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"What the hell!" Dean exclaimed angrily as a car slid dangerously in front of them and cut them off the road. He pressed on the breaks real hard and just barely avoided a crash.

"Wow, that was close!" Sam let out a relieved breath and looked sideways at his brother, "You okay?"

"Yeah, but that asshole needs a driving lesson," Dean hissed sliding out of the Impala and storming toward the strange car.

"Relax, will you?" Sam sighed as he lazily followed his brother.

"Hey, are you blind or something!" Dean growled at the driver who until that moment they haven't seen. Dean's anger melted instantly as a beautiful brunette climbed out of the car and stood in front of him.

"I'm really sorry," she told him in the most enchanting voice Dean ever heard.

"Oh, I'm not," Dean blurted with a charming smile, and Sam who had been sitting on the Impala's hood watching the whole scene, rolled his eyes.

The woman returned the smile. "I hope no one's hurt?"

"I assure you I've never felt better in my whole life."

The woman giggled softly and Sam rolled his eyes again. He never saw the two men that came stealthily behind him – he never saw the coming attack until it was too late.

Dean heard the sudden gasp of pain – instantly recognizing its owner– and whirled around with alarm. His eyes widened dangerously as he saw three men trying to restrain his struggling brother.

"Hey!" Dean shouted as he darted to his brother's rescue, but suddenly, rough arms grabbed him and tackled him brutally to the ground. Dean growled as he struggled viciously against his attackers. He knew his brother was doing the same and had an urgent need to look around and see how Sam was holding up, but Dean himself was overpowered and outnumbered – the odds were against him, and the fight was over very soon.

His kicks and punches hardly found their targets, and after a powerful blow to his head, his vision went blurry and his mind ceased to focus.

Dean blinked his eyes and forced himself to stay conscious by sheer will. Strong hands rolled him over then hauled him to his feet, and he grunted against the pain that shot through his body.

"Easy now!"

Dean blinked again trying to focus as he felt himself being dragged unceremoniously to the strange car. 'NO wait! Sammy!' Dean began to struggle once again as the thought of his brother clung to his mind.

"Relax, dammit." The man on his right hissed threateningly, "Your brother's taking a nap like a good little boy. You should do the same."

Dean began to panic again, 'Did they hurt Sam?'

"If you hurt my brother, I'll kill you!"

He heard an amused laugh, and then something else slammed against the back of his head, this time sending him to blissful oblivion.


Cold and damp were the first sensations he felt the minute he regained consciousness. His head throbbed like a possessed drum, and there was an odd taste in his mouth that he didn't like. When he tried to move, every bone in his body screamed in protest and he groaned in acknowledgment. But he had to wake up, something was wrong, something was very wrong, he felt it.

Dean forced his heavy eyelids to open, and after some serious blinking they did, and he moved his head around trying to both take in his surrounding and force his fuzzy mind to remember the 'where, 'how' and 'when'.

Without warning, memories came crashing to his head and he panicked. "Sam!" Dean rolled over quickly and looked madly around, his eyes anxiously seeking his brother. He didn't have to look for long, for just few feet beside him, stretched on the ground and unmoving, was his brother.

"Sammy!" Dean sprang to his knees, and it was at that moment that he realised both his hands were tied... no, not tied, chained. Never the less, he was able to reach his brother with little effort.

"Sammy!" Dean began to pat his brother's face urgently, "Common, Sam. Wake up!"

But Sam remained utterly still under his touch, and Dean felt both worry and fear raise up inside of him. After another minute of unsuccessfully trying to wake his brother, Dean gave up and decided to take some time to gather his thoughts.

Obviously, they were abducted – Dean swore softly under his breath as he realised it was probably his fault. They were both chained to the wall, but the chains were long and they could very likely move and walk around for a good distance ahead. He tested the chains but they didn't budge.

They were in what looked like a large basement – he could see the stairs that led to a large metallic door. But from the look of it, their chains won't allow them to reach half that far. The lights were turned on but they weren't that strong and the room was only dimly lit. The floor was cold and damp and there were no furniture in the room – well except for a large metallic table and two suspicious looking rings attached to the ceiling. Also, there was a toilet and a small sink at the near corner.

Something else was wrong too, Dean looked dreadfully at his left arm. His sleeve had been ripped and there were what looked like various needle marks decorating the inside of his left arm. Dean rushed to his brother and after inspecting his brother's arm he found he had been given the same treatment; only Sam's arm looked worse as almost the whole area was blue and purple. Now he was really worried. How long have they been drugging them? Dean swallowed thickly. What the hell was going on!

He looked down at his brother and wondered if he was all right. Dean didn't like their little predicament at all. From the look of it, they had landed themselves in some serious trouble this time. Now he just have to figure out how they could get out of it.


It was sometime later that Sam began to come around. Dean heard him moan and was instantly by his side. "Yo, Sam! It's time you woke up, sleepy head!"

Sam blinked and opened his eyes – squinting at his brother. "Dean? What happened?"

Dean sighed, and slowly helped his brother to an upright position. Sam frowned as he heard the rattling of his own chains and stared at the offending objects with wide eyes. "Dean, what the hell is going on!"

"I don't know – yet."

"We've been... kidnapped." It was a statement but Dean nodded anyway.

Sam looked around trying to digest the information. "Has anyone showed up?"


"How long have we been here?"

"I don't know. They've been drugging us, I guess." Dean showed Sam the marks on both their arms and Sam frowned – his eyes darkening with fear.

"Dean, who are they? What do they want?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

"They seemed like normal people to you, right?"

"Yeah. No supernatural stuff so far."

They fell silent for a moment. "We've got to find a way out of here, Dean."

"Yeah well, I'm working on it."

"This place is creeping me out."

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of the metallic door creaking. Both brothers winced at the disturbing sound. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs and watched as three men made their way to them.

"Howdy, boys!" the first man, short and muscular, greeted with a bright smile, "I hope you're both feeling well today?"

"We're very touched by your concern, really!" Dean spat, "Mind telling us what the hell is going on here!"

"Why are we here?" Sam demanded more calmly.

The man smiled and slowly approached the two brothers – kneeling causally to their level. "Be patient you two. Everything will be revealed."

"We're still waiting, asshole!"

The man glared hardly at Dean – his smile disappearing, "You will address me respectfully, boy. Don't make me say that again."

Dean glared back, but to his credit, he remained silent this time. The man nodded approvingly.

"My name is Daniel, and I'm in charge here," he pressed on the last part intentionally, "You see, we run a special kind of business here. I'm sure you're wondering, what kind of business," the man looked up and met the boys eyes dramatically, "We specialize in selling unique and special... things."

"What does that have to do with us?" Sam demanded harshly.

The man looked up at him intently, "Well, you've got everything to do with it, boy. You've got, how do I put this, special abilities. Do you not? That's pretty unique, don't you agree?"

Sam breathed and Dean narrowed his eyes dangerously at the man. "Are you telling us, you sell people?"

The man smiled, nodded, and to Sam and Dean's utter bewilderment, seemed even proud. "Yes. We look for people with special abilities, capture them, train them, and then sell them to the highest bidder."

Sam blinked, completely shocked and equally disturbed by the man's words. Dean seemed disgusted. "Dude, you're crazy!" Daniel glared at him threateningly before ignoring him and continuing with his speech.

"It isn't as easy as it sounds. It takes lots of effort and dedication, but we're professionals. You see, tracking you wasn't easy, but we had harder cases. You two were good at covering your tracks – but fortunately for us – not that good. After following you for only three months, we figured everything out. You were definitely a good catch."

"Listen, whatever you think we are, you're wrong," Dean tried to reason, "We're just ordinary people. We've got nothing special."

Daniel smiled again. "Let's see, you're a good hunter-you know what kind of hunter I mean, you definitely have good bodily qualities, good looking, well trained in weaponry and – well, other stuff too," he smiled at Dean, "I'm sure we can get a good deal off of you. As for you, my boy," Daniel turned to Sam, his smile widening noticeably, "you will definitely make us a fortune."

He walked up to Sam and grabbed his chin, looking directly into his eyes, "Yes, I can see it clearly. You'll make us a fortune. A big one too."

Sam knocked the man's hands away, disgusted by the feel of the man's breath against his face.

"Pardon my saying, but you're definitely a maniac – a really fucked up maniac," Dean tried to get the man's attention away from Sam, obviously not liking the looks he keeps giving his brother.

It worked. Daniel turned away from Sam and walked to Dean. Dean wanted to grab the man by the neck right then and choke him but he knew it would be a stupid move as the two men standing out of his reach both had guns trained on both him and Sam.

"You see, part of our service is to sell good merchandise. That means good mannered ones – tamed ones. How we do that, is our specialty. We train our merchandise... there are lessons to be taught and punishments to be given. Since you two are brothers, this is going to be easy. Now, I believe your first lesson is due, Dean."

Dean frowned.

"You see, I told you not to disrespect me, and the punishment for disrespect is ten lashes."

Daniel smiled at Dean's expression, then suddenly turned to Sam and grabbed him by the hair. Sam winced. Dean felt his heart race as a sinking feeling began to well up inside his stomach.

"Let's go, boys."

Dean's eyes widened as he watched the two men head toward Sam. "Hey, leave him alone!"

His warning was ignored as the two men hauled Sam to his feet, removed his chains and dragged him to the center of the room.

"Hey!" Dean felt panic raise up to his throat as he watched the two men restrain his struggling brother and cuff both his hands to the heavy rings dangling from the ceiling.

Dean swallowed hard as he felt himself losing control. "Damn it, what are you trying to do!" he demanded nervously from Daniel who ignored him and continued to watch what's being done to Sam with high interest.

Sam was on the verge of panic himself, and then beyond it, as he felt someone tear off his shirt and pat his bare back mockingly. Then he heard it, the dreadful sound of the whip striking the floor – obviously an added touch from Daniel for effect purposes, and it worked. Sam was really scared now and he was grateful for at least being faced away from his audience – he didn't want them to see his fear - he didn't want Dean to see his fear.

Daniel approached Sam, whip in hand. Dean lost it right then and lunged forward, intent on killing the man with his bare hands but the chains pulled him back, just when he almost had his hands on him. Dean swore and cursed as he struggled with the chains – struggled to get to his brother's rescue.

But it was useless and he stared with wide terrified eyes as the man prepared to strike.

"No, wait... let's -"

But the next sound Dean heard was his brother's first shattering cry of pain.



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