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Full Summery: The story of a boy who lost his heart, after it was locked away by the Keyblade. Everyone was ready to give up all hope for him and accept he could never be restored. Then, there came a princess. A story of how a girl found a boy's heart, and a boy who found the girl to share it with. But restoring both a lonely heart and a lost heart requires more then just a miraculous love story fairy tale. With endless hordes of evil at their heels, hand in hand, they must protect eachother as they join the race to find the legendary mystery known as Kingdom Hearts. Sora x Kairi

I: Before Once Upon a Time

Black. Fire. Screams.

All blurred together.

He ran helplessly with the others, trying to focus on breathing through the toxic fumes stacking from the burning buildings and trees. Despite abandoning their homes, whenever one person fell, another would stop and help them up almost immediately. Even at the risk of their own lives, they all knew they had to stay together. It was the only way they could survive. Because alone, no one stood a chance against them.

Against the Heartless.

He had always heard stories of them, mostly in legends and ghost tales laid out to keep children to behave.

Yet, here they were. Ripping apart their humble settlement and devouring innocents on sight. The horrors were completely driven by two desires: to consume hearts and multiply.

After seeing just one person hideously transform into one of them, he swore that it would never happen to him.

Just as they thought they were safe in the forests, they had come out of nowhere, forcing them to do the only thing they could: run. Only now, the trees worked against them, instead of providing cover like they had hoped. Now the survivors were becoming more divided; it actually made it all the more easier for them to be picked off by the monsters as they dropped down from the trees, or rose from the earth from pools of darkness.

Seeing one go for him, he stumbled and tripped to avoid being caught. With no one to help him up, he thought it was all over for him. Any second a cold talon would thrust itself into his chest and snatch away his heart.

A strong force yanked him up, and thankfully, it was his best friend.

"C'mon, Sora!" He panted. "We gotta keep moving!"

Still shaking, Sora nodded and hopped to his feet, the two soon running side by side. Terror and adrenaline fueling them to keep going, that is, until they reached a great drop off of a great gorge so deep, it was impossible to see the bottom at all.

"Trapped?" His friend breathed, his eyes widening, not willing to accept defeat just yet.

The two seven-year old boys turned around to see the army of yellow eyes crowding the darkness beyond the forest. Riku and Sora readied themselves, trying to hide how terrified they both really were from the other.

"I'm not going down if you're not, Riku!" Sora declared, offering a smile to him.

Riku's stiff face softened. "Yeah, same here!"

Several weeks later...

Overlooking the realm from his castle, high atop a balcony connecting from the Royal Chambers, King Mickey sighed with a heavy heart.

Just a few moments ago, he had received word that yet another city had fallen victim to the Heartless' everlasting rampage. The beautiful underwater kingdom of Atlantica.

Week after week, the entire year had been full of reports thick with Heartless attacks. He could still remember the tragic news of the first invasion, the day when Radiant Garden fell after weeks of siege. They were doomed from the start, for they had no way of sending for help. And how the saddened King wished they could have helped their longtime allies, had they only known.

Only after seeing the fallen kingdom with his own eyes, a scene that would haunt him to his grave, did the King realize just how bad the crisis truly was.

King Mickey spared no time to act after loosing Radiant Garden. First, he had ensured his own kingdom's safety by strengthening the Cornerstone of Light. Which theoretically made Disney Kingdom impenetrable to any threats of Darkness. However, it had also isolated the kingdom. With no chance of evil coming in, there was even a smaller chance of anyone already inside from coming out. At least, not without the King himself personally letting them through.

"Your Majesty?" A meek voice spoke up. King Mickey turned to look upon one of two of his most loyal subjects, High Court Wizard, Donald Duck. "We've got a, uh, visitor." The duck looked around nervously, avoiding his leader's eyes. "And, he's not really, um, from around here..."

The King stared. Such a thing wasn't possible!

But even still . . . he had to know how.

"What makes 'ya say he's not from around here, Donald?"

"Ehhhhm," Donald'a eyes attempted to direct his worry elsewhere and not on his King. "He's a human?"

Mickey did not like the level of uncertainty in Donald's voice.

"Where did you find him?"

Donald stammered, "Eh, the guards at the entrance found him, um, lying on the streets in front of the castle. Since he's a human, we figured he's not from around here and that maybe you would know how he got here, since..." He trailed off helplessly from trying to reason, more to himself than Mickey, why the appearance of a human boy required kingly assistance.

Humans were surprisingly uncommon to Disney. The appearance of one was certainly hint enough towards something strange. Mickey was both curious enough to find out more, while also kind enough to be sympathetic to a young boy.

Mickey rubbed his chin. "Anything else?"

"Well," Donald gulped, trying to swallow his nerves. The horribly lack information he couldn't provide was tearing at the duck wizard. "No, not really..."

"Alright," Mickey said, now eager to meet this visitor. "Where is he?"

Donald straightened, still unsure of what to expect from the king. "Right this way, your Majesty."

Once led into King Mickey's own private study, standing opposite of a chair was the Captain of the Royal Knights, Goofy. Apparently, he was trying to make conversation with someone, whom was sitting in the armchair facing the fire.

"That should make 'ya feel better!" Goofy coaxed, pulling away, a hint of sadness in his voice as he looked over the guest. "Ah!" Goofy exclaimed, seeing Donald and Mickey walk in, he then proceeded with an exaggerated, yet, sloppy bow. "Here 'ya are, yer Majesty."

"Thank you, Goofy." Mickey returned politely, and then walked in Goofy's place after the knight had stepped aside.

Sitting in his favorite armchair, was the human boy. About six to eight years old, Mickey estimated. His face was smudged with dirt and grim, his clothes torn and filthy. His unruly, spiky brown hair tousled in every direction, which was surprisingly becoming of him. His eyes were shyly aimed down at the cup of steaming hot cocoa in his calloused, muddy hands.

Goofy had placed a light blanket over his shoulders, but he appeared to be freezing cold. He was trembling and his skin seemed vaguely discolored. In a friendly gesture, Mickey touched his hand, confirming his suspicions. His skin was cold enough that he almost withdrew it immediately, only he didn't wish to startle the poor child.

"Now, what's your name?" Mickey said in his usual, cheerful voice.

No reply or movement was made.

Donald growled, raising his staff threateningly. "That's no way to act in front of-!"

"Donald, please," Mickey shushed Donald, immediately silencing him. He faced the boy again. "Can you not talk?"

Again, no answer.

Mickey stood up straight, thinking hard. How could this child get past all of his barriers? And without him knowing about it? No person or monster was capable of it. Unless, of course...

Holding out his hand, a weapon materialized in the air. A giant key with a golden blade and a silver handle, as well as Mickey's Royal insignia for its golden keychain.

A Keyblade.

The boy's eyes slowly rose, which the sight almost startled the three of them. The boy had intensely blue eyes, however, they seemed to be void of life, as if he were blind.

"Do you know what this is?" Mickey asked, not loosing the kindness in his voice. The boy nodded, but in a robotic motion. He set down his untouched drink, then scooted out of the chair.

Copying the King, the boy held out his hand, and just as Mickey had, a Keyblade appeared. Donald and Goofy gaped in awe at the boy. The Keyblades were near identical, even the same keychains. The only noticeable difference was that the boy's Keyblade had a silver blade and golden handle with a silver keychain attached. Exactly opposite of the metals Mickey'a Keyblade had.

"Well," Mickey started, forcing a smile. He needed to be as optimistic as possible during trying times. If not it himself, but for his friends and subjects.

"Looks like we won't have to worry about finding the other Keyblade Master!" Looking back at Goofy, he added, "You can call off the searches."

"Yes-sir, yer Majesty!" Goofy burst enthusiastically while saluting, nearly chopping his head from the swift motion, then trotted out of the room.

Mickey smiled, then turned back at the boy. The same, dead expression glued to his face, which Mickey feared was never going to leave him. Looking at his Keyblade again, a sudden thought dawned on in his mind.


The King studied the boy, then spoke. "You're Sora, right?" The boy looked up, and Mickey smiled, delighted by a reaction. Holding out his hand, Mickey said, "I'm Mickey. C'mon, let's get you cleaned up and fed, okay?"

Looking at his hand, Sora stared, then gradually, reached and took the mouse's hand.

Finally, Mickey thought to himself, some good news! Having the other Keyblade Master, and so soon, lifted some weight off of the King's shoulders. But of course, all good things seemed to have a catch to them, as Mickey gloomily realized. Because, this boy, Sora...

...he didn't have a heart.