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Crash Course

By: Babyhilts

Chapter 1:

The small red Jetta slipped and skidded across the wet asphalt. The highway was nearly deserted as it always was at one in the morning. A storm that hadn't let up for hours, now had my old rust bucket of a car engulfed in a heavy onslaught of cold rain and damaging winds. Whatever trees line the side of the roads, bent over backwards, their bodies taking on the forms of shadowed contortionists in the summer storm. If the weather didn't let up soon, there'd be a hell of a lot of damage and clean up when the sun came up.

Tires squealed dangerously on the sloppy grey cement. Knuckle grip and clenched teeth was my immediate reaction. Sweat lay an uncomfortable translucent sheen coating across my back and face. Bangs stuck to my forehead awkwardly. I'd have pushed them aside because they continuously slipped in front of my eyes, but I feared the moment I did I would loose control of the car and swerve off into the rails lining the road.

Through the beating of hard rain on the metal car roof, the slight crackling of an old car radio sounded through the musty upholstery covered vehicle. I'd turned the volume down quite some time before when the rain had picked up and the muscles in my stomach had clenched. I couldn't afford the distraction.

Headlights up ahead cut through the thick wall of rain and they were coming up fast. The powerful truck shot past me, oblivious to the highway conditions and stirring up the road so that the poor Jetta and I shook and rattled along a few more minutes. I held fast to the wheel and swallowed the lump in my throat.

I checked the car's digital clock and let loose a frustrated sigh. Nearly one thirty. I'd stepped out of the house forty five minutes ago for a tub of cookie dough ice cream and now here I was, stuck in a pile of junk going 60 miles an hour down a deserted highway in the worst weather, all because I couldn't control a stupid craving. Who eats ice cream so late at night anyway? The bit of tummy protruding over my brown leather belt indicated that ice cream wasn't what I needed.

"What you need is a membership for the YMCA" I scolded out load and turned hateful eyes at the bag sitting shotgun. The container was hidden but I knew the desert was there, underneath the plastic rapping, it would wait for me.

The radio gave a loud crackling sound. Through the white noise a voice came through, a soft; familiar sound that relaxed the shaken nerves in my body. Dean Martin sang, "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" and it tug at my heartstrings. I turned the volume up a few notches and kept focus back on the road. Still, I heard the melody, tell a story and let it play out in my head.

I'd have sung along with it, but it was getting late, I was moody, the ice cream was probably melting and I figured I'd never make it back home to my one bedroom apartment. How lonely. The only thing I had waiting at home was an empty fridge filled with condiments and a pile of unwashed clothes and dishes.

"I really need a man to do this late night driving for me."

The words had just left my mouth when a car horn sounded through the storm. Headlights once again broke through, catching me off guard with their high beams and blinding me long enough, so that as I squinted through the sodium light, I noticed the pick up truck coming closer and closer, only ten meters from my precious Jetta. Hastily, I pulled the wheel towards the left, wondering how I'd managed to swerve into the opposite lane. It didn't matter know. The truck was coming up fast and I had yet to get out of the head on collision zone.

Metal scrapping metal sounded through the night. The Jetta jerked further towards the left as the pickup brushed against the drivers side door and continued to whiz on by. A sigh escaped through my trembling lips but I was still in danger. The tires barely held in place on the slippery ground and before I knew it, the car was spinning towards the side of the highway. I did my best to pull the vehicle back onto the road, I tried to break, I cried out for help but the car just continued to spin. The pile of rust shook harder as the ground beneath the fragile car shifted from even and smooth to rough and slanting. I was going down! The car was almost facing forward again, but still titled on its side just a bit. My seatbelt dug painfully into my gut as I felt the rest of myself pressing up against the driver side door. Hands against the glass, I braced for the impact that awaited me. The rain prevented me from knowing when it would happen but at the rate the car was falling it was only a matter of time before we hit even ground again.

Time stopped for a moment. The car dipped completely on the driver's side. I screamed in spite of it. The window let out a loud crunch as glass broke about my face. The rest of the car fell over again and soon we weren't just sliding we were rolling. I'm not sure how many times we rolled. Every time the top of the car hit the ground, I cried, scared that the moan of bending metal only meant that the roof would cave in on me. Something cold and heavy shot out from somewhere in the car and hit my right temple. Only after it hit the floor did I notice it was the ice cream.

"Brilliant" I cursed and the car took one last violent roll.

The Jetta stopped on its roof, so that as I hung suspended in the air, seatbelt nipping at my bruised stomach and the blood rushing to my head, I scolded myself for ever having left the apartment. All for a tub of fucking ice cream.

Things shifted in and out of focus for the next little while and although I knew falling asleep could be dangerous, I couldn't help but give in to the darkness when it finally came around to claim me.

It was a few hours later when the sound of someone knocking woke me from my reverie. First thing that I noticed was the pain. Before I opened my eyes or struggled to move, the pain came. Every muscle burned and every limb throbbed. A bitter metallic taste lined the walls of my mouth. I didn't bother to move even after the knocking became more insistent. I had yet to figure out why I was hurting so much and it was hard to focus with the rattle that echoed around me ever time the fist connected with the doors hard surface.

Probably the landlord. That was all I could come up with. He was always on my case for unpaid rent, but didn't he know I was a lonely twenty some year old, trying to make it on her own in Vancouver?

Another knock and then I heard the sound of metal on metal. Was he opening my front door? Slimy, overweight bastard was invading my privacy! He must not know how to work a doorknob and key together, because still no footsteps filled my apartment. There were sounds. Talking. Someone next to my left, their voice muffled by the door was calling out. Damn, couldn't he take a hint? Then there was another voice. More urgent than the first, calling out from my right. Two? What? The voices meshed with one another and bounced around the foggy walls of my mind. Avoiding the issue was getting me and my quickly forming headache nowhere. I decided to face the landlord head one.

I eased my eyes open in hopes the pain wouldn't be so bad, but it did hardly anything to help. It was still fairly dark out. A dark black/blue colour filed around me and I knew dawn would arrive in another couple of hours. This irked me a bit more, to know the grease ball couldn't wait until at least 8 a.m. like everyone else to come pounding on a poor girl's door. Of course, the anger faded completely when I took in the rest of my surroundings.

Instead of being spread out in an entanglement of soft sheets and pillows, I was sitting upright, in the front seat of my Jetta. The windshield was caved in and glass was scattered about my feet and lap. Pieces of it fell from my hair as I turned my head upwards. A silent, darkened highway that I couldn't recognize lay before me. No cars passed by. It was then that it hit me. I'd been in a wreck. Everything came rushing back in an instant. I vaguely remembered blacking out while the car was upside down and now suddenly it was right side up? The rain had stopped and instead of being at the bottom of a hill, I was somewhere else.

Once again I tried to move my head. I had to get out of the vehicle and get home. However, fate had other plans for me as it seemed it always did. Before I could make a move, the car gave another whine and then a rush of cold air flooded the car. There was a noise coming from my left and the car shook as something tug on it from that side. I didn't bother with it though. The new found chill hurt almost as bad as the cuts and bruises.

"I got it!" Someone shouted. A face appeared in the passenger side doorway. A lanky body, awkwardly climbed over the seat, slowly inching its way to where I still remained, trapped by the seatbelt and pain. "Hey, it's okay. You're going to be okay."

The deep voice was reassuring. I smiled and felt the strangers hand brush the remnants of my broken window out of my disheveled hair. When he'd finished I looked up and took in the face of my rescuer. A young man, in his early twenties stared back. Dark brown eyes, welled with concern searched mine. Shaggy brown hair to match fell around his tanned face and I realized I knew this face. I'd seen it somewhere before. It only took me half a second to place who this guy was.

Even through the pain, I felt the heat radiate off my face as I flushed.


It came out as a rough scratchy sound and I cringed at the awful noise my voice made. The young man gave me a strange look and moved forward to undo my belt. The strap flew away and immediately I slumped forward without the protective restraint to keep me up.

"I got you" he whispered and eased his hands around my waist. "Come on, we have to get you out of here."

I only nodded, thinking it was easier said than done. He must have thought the same thing because he still hadn't bothered to carry my sorry ass through the car. What was he waiting for?


There was a pause. Was someone else here?

"Yeah, give me a second here Sammy. The doors crushed like a pop can."

"Well, hurry up."

The car moaned and the metal cried out as the driver's side door fell away. Another rush of air hit me. I shivered against it and waited to take in my second rescuer. The next face that came into view nearly took my breath away. The neatly geld hair and chiseled face came within inches of my own.



I trembled but not from excitement. The blonde haired man reached forward and eased me into his arms and out of the car as gently as possible. It was even colder outside. I steadied myself against his sturdy chest and let out a quiet moan.

"You gonna be okay?" I looked up to the voice and caught another worried look. Did I hurt myself that bad?

"I don't know. I've never crashed before."

He laughed and as the words caught up to my brain I cringed.

"How is she?"

The second young man came forward, looking over me, starting from the ground up. I felt uncomfortable under the gaze but let it happen just the same. There were too many questions running through my head for me to worry about. Questions like, were these two men, my own modern day superheroes, were they really who I thought they were? Everything pointed to yes, that in fact, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had just pulled me from a car wreck. It wasn't that far off. I mean, I had been driving only a little ways off from where I'd assumed they shot their television show, so it could very well be them. Course, why then had they looked at me with such confused expressions when I spoke their names?

"I'm sorry about this."

Jensen's right arm wrapped securely around my front and held me closer to his chest. I hadn't noticed that my knees were buckling from my own weight. The headache that had started out as only a dull ache now was on the verge of sledgehammer intensity. Jared bent down to my short stature of 5'2 and paused, as if searching for something. I brushed an unsteady hand through matted hair.

"Sorry for what?"

The whisper was barely audible. Although there were no sounds around, a low pitch ring buzzed inside my ears. I shook it off, but it only came back.

I took in the actor's boyish charm and smiled through the pain. "I must have missed the signs. I didn't mean to interrupt your shooting."

My eyes wandered across the highway and side roads. No cameras. No grips or directors. No extras, or snack tables, or trailers. Where was the makeup crew? Where were the stunt doubles? Jensen's grip tightened and I heard him talk slowly into my ear.

"What shooting?"

This wasn't right. How could they not know what I'd meant? Was I slurring my words? I steadied my voice and prepared to speak again. "You know. For Supernatural."

Jared's head shot up and a look I'd never seen on anyone washed over him as he looked up to the man steadying me. Why were they being so difficult?

"How do you know about the supernatural and us?"

"It's on the television set almost every Thursday night." No on answered. Jared once again came into my line of sight. "You know. On the WB, or CW or whatever, it's a tv station. You do know what I'm talking about right?"

"Can't say that we do" Jensen's voice came back in a gruff sound over my shoulder.

"Oh, please don't do this" I nearly whined. I didn't feel much like joking around with these guys. As good looking as they were, it would only get them so far.

"Don't do what?" Jared soothed.

"This." I shot back, pulling from Jensen's hold and stepping forward on weakening legs. "You know? 'Two brothers on a quest for answers'. Ring any bells?"

They didn't respond. I turned back and caught Jensen frowning at me. This wasn't happening. Was I dreaming? The pain was so real. Everything was so real.

"What's your name?" I breathed out. I wasn't sure what answer to expect, but I needed to confirm what a smaller part of me kept screaming out.

"We can deal with names and formalities later babe, right now you need to relax before you start to hyperventilate."

I was breathing quite rapidly. Beneath my shirt sweat poured down my back in thin rivers of clear liquid while my heart thrashed against my ribs. I turned to Jared. Screaming inside for him to answer me. I had to have answers before I turned hysterical.

"Don't patronize me." I grounded out. "Just tell me your name. Please."

Jared nodded toward Jensen and watched carefully before replying. "I'm Sam. Sam Winchester. The guy behind you is my older brother Dean and twenty minutes ago we were driving down the highway and found your car rammed against the side rails."

"You can't be. You're not Sam Winchester. You're…" He cocked his head and I stopped mid sentence when something caught my eye. In all the time I'd stood there I hadn't noticed it but now it was nearly impossible not to. The black Chevy Impala, headlights still on, sat on the shoulder of the highway, just a few feet behind what remained of the red Jetta. Classic rock faintly sounded from the car speakers. I wanted to cry at the sight of it. It was only us on the highway. No television crew and a car, that I'd remember anywhere. I wanted to cry because everything was perfectly clear to me then but made no sense. This must be a dream. A very realistic and long, painful dream. Sam and Dean weren't real. Were they?



"Where am I?"

"Were in west Texas. Don't you remember how you got here?"

My stomach churned dangerously. I didn't know how I got there. Where was Vancouver? Where were the trees and mountains? Where was my home? Things like this weren't supposed to happen. I had to wake up soon. I thought about pinching myself, but the look Sam was giving me said don't do it, or you might come off a bit too unstable for even the Winchesters to handle. I relaxed and decided to make the most of it. A dream couldn't last for ever. Why not play along? In a little while things would grow hazy and I'd wake up, safe and warm, once again in the rundown apartment with the neighbors across the hall screaming about curfews and responsibility.

"I'm Leah."

Sam smiled. "Well, there's a start, huh?"

"Yeah, real smooth Romeo. How bout you sweet talk the little lady when she doesn't have a concussion."

I smirked and would have said more but suddenly things weren't looking too good. As if they'd been looking any better before.

A pain wound up through the back of my head, knocking me off balance and sending me backwards into Sam's chest. I reached out through a dark fog that had set over my eyes and tried my best to hold onto steady ground. Hands from behind protectively held me up from face planting with the cracked cement. A burning sensation was spreading out from my stomach and I groaned, mildly wondering what was happening. Was I dying?

"She needs a hospital" someone said. I couldn't place the voice.

"No, don't take me to a hospital" I whispered. Dean stood over me and cupped my chin.


"I…keep me with you?" Was the best I could come up with.


"Sammy, she needs medical attention."

"Dean, she's scared."

I was also getting mad. Who were they to start talking as if I weren't even there? Although, what they said made sense. I wasn't doing too well on my own. I couldn't afford to loose these two though. I knew as soon as I entered the hospital they would leave and hit the road, if it was really them, and then I'd be stuck in some alternate dream, television, supernatural world without anyone or anything. They were my best bet and in desperation I played out what I knew would get their attention.

"I know things." I said tugging on Dean's arm. He shot me a look that I ignored. "I know about Lawrence and Mary. 22 years ago, when you carried Sammy from the house. I know about John disappearing and Stanford and…and the visions."


"Rock salt repels spirits." I called out. Things were getting darker. "Please, don't leave me."

Darkness settled in for good this time and soon their faces shifted out of sight and out of mind completely.