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Warning! This is not a sequel or companion to Rapture. This is an entirely different fic. A very, very, dark fic. The M rating is there for a reason and there will be a chapter that will only be posted to adultfanfiction . net.

If you want to avoid anything squicky, do not read chapters two or three, which are on aff . net but not here. I felt I had to write those scenes so that the reader would understand that Sparda had indeed committed a crime instead of siding with the 'hero' against 'deluded' Eva. The fic is rated for those chapters: the rest of it is more a T rating.

In case you're wondering about the… huge mental dissonance between this fic and Rapture, there are two theories on Eva: one, that she was the one human in two thousand years able to win the heart of the great Sparda. Rapture follows this theory: I try to show how someone could be amazing enough to attract Sparda without making her a Mary Sue. However, the other theory is that Sparda knew he was dying (it is interesting how he dies so soon after the children are born) and simply selected a mate: Eva might have had inner strength, eg. magic that Sparda hoped the children would inherit, but was, in this theory, a normal person, nothing next to her husband.

I don't like the second theory. However, it is a valid one, and I felt as a Sparda and Eva fan I had to write it, as a counterpart to Rapture. I wanted to, in that fic, also address other Eva theories I dislike, to be fair: those being helpless!Eva, unable to fight off the demons that attacked (this would make the fatal attack the first and only one), and Christian!Eva.

So: a Christian woman with magic but no training. In a time when magic was beginning to become more mainstream and Christian communities regarded and persecuted Wiccans as witches still very commonly. Someone who would believe that a devil was the devil, or his agent, and utterly refuse to help one, paired with a Sparda who needed those children. A strongminded person with strong faith, who would not be persuaded by words from someone they believed was lying.

Taking things to their logical conclusions takes you scary, scary places.

The challenge was to do this without it becoming Sparda or Eva bashing, because I love the characters. I think I've managed reasonably well.

Given how Celtic gods got made into saints, Sparda…

My works in this fandom don't show it, but I actually hold the Catholic faith in high respect: I was raised Catholic by my parents, who live the faith. I was not confirmed because I didn't want to cheapen it: I personally don't believe. I feel this is better than getting confirmed in exchange for a sound system from our uncle like my brother. That made me headdesk… But Christian theology does not fit the facts of the DMCverse, and I'm having to take that into account.


Was it just her or was everyone in the soup kitchen feeling more cheerful?

Eva felt like a huge weight had been taken off her mind now she'd made the decision. She had been praying last night and suddenly she had felt… it had been indescribable. She'd known her prayers had been answered, that becoming a nun was indeed her true vocation.

She'd told her parents this morning, then gone to school early to speak to Sister Mary Brigit. Her mother had said she was a bit disappointed she wouldn't marry, but they were all happy for her. Her father had joked that he was especially happy he wouldn't have to pay for another wedding. The sister had said she had known it since she first met her.

Eva wasn't prideful enough to think she was special, but she was relieved she'd been given the sign. If there hadn't been one she wouldn't have thought she was worthy to spend her whole life helping people. She loved volunteering, making people smile, and she was never as at peace as when she was praying. She was so glad this was her vocation.

Just… people were suffering, everywhere, and she wanted to do something about it. Even if she could only do a little, she would make a difference. That was worth living for.

She ladled soup into the bowls and gave everyone a smile, saying hello to the regulars by name, and blushing when one of them called her a pretty little thing with a wink.

She hummed as she walked home.

"Excuse me, miss?"

She whirled. "You startled me!" She hadn't heard someone come up behind her.

It was a rather odd gentleman, dressed very inappropriately for the neighborhood. He was holding what looked like a small compass. "Are you lost?" she asked, stepping forward and looking curiously at the compass. It had strange symbols on it. A pentagram? She stepped back.

He was wearing a strange amulet with a huge red gem. Somehow she knew it wasn't glass. And a gold broach with a blue stone… was that a horned skull?

It was getting dark and she felt a chill.

He looked very respectable, and she felt an urge to trust him, but on the other hand things felt very wrong somehow. Very wrong.

Still, he hadn't done anything strange, and someone in need should be helped.

"No, I seem to have found the person I was looking for," he responded after moving the compass-thing around slightly. "What is your name?"

"Eva Michelson." Why would someone so strange looking be looking for her? "I'm sorry, have we met?"

"No." He sighed, putting away the compass. "Could I have a few moments of your time? I need to ask you something."

"Ask me what?"

Another sigh. "This is going to sound very strange… do you believe in magic?"

"Yes." Of course witchcraft and demons existed.

"That does make things easier… You have rather a lot of it. In fact, you have the most of… one sort of magic, of any person on the planet."

Her eyes widened. "That…" that can't be, she was about to say, but she wouldn't lie. Somehow she believed him. Her mind raced, starting to panic. Was this why she had been given a vocation? To protect her soul against being seduced by dark forces? Was she tainted?

"There's nothing wrong with it," he hastened to assure her, seeing her distress. "There are two sorts of magic, as there are two worlds. Yours is of the light."

A blessing from god? Then did she have a vocation to use it properly? Could she… it was prideful to think of performing miracles. Even though the people she visited in the hospital always got better…

"Your children would inherit that power. So I have a rather… odd request."

"What is it?" For some reason it was very important that she help him.

This isn't right, some instinct whispered. You should get away! There was something subtly… wrong about him. "Do you have magic?" she found herself asking.

"How else would I be able to find you? Tell me, are you married?"

"I'm too young." She shook her head. "But I'm not planning to get married. I'm going to be a nun, so I can spend my life helping people."

"Very laudable." He tried to look approving, but… why didn't he like the idea? She looked away from his face.


Just a trick of the light. Streetlights and windows… shadows were criss-crossing. And demons can't hurt you as long as you believe. You're wearing a cross.

But the skull… he looked like a sorcerer from a story. She lifted a foot to take a step back, and seemed frozen somehow.

He noticed her distress, frowned, seemed to focus on her somehow and immediately she felt better. "Have you heard of the legend of Sparda?"

"Saint Sparda? Everyone has," she found herself babbling. "Satan sent his forces to kill Jesus and his disciples after he failed to tempt Jesus but the son of god spoke to one of the fallen angels and he recovered his allegiance to his true master. He killed the other demons and was blessed with a human soul. He fell in love with a pagan priestess and converted her, they worked together to seal away hell and she became a martyr. When he died, he was allowed into heaven. He's the patron saint of exorcists."

Why did he wince? "Perhaps I should just… Well. I would like to have children."

Well, that was a non-sequitur for you.

"Because of your magic, if you were the mother they would have the greatest… odds of survival. Your powers include healing."

Okay, not a non-sequitur. This time she managed to back up. "I'm sorry, but…"

"I would be willing to pay, or marry you… essentially whatever you desire. This is important. I'm dying and…" He shook his head and sighed. "I knew this would be difficult."

"I'm sorry, you're handsome, but I don't want to," she blushed, "have sex."

"There's artificial…"

"No, I'm sorry."

"The fate of the world is at stake." And once again she believed him. "I have guarded this world for millennia, and I am dying. My children could continue to guard humanity."

"You want children just so they can fight for you? That's… why they would die if they didn't have my magic? Is that why you want me to be the mother?"

"The stronger the mother the better the odds she could carry them to term. And if they had human blood then they would be more loyal to humanity."

And she knew. "You're not human." Run, run, why couldn't she run? He was doing something.

"I am known as Sparda." He bowed slightly.

"No. He died." And yet she believed him. "I'm not going to be the mother of the spawn of the devil!" Was the end of the world coming soon?

He must be casting spells on her! That was why she was feeling so odd. She needed to run, find a church… a trembling hand grasped the crucifix around her neck.

He was a devil, she could feel it. Darkness around him, sucking in all the light, trying to pull her in, reaching out to ensnare her.

"Please, listen." He reached out to her, and she could feel his powers do so as well. It made her skin crawl.

She tried to back away and he grabbed her arm. She froze for a second, then raised the crucifix. "Get away!"

He sighed and touched it. "Will that convince you I have nothing to do with your Satan? There are two worlds, I am from the other one."

"I can feel the darkness. I won't give in to you!" She tried to remember what she knew about witchcraft and prayed he needed her consent.

"The other kind of magic. Our children would inherit both. It could give them time to learn how to master it." His hand covered hers. "I will not live pas the end of the millennium. I don't know how much time I have left. I have been looking for centuries for someone with enough power."

"Don't try to trick me! The answer is no!" She managed to struggle, but his grip, though gentle, was harder than iron. "Let me go!"

He regarded her. "This would be easier if… what would it take to convince you?"

"Nothing would convince me! God can defend the world against your kind, you can't trick me into thinking humanity needs demonspawn to save it!" Our father, she prayed.

"Doesn't your faith say that god helps those who help themselves?"

She laughed. "You could at least quote scripture, devil."

Should she scream for help? Looking at him, she knew guns wouldn't do anything. He was too strong and unafraid. Though there was some fear in his eyes, behind the resolve.

She could only trust in God.

He couldn't be Sparda. Sparda had died ages ago, and a saint could call miracles. Was her faith so weak that the crucifix did nothing? Who art in heaven…

Artificial insemination? What an obvious parody of the immaculate conception. Some said that the end of the world would come at the end of the millennium… Hallowed be thy name…

She was doomed. The world was doomed. Thy kingdom come…

The end of the world had been prophesized by the Book of Revelations. The Antichrist was going to come. All would be as the bible foretold. Thy will be done…

Jesus would come again, and… On earth as it is in heaven.

Was she going to be the whore of Babylon? Was this her vocation! Give us this day…

Offering her money. Our daily bread.

If it was all going to happen anyway, would God forgive her if she couldn't resist him? And forgive us our trespasses…

She would never give in to him. As we forgive those who trespass against us.

"You should be able to feel that I tell you the truth," he told her. "Please." And lead us not into temptation…

Her fingers tightened on the crucifix. "Get away!" But deliver us from evil. "Amen!" She felt something…

But his power crushed it. Not despair, despair is a sin.

"I wish this wasn't necessary," he said softly. "But I have seen what happens when Mundus reigns over your kind, and I swore an oath to do all I could to protect humanity."

"Let me go!" Oh no.

"I cannot." And they were elsewhere. He released her and she ran for the door. He gestured, and it was locked.

"Please, don't…" Oh God, no!

"After they are born I will take your memories and return you to your life. I profoundly wish this was not necessary. I hope in time you will understand." And he was gone.

She collapsed on the ground. Now he was gone whatever he had been using to soothe her, trying to convince her had stopped, and the full terror hit her. He was going to… she was going to… She was damned!

Escape, she had to escape.

She had no chance, but despair was a sin and she didn't want… she had to at least try.

The windows overlooked snowy mountains. Where was she? They didn't open, she couldn't smash them even with the leg she broke off the bedside table.

When she stopped crying the table was repaired and there was food on a side table. He had been in here? Or had it been magic? She shouldn't eat, what if it was drugged? She threw it to the ground. Maybe she could starve to death?

Wouldn't her family call the police when she didn't come home? But no one had seen them talking on the street. If that was even his true form and this was even earth, there wouldn't be any clues.

She had to fight. She wouldn't just give in. She wouldn't let his magic control her. She would never be a witch!

Why couldn't he have just picked some witch for this? He needed the power in her… it had to be evil, all magic was evil.

She was… What was she?