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Welcome to my second attempt to make a Fiction (I am a mangaka ya know.. () )

I'm GsLucky, you may remember me for my pokemon fic "Tsuki no Tenshi Ikkimasu! which shall be remade and put onto a doujin finally, e-mail me 4 details….

Now, I bring you a new type of fic which is entirely based on a Gaia Online RP I play and will be a year old on this August 21st, I hope you enjoy it and Please, let me know anything I could do to make this thing much better 3

See ya soon and long live the Metroid Queen!

(Edit 1)-

Thanks to all the people who have the patience to read all this long fic ;. I know there are people who like fics like that and this is a tribute to them.

On one of the reviews, I saw that I should at the quotes "" for those who don't know what they are… and… after reviewing.. I think I will, so... from Mission 6 and onward, all charries will have "" and only '' for the COM talk. Now… I think I'm confusing you but… In other words, they'll have quotes.

About the second review – Well, that's why this story is so unique: it's a real interaction within characters. Basically (and trying to avoid spoilers) there are 5 groups: The Hunters (Samus,Xion,Jaith,x) the Space Pirates and Ridley, Those from Hyrule (Link,Zelda, Charade, Drake, Jace), those from the Void (there will be a chapter explaining them… but very further… they don't collide to much on the ff) and finally the Cyber Girls (Yoshiko, x ,x ,x ,x ,x). We might include one last group, the dark side: (D.Link, Gan…er.. cof cof.. spoiler! D.Samus, x) but…after some reading, I'll be much easier and harmonious. Remember… this is somewhat a script for the doujishin

Any questions and suggestions are loved.

--- Da Mangaka

(Edit 2)

It's made with quotes only…. Forget edit one... except on the second part…

--- Doujishin Name : Cyber Project : Cyber Girls Akihabara's Dimensions ---

Fanfiction name/Alternate Name : Metroid Prime : Dimensions

'Based on a Gaia Online RP named: The legend of Zelda, The Metroid's Shadow'

Started on Aug 21st 2005 10:33 am by BladeSingerXIV

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