A/N: I just keep getting these short drabbles in my head. It can't be helped.

He Worries

Veronica smiles at him and walks out the door- into the world. And he worries. He knows all parents worry about their children- but they don't have her as their daughter. The things he knows she has done and seen makes him worry. But what worries him most are the things she'll never tell him.

He knows she hasn't told him things- important things, things that helped transform her into who she is today. And he worries. What else happened to his baby girl? What secrets does she hold to herself? He may never know.

He thinks of all she has been through. And he worries. Will these experiences taint her? He hopes not. He sees in her eyes a weariness that no 18 year old should have. Will she ever remember that once- once she was a young innocent girl? He hopes so. Has she learned the harsh truths of the world too young? He thinks so. Will she ever trust fully again? He doesn't know. He knows she can take care of herself. But he worries.

Will there ever be a day when she takes on too much to handle?

He prays not. And he worries.