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So the machine worked. Johnny was finally getting better after three months of nothing but sickness.

But things weren't back to normal. Nothing would ever be "normal" again.

For one, Johnny's immune system was forever compromised. From that point on he could get what other people called the Common Cold and his body would turn it into a life-threatening case of pneumonia. He was also more likely to break a limb just by putting an arm out to catch himself.

Ben was always looking out for "the Kid", taking on an attitude that was big-brotherly to the point of over-protectiveness. They still jabbed at each other, and enjoyed having what Susan liked to call "macho-man contests", but they knew exactly how far to push it.

Susan, after the initial disappointment of seeing her little brother be looked after by someone else for the first time in twenty years, finally hunkered down and went on a real honeymoon with Reed. They went to the Florida Keys, then to Rome. A month long, much-needed vacation for the both of them.

Dr. Doom watched all this, smiling to himself. He had taken the first step in his three step plan-Weaken, Divide, Conquer. All he had to do now was wait for the next time to strike. Because this was not over. Not by a long shot.

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