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They were relaxing in some part of Texas, after they had finished yet another job last night, both boys laid on the beds and one was snoozing while the other flicked between channels.

Dean's mobile beeped, a sign that a voicemail message was waiting for him. He flipped his phone open and dialled his mail number.

"Dean its Dad, I'm concerned about Emma, I haven't heard from her, wondering if you boys could track her down, last I heard she was around your area, I'll try to catch up with you all soon" he hung up.

Dean's sigh brought Sam awake who was always in tune with his brother's moods.

"Something wrong?"

"Dad called, he's worried about Em" dean sat up and faced him.

"Em's on a hunt why would that worry him?"

"Don't know" dean dialled her number.

"Em here, leave me a message and I'll call you, if its Dean or Sam, I love you both to death, bye" dean smiled when he heard that message, whenever he needed to hear her voice he dialled her number and listened to her message.

"Em, its Dean, call me when you get this, love you" he hung up.

"Do you think something happened to her?" Sam asked.

"Nah if it did I'm sure we would have heard by now" both boys were silent. Both were concerned when it came to their little sister. Emma short for Emmanuelle, was Sam's twin – little sister by a few minutes, both brothers had a different relationship with her.

Sam was like her confidante, she told him things she wouldn't tell anyone including Dean, and he was the one she could always count on for a quick hug or good advice from the heart.

Dean was like the big brother he was, he was the one that protected her, the one that held her at night if something bothered her. She could always count on him to kick someone's butt if needed. And she valued his straight no nonsense crap that bordered on truth. He always noticed her moods and kept careful eye on her if he could.

Which really now wasn't one of those times. She had slipped his net and he didn't know where she was.

"Do you think she's gone rogue?" Sam asked breaking the silence. Dean rubbed his face.

"I don't know, but we better find her" dean sighed and stood up. "I guess now would be a good time" his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. "Speak of the devil" he answered. "Where have you been?"

"Nice hearing from you too honey, I called, I'm ok, I'll talk to you soon"

"Wait a sec Em where are you? the old man called asking us to look for you"

"I'm in Texas, -"she broke off, trying to mask tiredness and he detected pain?

"Emma, we're in Texas too, so you better get your butt in the motel to see us" he hung up. Sam arched an eyebrow at him. "Temper works" dean told him shrugging.

"You know that you sound like dad when you go off at her, you know how she feels about that"

"About as much as I know what you feel, -"someone knocked on the door. Sam opened it. Their sister leaned on the door, she was pale.

Emma was about dean's height, a bit shorter, she had long black hair that took after their father, hazel eyes and Dean's lips, she was attractive but she didn't milk it like Dean did in his usual Dean way.

"Ok I had a slight run in with a clown, he was nasty" it was obvious that she was injured. Sam grabbed her moved her into the room. Dean took her jacket off and noticed all the bruises.

"You let a clown kick your butt?" dean scolded her.

"He was cute, I can't kill a cute clown" she replied.

"That's not even remotely funny Em" Sam told her finally speaking up. She wriggled out of their arms and stood up.

"tell me you killed him" dean asked. She smiled at him in the emma way which was like saying that Dean smiled in his Dean way.

One smile from her nearly always melted their hearts.

"I'm fine really, just needed to chill out for a bit, can I have a shower?" she looked at dean. He shrugged.

"Knock your self out" she turned away from him, Sam caught the glint of tears in her eyes. When she went into the bathroom.

Sam went up close to dean. "You're an ass you know that? You just hurt her man; she's not as tough as you"

"She went up against a clown and got hurt Sammy that in itself breaks my heart" dean went to the bathroom door and knocked on it twice. "Em"

"I'll be out soon" she replied and turned the shower on.


In their motel room, there was a kitchen off to the side. Emma sat on the bench drinking a coffee that dean had made her as a way of apologising to her. Sam sat at the table.

John Winchester sat on one of the beds. He wasn't a happy chap. He was downright annoyed at Emma.

"You know giving me annoyed looks isn't going to make me develop mind reading skills" she quipped. Dean looked at their father then at her.

"Is there something you're not telling me?" he asked her. In his usual gruff way.

"Would you care? would you care that I can do this?" she lifted her hand up and the spoon in her cup lifted too. Dean nearly dropped his cup. Sam jumped up.

"Since when –"Sam started to ask.

"Since forever but I've been practising, and no I can't read minds" she told him.

"So you didn't deem me worthy of picking up the phone and telling me?" John asked his daughter standing up.

"You don't care dad – how many times have we called you when either of us were injured or dying, you don't return calls, you've never cared about me, even less lately since what I'm nearly the splitting image of mom, your not the only one who lost her, we all did, and it's a double whammy for Sam – since he lost Jess too"

"don't take that tone of voice with me Emmanuelle" he admonished her. She opened her mouth to answer but dean laid a hand on her leg quietening her. She looked at him and hopped off the bench.

"Whatever floats your boat old man, I'm over this crap" she walked away after settling the cup as softly as she could on the bench. John stared after her then spun to dean and Sam.

"Since when does your sister have a tattoo on her back?" he demanded.

"Since she was 16, don't start with me dad, I know everything about Emma and she checks in with me every day" dean told him, which a smidgen of it was a lie but their father didn't need to know that.

John huffed and sat back down. The conversation drifted onto other things but the known absence of Emma wasn't missed.

Two hours later John left without seeing Emma on his way out – and she was sitting on a bench stool outside the door, he didn't look her way. Sam and dean followed him out both boys seeing her and sitting on either side of her.

"Em will you stay a couple of days with us?" sam asked. She looked down at her hands which dean followed and noticed the trembling in her hands.

She was quite upset. That always did that to her, a confrontation with their father.

Dean knew his father didn't care much for him or at least never showed it, but it broke his heart to see it carried over to Emma. he and sam could deal with it.

But he would be damned if he'd let anyone hurt her.

The day that would happen, is when the sun shone in hell and over his dead body.


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