I have become aware that I am totally obsessed with an anime character. Namely, Hatake Kakashi. If this has hapend to you, these are the individual warning signs.

1) You fantasize about him day in and day out

2) Your screen names contain some part of his name

3) You claim to be dating him

4) You change all of the designs on your computer to his image

5) You can answer any question about him immediately without thought

6) You get upset when he isn't mentioned once a paragraph

7) You never get tired of thinking of him

8) You know the names of all his nin-dogs

9) You know the breeds of all his nin-dogs

10) You feel the intense urge to flame someone when they bash him

12) Your stories always pertain to him in some way

13) Your first story failed because he wasn't a major part

14) You write one of these lists

15) You know exactly what he's going to say before he says it in fics you've never read

16) You wish you were in his universe so you could date him

17) You dress as him at cosplay conventions, even if you are female

18) You hate stories that don't tell you what happened to him at the end

19) You are incredibly jealous of the females in 'Naruto'

20) All of the above

If you have ever experienced one or multiple of these symptoms, HELL YEAH! YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL HOPLESS KAKASHI FANGIRL! BOOYA! 'I LOVE 'KASHI-KUN' TEES TO ANYONE WHO AGREES!