They reached the freak place after dark. Emma and Dean were still at odds with each other but Sam knew that they should have gotten that sorted by now and he was angry at Dean.

Sam held Emma back.

"Emma, please don't do anything stupid, my visions – " she put her hand on his mouth. Tears in her eyes.

"Don't Sammy, I know, I've had the same visions as you, don't you dare feel guilty if something happens" she gave him a hug and they went into the building. Dean ahead of them, he had missed their little conversation.

Each of them had a torch, Emma led the way down to the cellar since she had a better idea of where it was located due to her visions. A splitting pain hit her skull and she gasped, she leant against the wall.

"Emma!" dean came rushing up to her and dropped what he was carrying to take hold of her. She crumbled down to the ground.

"you have to leave Dean – please" she looked at him, tears in her eyes.

"I'm not leaving you" she looked over to Sam, he knew her thoughts.

"Sam please" dean looked at him.

"what does she mean sam?" he looked at them both quite confused.

"our visions Dean, in our visions, you killed Emma" sam told him softly.

"are you kidding me? Are you both kidding me? Why would I do that?" dean asked flabbergasted, and annoyed.

"we don't know dean, its like you get possessed or something, - we don't know, our visions never extend that far" sam told him. Dean looked at Emma, she was looking at him. He touched her face.

"I would never hurt you willingly" he told her.

"I know that"

"we have to kill the freak and end this, -" she noticed how his eyes went darker.

"Dean?" he gave her a grin. But somehow it wasn't "his" grin. The hand that he had on her face travelled down to her neck.

"Sam, its him, knock him out" she whispered as Dean's hand tightened around her neck. Sam swung the butt of the shot gun squarely into dean's head, knocking him out effectively.


they stood looking down at an unconscious Dean. "Breaks my heart to see him like this" emma told sam.

"yeah me too, but we had no choice, we cant make our visions come true Em"

"we need to tie him up with something –"

"he'll be out for a while unless whatever had him is strong enough to break through"

"Well then –" she smiled. "lets go find the bones, burn them then kill the freak"

"best idea you've had all day" sam agreed and they went down to the cellar. They found the bones, piled them all up in the centre of the room and poured gasoline over them. Emma flicked the lighter and it all went up in flames and smoke.

"Now for the Freak" a scream tore through the room as something rushed at Emma slamming her against the wall. Sam ran over to her and helped her up. "I'm ok, really" she gasped trying to get her breath back.

"I'm guessing that was the freak, angry at the burning" sam told her.

They were stopped short by the freak, well scientist gone mad doctor, whose spirit stood now in front of them blocking their way out.

"you came here to destroy me"

"yeah we did, so get ready" Emma told him. As she did, Dean came through the door, rubbing his head looking non too impressed with either of them. "dean stop" she called out to him. Then she focused on the spirit again. "you need to leave"

"I will only leave if I take someone with me" he demanded. "like him" he pointed at Dean.

"you can't have him" emma replied. He looked at her.

"why not?"

"because its not his time to go" before the spirit could reply another stepped into view.

"Dad" Sam said.

"Sam, Dean, Emmanuelle" the way he said her name was like she was 5 years old again. But her attention was caught again by the spirit as he turned and possessed their father.

"Great" she sighed. "why do you want a soul?"

John/freak shrugged. "something exciting to do on my way to hell I guess" he pointed the gun at Dean.
"wait!" Emma moved in front of dean. "I said you couldn't have him"

"well I say differently"

"Emma get out of the way" dean told her.

"he's not taking you –" she turned to him. "I meant what I said dean" she turned to face john/freak again. "take me instead"

"Emma no" dean and sam said in unison. She smiled at sam.

"you don't have a choice Sam" she looked at the freak again. "take me instead, and swear upon my soul that you will leave and never come back to this world"

the freak leant forward and sneered. "fine, I swear, I promise whatever you want"

The gun went off.

The sound echoed in the room, she fell back against Dean, who crumbled to the floor with her. "Emma" she touched his face.

"don't be sad Dean, remember our vow, to protect Sam, you're the strongest of us both, you had to live" she swallowed, death was claiming her. "I will always love you" she gave him a kiss. She glanced over at sam.

"Sammy" he knelt beside her. "I have something for you" she pulled him closer till their mouth's were inches apart and a white ethereal fog floated from her to him. "my gift to you" she let go of him suddenly as pain wracked her body.

"love you both forever" they watched as life left her. Dean hugged her to him and rocked back and forth. The sound of a body falling to the floor caught their attention as their father crumbled to his knees, he looked at Emma's body in Dean's arms. Tears in his eyes.

"I killed her"

"no dad, the freak did" sam replied letting himself sit on the floor. "I guess she'll be with Mom now" he looked at Dean. Who had his head down hugging Emma.


At the cemetary each said his own piece, Sam laid white roses on her grave, as john went back to his truck to wait for his sons. Dean laid a hand on her grave stone.

"always love you squirt" both boys walked back to their car.


The grave stone read:

Emma Winchester

Beloved daughter, sister and girlfriend

1980 – 2006


that's it kiddos! Hope your enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.