Hermione and the twins store Electronic Wizarding Wares sold out of merchandise within the first month and they had to let Lee and the their three girlfriends/fiancées in on the secret to help with the spell work to get restocked. Their muggle connection was grateful for their large orders and was willing to overlook any confusing or strange occurrences when he delivered to their warehouse. They were the fastest growing business in the wizarding world and had requests from around the globe for transfigured items. The even hired an additional three employees to handle the international orders. They paid their employees top dollar for having to agree to the secrecy charm and were well respected for it. By the end of their first year of business they had made more than 10 times their original investment as well as more than 5 times their projected income.

The twins had a huge double wedding with all the trimmings and bought a huge manor house that they were going to share; each family with its own wing but still close enough to have a good time together. The Weasley family had never recovered from the fight after Harry's wedding and Molly had not spoken to the twins, Bill, Charlie or even Arthur since that night. She had packed her bags and moved in with Ginny at Malfoy manor by the next morning and to this day no one understands what happened to her as she used to be such a loving and caring woman. Ron and Lavender divorced a year after Harry's wedding. Ron had lost another job and was not able to find work and told Lavender she would have to get a job to support them, shortly after Lavender became pregnant. When the baby was born with black hair and looked nothing like Ron or any Weasley before him it was discovered that Lavender had been cheating on him since he lost his job and the man was giving her money for rent, she had never actually gotten a job. Ron was further devastated when Arthur told him that he could not move back in the burrow and that he would have to get himself out of his own mess this time. Ron is now the groundskeeper for the Chudley Cannons field, as it was the only thing he was qualified to do with such low NEWTs, his horrible attitude and obsession with Quidditch.

Hermione finished her apprenticeship with both Minerva and Albus in under a year and was able to receive her mastery certificate. She loved working at Hogwarts as she go to see Severus every day as well as Albus, Minerva and the new DADA teacher Victor Krum and his now wife and Ancient Runes professor Katlyn Krum nee Smith. Harry still crashed at least two meals per week and had his own chair at the table. He and Tonks, who insisted still on being called Tonks and had unofficially changed her name to Tonks Potter, were very happy and expecting their second child. Their son Sirius James Potter was the little hellion you would expect him to be due to who he was named after. This time they were expecting a girl who they had decided to call Lillian Rose Potter.

Harry was doing wonders on the Wizengammot overturning outdated laws and regulations as well as implementing many new ones that would protect the wizarding world from annihilation from muggles as well as from threats from other dark wizards. Their world was quickly becoming revolutionized with the use of Hermione's electronics as well as the WWWW or the Wizard World Wide Web and the WSN or the Wizarding Satellite Network. The ability to communicate quickly and over long distances brought all the different areas of the wizarding world closer together. Soon the wizarding world had the best of the muggle world along with the long standing traditions of the wizarding world, it was a great combination.

Hermione and Severus became much closer over the year of her apprenticeship and Severus proposed to her on the anniversary of their first kiss. The two were wed in a small ceremony of just family and friends. Hermione was able to use her connections in the ministry to arrange a portkey to Australia for their honeymoon so she could show him everything she experienced. Students slowly forgot to be afraid of Severus as he had become fair and unbiased with the support of Hermione. He quickly became the best potions professor the school had ever had and the two spend hours together researching and brewing. Hermione was successful in her attempt to modify the wolfsbane potion and was able to cure the disease entirely. The happiest day in her potions career was when she stood with Remus Lupin under the full moon in human form and watched him laugh and dance around.

She and Severus were happy with their life and content, or at least they believed so until the day they found out that Hermione was pregnant. Their little girl Selene Snape had long curly black hair and deep brown eyes and was as smart as both her parents. Hermione realized that her life was complete as she held her baby in her arms for the first time and watched at Severus cried at the beauty of their daughter.

They all were happy and content and lived productive and long lives until they began their next big adventure leaving behind a lasting legacy and forever being remembered as the pioneers of modern wizarding society.

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