One Piece:

My Soul Duty

Zoro's point of view (p.o.v.)

I don't really understand what's going on. One moment, I'm just walking out of the only sword shop on this strange island, then there's a gigantic fiery explosion in the center of the town square and now I'm being tossed around in a panicked crowd who are running scared to the ports. Well, I guess as long as I'm not the one running, I can just relax. Well, technically, I can't because I don't know where the rest of the crew is, but I'm sure they're fine. Heck, I bet Luffy or Usopp caused the mess. Mid-yawn, I hear my captain's infamous cry of joy. Sigh. Speak of the devil. Why is it he's the only being on this planet who finds every terrifying thing fun? I mean, even I shuddered when I saw Mr. 2's face!

I look to my left and cry out his name to get his attention. I can't see him anywhere in this jumble, but I guess hearing his laugh will be good enough. While bringing my eyes back to the sky, I caught the sight of Chopper's antlers bouncing above the crowd. Knowing Chopper, and seeing how fast he was moving through the crowd, he's most likely riding on Usopp's shoulders. Sighing, I just put my hands behind my head and rested up. Remembering Sanji stayed behind to cook lunch for the crew, I wondered where Robin and Nami were. Since they're girls, I bet they were buying clothes and make-up deeper in the town and are farther back in the crowd. Of course I'm right, so I don't even bother to look.

These folks must love their calcium and vegetables, because only moments later was I dropped on my head about three steps away from the boat.

"Man, I hoped you'd been in the center of that blast."

"Wish you were." I grumbled at Sanji while rubbing the back of my head and trying to stand. Ready to meet his smug face, I readied a glare and lifted my head. But I lost the nerve when I saw Robin chuckling beside him.

"Wait," I looked around the area of the boat, "where's Nami?"

"WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE SHE IS? OH, NAMI-SAN! I SHALL FIND YOU!" Sanji cried with real tears as he tried to jump off the boat.

"Hold on," Robin said too calmly for my taste, "she's probably taking her time to get back. Since everyone's on the run, I bet she'll be here soon with an arm full of clothes and jewels."

"Nami gave up that whole stealing thing," Luffy defended our navigator, "Unless it helps us."

"Nice one Luffy." Usopp muttered lowly. Chopper sat beside him, both with their hands over their hearts, trying to calm down.

"Man, this is so like her!" I shouted, "We need to get out of here and she can't be found!"

"Hey, guys, LOOK!" Luffy squealed while pointing to the sky. We all turned our heads to see what was so interesting at a time like this; it was a thunder cloud.

Every one of us gasped.

"…Y-you don't think…she's…" Sanji was afraid to finish his sentence, but I understood what he was trying to say. What if Nami was caught up in the blast?

"I'll go get her." I stated roughly while gripping the shank of the Wado Ichimonji. I turned my eyes back to Sanji, looking for his stamp of approval. Sanji nodded shakily, trying to come together with his thoughts. I nodded as a way of thanks and turn to head off. As I tied my bandana around my scalp, I hear Robin whisper something.

"I knew he cared for her more then he let on."

What the hell? Of course I care for Nami; she's our nakama! If I didn't, I would've made sure we left her in Cocoyashi. Besides, I think it's proof enough I accept her; I ALWAYS END UP SAVING HER ASS! Just brushing that comment off, I headed back into town, dodging anything in my way. Like random people not wanting me to pass who tried to pull me back to the docks. Man, I hate this place.

Nearing the town square, I got a good look at how strong that blast was. Burn marks blended into the bricks of structures about half-way to where the town entrance was! Damn, I really hope Nami isn't in there anywhere! She would've been dea—NO! I reminded myself I had to think positive and just get there in time to make sure even if she was caught up and injured, I'd be able to get her back to Chopper in time to help.

…I'll get there any day now…


…Don't worry, almost there…

…Just so many more steps…

…Thank God I'm running or this would only take me the rest of my life!...


I ARRIVED! Phew, that only took up how much time? Catching my breath, I looked up at the place, ready to scan. I now hoped even more Nami hadn't been in the blast; she'd really be a goner with how long it took me to get here and then to run all the way back.

Instinctively, I started looking around for orange hair. Or just the colour itself. But the charred remains of the island's civilization's center gave me little hope. The thunder cloud that still sat above made it almost impossible to see anything, everything was burned black! Nothing remained the same it had only minutes before! DAMN IT ALL! Where the hell is she? She can't be dead, right? No way in hell that Nami could've been killed by something as pointless as a random town's middle blowing up, right? She had a dream! She's not dead!

The sight of scattered body-part remains everywhere crushed all hope I have left. I placed Kuina's sword back in its sheath and slowly begin to look around for the red head of the crew. I noticed an oval-shaped tub, most likely a water fountain, had been blown out of place and rested over a man and woman, the man shielding her, the point of it driven through his throat and then driven through her forehead. Blood solidified around the woman's face, making it impossible to tell what she was thinking when what one would assume to be her husband died over her, protecting her. His attempt had been in vein to save just one woman… I was seriously deprived of anything to drive me then.

All the buildings in the area collapsed from the impact, crushing many people. I could tell because Nami had mentioned that a huge event was happening in a banquet hall in the center of town, meaning we all had to stay away so we didn't disturb them. The only two decisive colours of this region, black and red, concealed all the bricks and roof tiles, but in random spots, you could see a man's head or woman's back disfiguringly deformed. The man's head was twisted all the way around, his mouth hung open, his eyes covered by the blood flowing from a long rip in his head. The woman's spine popped out of the skin in various spaces, her neck completely totalled. She and he were truly dead. And all this destruction even made me somewhat sick.

"Nami…" I called lowly, still concentrating on what was left of the town. Turning to the other side, I saw a little girl lying across the area, her head shot up, barely staying attached to the neck. She was holding a baby, I assumed, in her arms. I couldn't even gather the gut to go over and see what happened to the infant's body. If there was one thing I knew was not worth taking, it was the life of such a young child.

"Nami." I said a little more forcefully. I walked forward a little faster, a little too eager to get out of this horrid place, only to step on something. I looked down to see what it was and jumped back in shock. It was a young boy, probably only three, his legs were completely gone. The front of his eyes were somewhat disintegrated, but were still slightly shiny with what were most likely tears. I noticed his arm was outreached to my left. I looked that way to see what could've been so important. My eyes softened, I admit it. There was nothing in range of this child except scattered pieces of limbs, so I'll never know what he wanted to save. All I could tell, from the sight of a finger I saw close to the pile, was the person might've been his teenaged brother. The little boy must've wanted him to be safe or needed comfort, so he ran to him.

"You foolish kid…" I choked out, not realizing how distraught I was by all this until I heard myself speak. To think I got so flabbergasted by such a scene made me even more distraught.


To see the lives of small children, children who could've had a future or a dream, dead in such a disgusting way. To see the life of a man taken to save a woman who still couldn't be saved in the end. To see such a calm place darkened and covered thoroughly with blood and darkness. It was sickingly overwhelming. I had no idea what to do. If I couldn't find Nami, what was I suppose to think? She must be…she couldn't be anything else but…

Nami…our Nami…the Nami of the S.S. Merry Go…was…she…

Why? Why couldn't I even just think it to myself? Why did the thought of Nami…gone, taken like all these people, bother me so much? Why did all this bother me so much? I had killed and taken lives before in life. I had never been so shaken before. All these lives…all these children and fruitful folks…why didn't it freak me out?

I was so disarray, I ran back to the ship, looking as pissed off as I could. And I was! I was extremely pissed off! Who ever did this, I'll make sure they suffer! No one has the right to take the lives of an upright community, and my nakama, and live! I swear, for their sake and especially Nami's, that I will kill that damned bastard!

Since I was in such a haze, I didn't realize when I returned to the boat until Sanji grabbed me by my shirt collar and made me look at him.

"Where is she? WHERE'S NAMI-SAN?" he was panicked? He had no right to be…

I looked away and answered, "…You were right. She's…she's—"



"Zoro, calm down…" Usopp whispered, full of calm fear.



My head banged against the ship's boards hard, causing me to hiss yet again. Sanji glared at me with all his mite.

"We get it," he spoke in his usual angry tone, "You're upset. You couldn't find her. But don't take it out on us. I admit, I couldn't accept it, but that doesn't make me a bastard. We'll all just have to go there and look together--"

"NO!" I shouted, baring my fangs, "None of us are going up there! We're leaving!"

"Are you messed up in the head?" Sanji tightened his grip on my collar, "We need to be sure one-hundred percent Nami isn't there! You can't just guess so because you didn't want to take the chance of seeing her dead! We have to try! We are, and always will be, even if she is dead or not, her nakama and we have to try!"

"Sanji's right," Luffy stated as he jumped off the rail, "I don't believe Nami's dead. Maybe she's on the other side of the island."

All of us stopped…why hadn't I thought of that?

"Luffy's right." Usopp agreed, standing with his fists on his hips.

"Yeah." Robin and Chopper nodded.

Sanji dropped me then and walked away. "Let's get going." He got out through a puff of smoke. They all agreed and began to walk off, not expecting me to come along.

"You know you might not be able to handle what you'll see." I coughed out while standing up.

"We know." Luffy confirmed, but just kept walking.

I let a small rough chuckle go. I have no idea where these guys get their courage from sometimes. Dusting myself off, I followed along. I really had no desire whatsoever to see all that again, but…if only one person survived, if Nami was still alive somewhere on this forsaken chunk of land, then we at least had to try. Yeah, that's all we could. If so, then why wasn't so confident? Why was I on the verge of bursting? Not into tears, just letting all my emotions out, however I see fit. I felt my head spin for a moment, and I felt even more and more compelled to go up this hill.

"Hey," Sanji's gruff voice called me from my thoughts, he now walked beside me with his hand in his pockets.

"What?" I asked irritably. I was in no mood to deal with his shit right now.

"What's really got you so screwed up? I've never seen you so upset before."

I really didn't want to tell Sanji, anyone but Sanji, but right now, I needed to let something go or I might not make it to finding her.

"These people, they were so innocent. We'd never even heard of this island before. Nami even said it's a small, poor village. They did nothing wrong, but all those people up there…they're dead. It's just…"

"Gut-wrenching?" Sanji offered me the word.

"Yeah…I couldn't stay anymore. You were right, I ran away without really trying. It was just…so disgusting! The sight of all the dead bodies and body parts everywhere. It made me sick to my stomach. And to think that Nami might…sigh. I was really wound up when I thought she might be…like them."

"Man, for a guy who cares for her, you have little faith."


"I mean, the rest of us just feel she's alive. Why can't you? We just need to find her."

"Ah, shut up! I was really…really grossed out by all the destruction. I was…distracted. Leave me alone!"

"Oh, I get it. You don't know why you were so affected by all that, right? You don't like how it made you react and so you got pissed?"

"Don't talk like you know me!" I spat with venom.

"Zoro, that's just your humanity, is all. You didn't know it, but it's still in you. Something like that really bugged the crap out of you and you just didn't know how to handle it. And the thought that Nami might have ended up that way," –he choked on one of his words- "really nicked your heart."

"I already told you, stop talking like you know me!" I mean, it's Sanji! He doesn't know me at all! He better shut the hell up or he'll get to know my sword's blade stead fast!

He just chuckled once.

"All right, calm down."

We continued walking into town for a while, no one saying anything, all trying to mentally prepare themselves for the sight they were about to see. Once arriving, I could tell no one was ready yet. I just looked down at my feet, a sign to admit I wasn't either. Robin then devised a plan. Her and Sanji would check the square. Usopp and Luffy would go back down the path and look for any survivors. Chopper and I were suppose to head down the other path for the same. Heading that way gave Chopper a small reason to smile; it was our only hope to find Nami. We all excepted the pairings and headed off.

While walking, I felt something cold and fuzzy touch my hand. I looked down to see Chopper holding my hand nervously. I gave it a comforting squeeze, not knowing that I could do such a thing, and continued walking. We walked down the long dirt path for who knows how long, both of us lost in thought while subconsciously looking around, before the reindeer man pointed something out to me at the bottom. Something moved!

I sprinted to the spot and lifted a large amount of bricks and plank of wood of a horribly injured man. His spine was bending somewhat in, making it impossible for him to move much more. His right forearm was snapped in the middle, the bone sticking out of the skin and bleeding a thick amount of blood. His legs were uncomfortably straight, as if they could no longer bend. Nevertheless, through the pain, he was still alive with his shallow breathing.

"Sir!" I shouted, so out of character to say, "Are you all right?"

"A-as m-muc-ch as I-I c-ca-n b-be-e." he smiled meekly.

"Can you tell me exactly what happened here?" I questioned as Chopper arrived and pulled out some bandages.

"…H-he ca-ca-am-e." was all he offered me.

"Who? Who came?" I asked impatiently.

"W-we c-c-ca-cal-l hi-i-im H'ish..."

"H'ish?" what a uncreative name.

"H-he-e-e ru-ul-les i-in th-th-e-e We-Wes-est."

"Do you know why he would attack the town?"

"F-for-r th-tha-t gi-gi-gi-rl."

"What girl?" Chopper asked as he finished tying a bandaged cast around the man's arm.

"So-ome…red…head…" he began to pass out, but I couldn't let that happen yet!

"What red-head?" I shouted angrily as he closed his eyes.

"A girl…he wan…ted…"

"Why did he want her? Can you tell me that?" I grabbed his coat, lightly shaking him so he'd stay awake.

"He said…she…belonged…to him…cough, cough…She…put up…quite a fi-ight…saying she…had her nakama. But he…wanted her…he said…he owned…her…and they began...a fight. She even…defended those…of us he…tried to atta-…attack. But she could on-only do…so much. Then…he set off…a bomb…and blew it all…up…"

I let him go, blank of mind.

"So…she's…really…g-gone?" I asked in my blank state.

"No…" he grunted suddenly, snapping me back, "He…took her…to Honkyo…island…which is…south-west…of here…"

"You sure?"

"Yes…I saw…them leave…she was…unconscious…and hurt…" he answered in a heavy breath. Then he gripped my wrist to look me in the eyes and say, "Please save her. She was such…a nice girl…she tried…she did…"

I shook his hand then. "I promise I will."

And with a smile with the warmth of candle fire, he went out. We don't know if he died or not, Chopper just finished his bandages and we headed off. We went back tot the crew and told them the story. They immediately all said together at the end:


One problem: how the hell were we going to get there without a navigator? We knew it was south-west, but which direction was that exactly?

End of Zoro's p.o.v.

With said Navigator…

"What do you think, Nami? Do you think you could live here peacefully now?"

"I'd –grunt, hiss- rather –moan, cough- die…"

"You know I can't grant your wish just yet. You'll have to wait ten years for that. Ten yeas of hard service to me. Then you can die."

"I don't think so. My –gasp, groan- n-nakama will save –groan, cough- save me…"

"Foolish girl," a tall man gripped her throat as she barred her fangs in defense, "We are your nakama now."

And with that statement made, he slammed her head against a hard pillar, waiting for the sight of blood from her frail body before he left her alone with her tears.

"Akar!" the man called. An even taller stature of a man appeared in front of him.

"Make sure she gets a taste of what she will feel should try her little stunt again."

Akar just nodded and walked into Nami's 'room', stretching his solid whip.

Author's Notes:

Ohayo everyone! Welcome to my latest story :D

NOTE: dis is a working title! I will let you know when it will be changd and what it will b changd 2 later!

(1) Honkyo: in one word, it means strong hold. But when divided: hon-main, head, our and kyo-evil

This ficcie isn't all depression, but it'll be very emotional and sort of force Zoro to admit he does feel for Nami in a way he has never felt for another girl before.

(2) Akar: if u take 'aka' in the name, it means 'filth'. I just added the 'r' to make it sound cool ;D

Question Time!

(1) Will Zoro be OOC?: Well, I don't want to him to be. I got into One Piece with the English version (hard 2 believe, but true!) then watched the Japanese. If you've watched both, you'll notice Zoro is kinda…meaner in the Japanese. I wrote my Zoro (it feels AWSUM 2 say dat! XD) under the English influence that he's nicer and cares a bit more. Sry if anyone finds dat as a problem!

(2) Who is H'ish? Is that his real name?: No, they call him H'ish because it's the word 'hellish' in English, a language special to certain regions in the One Piece world. His full name is…a secret! ;P but if u'd like to know, here's a hint!

Hint Hint: he si so evil, some say he is a sin to be alive.

…Not a very good clue, but you can try to figure it out! Let's see who can figure it out! O, and he is the leader of a band of pirates (who isn't?). That's all u cn noe for now!

(3) What was happening to Nami in the last scene? Is she okay?: She was tied to a wooden pillar and being tortured by H'ish's men. Akar is going in, however to torture her more. So sad…:'( I luv Nami's character, so it pains me to do this. But it pains me even more to say this is not the worst to come! It does contribute to it though.

(4) Aren't you suppose to use a disclaimer in your stories? How come you never do?Because if I'm writing, on fan-fiction, I don't feel the need to. But if you'd like me to, here's my ONLY ONE for this fic:

Disclaimer:I do not, repeat: DO NOT own One Piece or any of the characters. (I wish I didn't evn own dese baddies!) If I did:

-Luffy would be pirate king, own One Piece and meet up with Shanks
-Usopp would marry Kaya
-Sanji and Robin might be together
-Kohza would still be alive and marry Vivi
-Chopper would be my plushie/pet/best friend/brother
-Nami would be my sister

Der!...though they're really suppose to go at the top of the document…o well…

(5) Is this going to be a scary, gory ficcie? I don't want it to be, but I want to stretch my horizons and see how I can do when it comes to writing fight scenes and describing injuries. Besides, the bomb made him worry about Nami, so wut r u ZoNa fans complaining for? A LOT more ZoNa romance is to ensue, I SWEAR!

Plz R & R:D

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