Danny Phantom: Fanning the Flames Remix

Verse 11: War Drums

(We open to an abandoned cathedral, where Danny, Sam and Ember are located)

Sam: Ok, out of all the places to meet, do we have to do it here?

Danny: I don't think we can hash this out at the Nasty Burger.

Ember: Also, you hate meet. I do recall we came to a fairly reasonable understanding the last time we were here.

Sam: Don't remind me.

Danny: Ok, so where are the others?

Tucker's Voice: We're here. (The door creaks open as he enters, accompanied by Star, Valerie and Kwan)

Star: And we brought a guest.

Kwan: Ok, Ember's here. This is both a good and bad thing I take it. And can you sign my CD?

Ember: Oh, totally! (Ember eagerly adds her autograph to the front of Kwan's CD case)

Tucker: So, did anyone else just happen to be attacked by a couple of super powered maniacs?

Sam: More or less. We were bailed out of it by my DAD of all people.

Star: You're kidding.

Sam: I wish. Both he and Nana popped up and cleaned house. This is the part where I mention my family's been aware of what I've been up to.

Valerie: Trust me, the shell shock wears off real quick.

Sam: Yeah, but your dad can't summon ancient spirits. My case is a little more extreme.

Star: Hmm. Brutal.

Valerie: And how did your dad take the news?

Danny: Way better than I hoped. I just pray he doesn't insist he tags along on my patrols.

Kwan: Danny, you're from a family of ghost hunters and inventors. This should not faze them.

Danny: Oh…you didn't tell him everything yet, did you?

Tucker: And spoil the surprise? No way.

Kwan: What are you talking about?

Valerie: Show him, Danny.

Danny: Ok, but try not to scream like a fan girl.

Kwan: It was one time!

Danny: We know. (Danny smiles as he transforms into his Danny Phantom persona.)

Kwan: …I KNEW IT! HA!

Danny: You're taking this way better than most would.

Kwan: Dude, it always made sense! (Kwan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small notebook) All my notes and observations were right on the dot!

Tucker: Let me see that—WHOA. Dude you did some serious research.

Kwan: The fact that you know so much about FentonWorks equipment is a big fat clue you know. And Dipper said I was looking in all the wrong places. IN YOUR FACE PINES!

Danny: Uh huh, you know I'm holding on to this and you can never tell anyone right?

Kwan: I've read enough super hero comics to know where this is going, trust me.

Sam: Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we need to address the elephant in the room.

Ember: Yeah, we all got attacked tonight and every adult we've known are now involved In it.

Star: Except my dad, I'm fairly certain he's not a secret agent.

Tucker: I suppose now this means we gotta figure out what to do next.

Valerie: Yeah…uh just what are we doing next?

Danny: We should start with what we know.

Ember: And I can fill in some of those blanks myself. It's all tied in with a certain teacher we all know.

(Back to Casper High)

Lancer: Work shop?

York: Indeed. I thought it was long locked away but it seems to have decided to settle here in Amity. To be specific, it will arrive within this area.

Emily: Oh dear, it's sentient. That will be an issue.

Jack: You may wanna fill me in on this one.

Jeremy: It's tricky even for me to explain, but the basic way to say it is sometimes magic gathered or focused around a place becomes so abundant, it can manifest into its own being. It can possibly even will objects and structures to life or bend its surroundings on its own whim.

Nana: No doubt you've all heard about such similar places like Brigadoon or Dracula's Castle. These are examples of such events.

Jack: and the workshop, it's another one?

Altair: Indeed. But it was not what I originally intended.

Jack: Knowing you, I have a feeling that you've got way too many magical doodads hidden in there.

Altair: I was a very busy child.

Lancer: Would it have killed you to have just taken up fishing?

Pam: Let's not ask. I would bet his home probably had a giant carp.

Hayate: We're still missing out on the bigger picture, which is why it's coming to Amity now.

Jeremy: You're right, that is a valid question.

Maddie: It's tied into everything that has occurred here for the past few years.

Jack: It's the "Twinkie Coloration".

Pam: Huh?

Emily: You lost me.

Jeremy: What about the Twinkie?

Jack: Well, see this? (Jack holds a Twinkie)

Maddie: Say this represents the level of ectoplasmic energy here in Amity.

Jack: Right now, if my readings are any indication, this Twinkie's size would be about the size of your summer home Manson.

Lancer: Wuthering Heights!

Hayate: Now that is one hell of a Twinkie…got any extra?

Jack: Here you go. (Tosses a pack)

Nana: This…is bad.

Altair: No kidding. The area now seems to be drawing in even Class-7 beings at an alarming rate. I fear I now understand just why Clockwork called me here.

Jeremy: Clockwork? Oh, then this is far more grave than I figured. At the very least, Altair, I wished you would have contacted me first.

Altair: Her potential is far too great for me to ignore.

Jeremy: She is also our daughter…

Pam: No matter just how much it seems like she's not.

Jeremy: …and this sort of thing takes time to take in. I don't want her to face the kind of hell this life can have on her. And with Danny too.

Jack: Whoa, hold on there! My son's not exactly Captain America…

Maddie: Yeah, he seems to be more in tune with that Spider Man guy…

Jack: …but I sure as hell think he is good enough for your daughter!

Jeremy: It's not a matter of if he's worthy or not, it's a matter of the life he leads. Danny's made a lot of enemies over the last couple of years and no doubt he will have more if Sam decides to go down the path of the Shaman. She will face threats on a level neither of them have faced or even comprehend. All of that combined…it could break them.

? I think you underestimate your daughter's will. Believe me I know that feeling!

Altair: You've made it. (Everyone turns to see that Damon has arrived.)

Damon: Yeah, we have some urgent issues pending. But trust me, Sam's probably far stronger than you know. You just refuse to admit it.

Jeremy: Perhaps. I just still can't believe she's able to do what she can do so well at this point.

Nana: It runs in the family. You're no slouch in that department either son, or need I recall the incident we had in Arizona?

Jack and Maddie: That was you?

Jeremy: Trust me, it's for the best we never get into that.

Pam: We had to bribe some people to make sure it never got leaked to the press.

Emily: Moving on, let's focus on the workshop. If I am hearing this right professor, the fact that this town's rise in paranormal activity, plus these Wraiths eventually showing up, will somehow tie into the workshop's arrival.

Altair: It seems to be the case.

Nana: Is there anything in particular we should all know about?

Altair: One item, a magical armor so potent I kept it locked deep inside.

Jack: And if they get their hands on it…

Altair: We would all be severely boned.

Emily: Good to know. Then we need to make it our priority that it doesn't happen.

Maddie: I'm open to some suggestions.

Jeremy: I hear the Bahamas are nice. Let's relocate there.

Jack: Good idea, no.

Jeremy: Yes, I thought so. Then I suppose we will have to stop these Wraiths then.

Lancer: I don't suppose you'd be willing to end this threat by yourself; you are a very strong mage after all.

Altair: Sorry, but it can't be me. From what I've been told it must be Danny to settle this. Tinkering around with a time spirit's declaration does not end well. We are fortunate it's the Wraiths that we have to worry about.

Damon: Uh, you may have to revise that somewhat.

Lancer: Why?

Damon: It's because of that urgent matter I was alluding to. Vlad has gone missing. So has Dash Baxter.

(Meanwhile, somewhere in the Ghost Zone, the conversation is closely monitored by several figures…)

Technus: Ah-ha! At long last my Fly Spies have borne fruit!

Skulker: I seriously wish you change that name, it sounds so ridiculous.

Technus: When you commissioned me for the project, it was agreed that I had full control over development of the spy gear, which includes rights to naming.

Skulker: But a 10 year old could have come up with something, ANYTHING, more fitting. Besides, they resemble WASPS! Drones are more appropriate.

Technus: The design of the Fly Spies is clearly that of—

Spectra: ENOUGH! Geez, it's like watching an old married couple bicker. Look, horrible name aside, we have quite a bit of tasty intel here to digest.

Desiree: She has a point. This 'Altair' guy has got a whole workshop of artifacts that are going to be used against us if either Danny or the Wraiths get to them.

Skulker: Danny Phantom is one thing, but the Wraiths…they will not stop at just Amity I know that for certain. Of course, there is the matter of why a certain someone would stoop so low as to partner up with one of those ghost hating loons…

Spectra: Look, we've been over this, I have my reasons.

Technus: Petty vengeance is not very becoming of you.

Spectra: You're one to talk!

Skulker: Regardless, we are all in agreement that neither side must get the weapons inside! And it's about high time we stopped letting humans push us around. I say we ensure we get our say in this.

Spectra: So in short, we wait and let these guys have it out before we move in.

Skulker: Precisely. But we need an army of our own.

Desiree: You know, there is one other person who has a bit of a grudge against Danny…

(Vlad's Mansion. The place is swarming with agents of all types as Altair and Jack meet with Paulson.)

Paulson: So, finally we meet Mr. Fenton! I've heard quite a bit about you.

Jack: Trust me, not everything you hear about me involves collateral damage. At least not these days.

Paulson: I know Jack. But believe me, any help now that you can provide will be greatly appreciated by my boss.

Jack: You mean the president is in on this too?

Paulson: Quite. If you knew some of the special ops he has signed off on involving ghosts, you would be shocked.

Altair: So…what happened?

Paulson: Best we can tell, there was one hell of a fight here between Vlad and an old friend of yours, York. We've been keeping tabs on Vlad ever since the Disasteroid incident but we've been watching him from a distance ever since that situation last year. The video footage from the mansion's security feed may help us figure out what's going on.

Jack: If it means getting Vlad back, we'll look through every single minute of it if we have to.

Altair: Right. I just hope we won't be forced to do anything…DRASTIC.

Jack: IF that's the case then let me handle it. He's my responsibility.

Altair: Jack—

Jack: No but. It was because of me that Vlad has those powers in the first place, going by what you had told me. I gotta make this right one way or another.

Altair: *sighs* I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

?: He does. After all he has beaten Vlad twice on his own.

(Altair notices now that everyone and everything around him has stopped moving. Suddenly, a figure bathed in white light and with burning red eyes stands before him)

Altair: I'm sorry, I normally don't speak much with beings able to stop reality.

?: It's something I learned many many years ago, but that is not important. I am here to give you a message. I'm afraid that for the first half of this battle, you will not be present.

Altair: Pardon?

?: I have my own ability to look through the streams of time, much like Clockwork. But the things I have seen, it will trouble you if you chose to act rashly.

Altair: I tend to think things through.

?: Not always. Not with friends involved.

Altair: Well, you can't blame me. I've lived many lifetimes, and I have made and lost many a comrade.

?: I know. And this time, after so long, you will finally get the answer to the question that was posed to you and Perseus so many centuries ago. But you need to act with some prudence. This is my advice to you; Do not let them do this alone. The adults must also make their own plans, as you will soon see that Danny and his friends will have a plan of their own.

Altair: I was hoping they would. But what would you have me do?

?: Prepare for a war. The Wraiths are no longer the only players in this game.

Altair: Wait, what do you—(before his question is finished, everything is back to normal.)

Paulson: York, are you ok?

Jack: You had us worried there Yorkie. You had zoned out for a few minutes.

Altair: …I was just having a conversation with a Class 7 entity.

Paulson: Oh boy, that can't be good. Must have been telepathic.

Altair: Seems so.

Jack: I hope this is a good thing.

Altair: Given the nature of the warning I think not. Jack, we'll go into Vlad's lab and look to see if any clues were left behind. Admiral, call the higher ups. Tell them to activate the Stewart Protocol.

Paulson: Oh CRAP. That is not a good sign.

(The next day, at FentonWorks, Jack and Maddie are sitting down and eating breakfast as Danny joins them)

Danny: Uh, Mom, Dad…this is going to be a bit awkward.

Jack: We've had worse times. Remember when I had the talk about the birds and the bees.

Maddie: Yes, and that was possibly the last time we would use sock puppets in this house. Trust me dear, we understand what you must be feeling.

Jack: Yeah, seriously. After all this time and all those years of us chasing you, having all of this out in the open must be pretty alien.

Danny: And seeing as how there's no way to reset reality again, I guess we need to talk about what's going down.

Jack: You mean the whole workshop thing? Oh yeah, there's that.

Maddie: Plus Vlad and Dash apparently being recruited for the Wraiths.

Danny: Huh? Hold on, rewind that last part a bit!

Jack: I'm afraid that it seems that way son. Altair and I found some video footage of Vlad leaving his mansion willingly with who we believe is the leader himself, Perseus. And witnesses claim that they saw Dash walk off with some shady looking guy. Apparently he was in the same area where we were fighting.

Maddie: If that's the case, we have to assume he may know who you are.

Danny: That's just swell. If that jerk still holds the kind of grudge he has, he's going to be gunning for me. I should tell the other—

Jack: York will take care of that. The question now is what will you and your friends do? Your school vacation starts in a month and these guys are going to pop in 3-4 months.

Maddie: Please dear, tell me you have something in mind.

Danny: Funny that you should mention that. We had a bit of a pow wow of our own and we decided-well actually… (Star walks in to the room)

Star: Mrs. Fenton, PLEASE TRAIN ME!

Maddie: This is new!

Danny: The other want to get stronger, but not everyone wants to go through a Training from Hell montage, so we decided to each do our own thing and prepare for them now. So, I kinda thought it would be ok for Star to train with mom-provided she says yes. Please mom, just do it, she's REALLY good with a staff!

Maddie: Well…sure why not? I don't get to do too much other than tinker with your dad's gadgets!

Jack: Hey!

Maddie: Oh face it honey, you need to work on some of the projects you create a bit better. And the others? What about them?

Danny: Tucker's going to be using York's lab to develop his own work in progress downtown. As for Sam, Valerie, Kwan and Dani, well they're getting their own help.

(The Manson kitchen)

Sam: Ok ARIZONA?! Why there?

Jeremy: Lots of reasons. For one, it's where I did my own training. Second, we don't have another omyonji handy to power you up again.

Pam: Plus your dad needs to complete his photo collection. And it just happens to be a place perfect to find yourself.

Ember: Couldn't she do that at Lilith Fair?

Pam: No, that may be an entirely different path. Besides, I think it will be perfect for these two to get to know each other. I think it's about time our family at least TRIES to come to terms with each other

Ember: That's great and all…but WHY AM I STUCK WITH HER?! (Ember points to Nana)

Nana: Trust me, where we're going, we will not even be remotely bored.

Ember: Ok, when she has that sinister look in her eyes that scares me. And that says a lot.

Jeremy: You're lucky. You're a ghost.

(The rooftop of Valerie's building)

Valerie: You—you're serious?!

Hayate: As serious as we'll ever be. You've shown great potential in the past but we were worried about what would happen to you. If you went down the same path as Perseus and countless others, I can assure you there would be no happy ending for that scenario.

Valerie: So I've been told.

Hayate: Part of our duties as Shinigami agents is to ensure that there are no other large groups like the Wraiths being formed that would upset balance. We need all the able bodied people we can get honestly and if you train with us, I think Danny will have a really great ally.

Valerie: Ok, I'll bite. But what's the catch? Where will we go?

Hayate: Oh that's the fun part- everywhere and nowhere.

Valerie: Geez, why did I get the guy that likes to speak in riddles?

Hayate: Oh trust me it will make sense when we get there!

(A gym somewhere…)

Kwan: So, this is the place?

Johnny: Yup. I got a few favors called in and we can use this place to practice every chance we get! It's also a pretty sweet pad for game sessions and partying too, so there's that benefit!

Kwan: Cool! (Kitty pops in)

Kitty: That's great and all, but we can concentrate on massive partying AFTER this whole thing blows over.

Johnny: Oh babe, do you have to be a buzzkill right now?

Kitty: Believe me babe, I will more than make up for it when it does. (Kitty winks)

Johnny: And I will hold you to that.

Kwan: I rather not know what that could possibly mean, so let's move on, please.

Johnny: Ok ok, no problem. Just one thing though, I think we can also use Shadow as part of our training regimen too.

Kwan: Really? But how can that help out?

Johnny: Good question. Shadow, give our man here a demo! (Shadow slides in and seconds later, takes on the form of Danny, then a couple of seconds later, takes on Skulker's form.)

Kwan: Ohhh…now I get it.

Johnny: Thought you would.

(Back to the Fenton kitchen)

Danny: …so you see we got our bases covered there.

Star: Although I am KINDA worried about what Ember might be going through. We really don't know too much about Sam's grandma.

Maddie: Same here. We know she was a powerful shaman once herself but we're kinda fuzzy about just how strong. And she said Altair looked…different.

Jack: I'd press him for more details about it, but I think it may bore me to death getting him to wax philosophic about the old days according to him. But at any rate it sounds like you kids have some idea of where you're headed.

Danny: Thanks. But the thing with Dash. That still is unnerving.

Star: And Vlad too…

Maddie: Don't worry about him. We have to settle that part ourselves. This was something I think we needed to address ourselves anyway.

Jack: I rather it not come to this but I do have one option left to me. Rather drastic but if it works, it would make things much easier. I'm still wondering what Altair has in store for Dani though.

(At Altair's mansion)

Altair: So, he left already?

Dani: Yup. Youngblood dropped by and just spat out he was going on some 3 month long training journey. What is it with you people and training?! Can't you do it here in town where you're less likely to be a target?

Altair: Good point. But what I have in mind for us will require we stay here. It's almost the same as what Danny went through, but a little less space. And for our convenience it's located right in the back area of the mansion.

Dani: Wait…is it that space with the chained up wrought iron gate and barrier?

Altair: Yes.

Dani: The same area that you've been developing ever since you got this place?

Altair: The very same.

Dani: Oh boy, I can't wait to see just what the hell you did to that spot.

Altair: Oh just a simple task of magic terraforming. I doubt there will be any longstanding residual temporal backlash. But I wouldn't carry any watches in there just to be safe.

(Meanwhile, on a road somewhere, a small convoy is travelling, comprised of several different armored vehicles. In one of them is Gerard, chained up from head to toe. At either side of him are armed guards, each with semiautomatics)

Gerard: Look guys, I've been telling you for the past hour, this is pointless. All of these guys won't be able to do jack shit when my boss comes looking for me.

Guard: Uh huh.

Gerard: Come on, listen to reason, we ain't the bad guys here! Its places like Amity that are the real problem!

Guard: Sure.

Gerard: …are you even remotely paying attention to anything I've said?

Guard: Yup.

Gerard: …I'm not your mother last night!

Guard: Ehh huh.

Gerard: Ok, even THAT should have set you off.

Guard 2: You did it wrong, you needed for him to say something that would have made it make sense. And also, he's had his headphones in his ears for the whole trip so—

(The conversation is cut short as a series of explosions can be heard from outside. Seconds later, the vehicle carrying Gerard is rocked by a blast and sent on its side. As everyone is sent sprawling, the doors are ripped open. A lone man in a short red cape and long white hair floats in.)

Gerard: Marcus!

Marcus: Ah, I see that you've gotten yourself caught. Somehow, I foresaw this happening despite your pretty smart plan. Oh well.

Gerard: Look I've got no time to take your crap. Just get these cuffs off of me and get the others out so we can—

Marcus: Oh there's no need to worry about the fate of your subordinates. I've already taken care of them per our leader's orders!

Gerard: You WHAT?

Marcus: They were expendable, and the possibility of them spilling our secrets was something that we did not want to risk. My duty was to free you and do away with them.

Gerard: But they were loyal, I saw to that myself! They would never—

Marcus: what you think does not matter, and what matters is our goal. However…Perseus did say that I had to do everything in my power to save you if possible. Guess what the key words here are?

Gerard: You son of a bitch-you wouldn't DARE!

Marcus: Oh, but what are you going to do? Your weapon is broken and you are powerless to defend yourself. (A very large fireball forms in his hands) And what the leader does not know won't hurt him. Let's face it, you were admitted because you were a 'charity case', so to speak. Someone of your intellect would bring shame on us and—

(A very large bolt of lightning narrowly misses Marcus as he dashes backwards away from the truck. Marcus, in anger, looks towards the hill as standing nearby is BG Hawk, holding a staff of his own)

Hawk: You know, if guys like you had spent less time talking you'd get jobs done.

Marcus: Heh. You dare try to attack me with such a trinket?

Hawk: This 'trinket' once belonged to a wizard named Merlin. You may have heard of him.

Marcus: Be that as it may. Someone like you can't possibly have a chance to take me on by himself!

Hawk: And you would be right-if I didn't have back up. (Hawk snaps his fingers. Almost immediately, several hundred men, all wielding an automatic weapon or magical implement, rush towards Marcus)

Marcus: Humph! Seems that I must depart. (Marcus clasps his hands and blinks out as several soldiers surround Gerard, who crawls out from the wreckage.)

Gerard: Ease up there, Joes! I'm in no mood to fight. You guys really might wanna ease up and get to your friends in the back.

Hawk: So…care to fill us in on what that was about?

Gerard: A change in priorities apparently. Look, as much as you and I should be talking about what the hell just happened here, I think we need to get me to a nice, secure spot ASAP. If I know that little weasel, he'll be convincing my former employer I need to be snuffed out pronto.

Hawk: I agree, did I ever tell you about how our government secretly granted use of teleportation spells for its most valuable of personnel and prisoners?

Gerard: Say what no—(Suddenly, a light appears over Gerard and in a scant few seconds, he blinks out of sight)

Hawk: That will NEVER get old.

(Sometime later, at one of Altair's labs, Jack is working at a computer terminal alongside K.T. who looks over some blueprints)

K.T.: Jack, I've been going over these blueprints that you had drafted…

Jack: I know. Cool isn't it?

K.T.: Well, that's quite the understatement. These plans will take a bit of time but I am sure we can remodel the Fenton RV exactly like you want. Reinforcing the armor should be no issue, and I think I can tweak the accelerators. However right here, are you sure you wanna do this?

Jack: Absolutely. The onboard computers have been enhanced with YorkTech systems so they should be fine!

K.T.: Ok, but installing a new A.I. system is tricky.

Jack: I've gone through all the protocols. Tesla should be ok, long as you don't make him grumpy.

K.T.: Grumpy?

Tesla's Voice: I do not get 'grumpy' sir!

Jack: Oh? Then explain what happened to that online chess website? A half a dozen crashes in fewer than 10 seconds do not 'happen' by accident.

Tesla: Perhaps I was a bit temperamental in my reaction.

Narrator: And so, summer vacation came and went. While Danny, Altair, Dani, Jack and Tucker stayed in Amity along with Maddie, Star, Kwan and Johnny the others set out to prepare on their own. September came soon enough and on one auspicious day…

(Danny is sitting in his living room with Sam in his arms as they watch TV together.)

Danny: You know, you never really got into detail about what you and your dad did while in Arizona.

Sam: Oh, you know, typical father and daughter bonding. We got into it about my love of Gothic literature, his appreciation of Victorian art; we wandered the badlands, tripped out on some weird desert peppers and sealed away the angry spirit of a lost Confederate army haunting a Native American village.

Danny: Sounds fun.

Sam: I guess you can say we had a good time. But what about you? Did you guys do much?

Danny: Oh, well me and the professor went to an alternate future universe and helped take on Vlad and an undead alien army.

Sam: Say what?

Danny: It's a long story, and what I learned about my alternate future self is WEIRD, to say the very least. (Maddie runs into the living room as Ember pops in)

Maddie: Guys, turn the channel right now!

Danny: Uh ok.

Sam: It's not another showing of Bunsen Burner Wars is it?

Ember: Nope, even better depending on your view!

(Danny turns the channel to the local news, where Tiffany Snow is seen reporting on the grounds of Casper High)

Tiffany: -and local authorities are baffled about the sudden appearance of a very unusual structure. Local police and assorted scientists are working around the clock to see just what could be the cause of the building behind me to manifest itself at this location. (Tiffany points to a large, looming building in the middle of the football field, which resembles a fortress with wrought iron gates.) With me now is a staff member at the school and noted billionaire, Prof. Altair York. (York walks in next to Tiffany) Professor, can you tell us, in your own words, what this structure could be?

York: I have a pretty good idea actually what this place is. We'll need a little more research, but in the meantime we will be holding a press conference tomorrow to discuss our findings.

Tiffany: Is this a possible threat to the town?

York: Sorry, but I can't say for certain. I think what we will announce will be of great interest to various parties though so please be patient.

Danny: Uh is it my imagination…or did he just practically INVITE our enemies to come here?

Ember: Uh yeah. Looks like it. And that's the workshop?!

Sam: More or less? You said that wasn't the original form so I guess it decided to make itself stand out a bit more.

Danny: The only thing missing is a vampire! Wonder who else saw it.

(Somewhere in the home of Perseus, who is sitting gown in a chair and watching the news feed.)

Perseus: I see the invitation has been sent and the workshop has returned at last. Very well, Altair. Let's see what you want. (The Tall Man appears before Perseus)

Tall Man: Orders sir?

Perseus: Send out the call to all the Wraiths and to Vlad. We're moving in on amity tomorrow.

(And in the Ghost Zone…)

Spectra: Now doesn't that place look positively FETCHING! Don't you boys agree?

Technus: A little too rustic for my taste.

Skulker: None the less, it's almost time for us to act. Are you ready with your army? (Skulker turns to confront Prince Aragon, who sits at a throne with glowing eyes.)

Aragon: Oh, indeed.



(Dani is sitting across from me as I furiously type at the computer)

Dani: Hey folks! Yes we know, we missed our usual deadline, but we kinda had a LOT on our plate these past few months!

Me: (without looking up) Oh yeah, big time! Let me tell you, if you work in retail and have bosses like mine, it's a miracle you get anything done in your free time if you get any! Also, never do retail in toy stores if you can avoid it, especially for video game sections!

Dani: So I've heard. Uh, aren't you gonna look up or something?

Me: Can't stop…must write…

Dani: Uh huh…this will be tricky… (Anita and DarkDp peer in)

DarkDp: Even though I'm semi-retired, I know how to handle this.

Anita: Me too.

Dani: And you will handle this by—


Me: WHAT?! (I turn my head) Break time!

(Hours later, I am sitting at a Japanese ramen stand along with Dani, Korra and Naruto.)

Me: Dude, I REALLY needed this.

Naruto: You know, I really appreciate you buying this for me…but did you have to break down my wall, scream 'IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME' and drag me out like that?!

Korra: Toph did the same thing to me.

Me: You know what makes me laugh though? The people that say they never saw the hints of romance with you and Hinata.

Dani: I wonder if any of these critics that complained ever actually read the manga to begin with.

Korra: All signs seem to point to no. Although my romance with Asami…

Naruto: Wow. How did that get past the networks?

Me: Given how they treated Legend of Korra, I don't think anyone cared what they thought!

Korra: Ok then, now spill. How many more chapters are left here?

Me: 3. And you guys may wanna keep an eye open. Because the next chapter really is coming sooner than even I think.

Dani: So…before Bleach ends?

Me: YES. (Behind us, Asami is talking with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline.)

Asami: So…

P. Bubblegum: It's sort of canon.

Marceline: Let's leave it at that.

In the next chapter, the Wraiths attack and a secret is revealed.

Theme Song for War Drums:

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