakuno pounced on him.

"I cannot believe you! Don't you dare!" Sakuno squeaked out.

Ryoma looked up at her with an oddly satisfied expression. It was then that hse realized she was straddling him.

In her teeny-tiny, flimsy sundress.

In the middle of the hall.

She turned a deep shade of red, and leapt off of him. And then took a few steps back when he continued to stare at her legs.

Ryoma sat up and smirked up at her. "I don't read the stupid things, because I don't need to read the stupid things." He said quietly, looking at her pointedly.

Sakuno blushed an even deeper shade of red.

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