The door of Giles' apartment opened a few inches, and Emily's head peeked through the small space. After a moment of letting her eyes move around the interior, she was unable to spot Giles in the main area of the apartment. Making some kind of obscure hand gesture, she ushered the trio of people behind her into the apartment. A groan of disbelief could be heard from the end of the line, as Gerard opened his mouth to make a comment about the ridiculousness of the situation. Of course, Tiffany was ready for this, and promptly slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle any noise that might be made. The prospect of stepping into Giles' apartment with Emily and Will after what had just taken place was frightening, and she wanted Giles to have as little advantage as possible. He was, after all, a ferocious former librarian; this was something to which Gerard's previously bruised face could attest.

Slinking through the not-quite shadowed interior of the living area, Emily stopped abruptly as she spotted the silhouette of Giles' sleeping form on the couch. Without a word to anyone behind her, she tucked and rolled herself against the space that separated her from the other side of the hall.

Gerard's eyebrows raised as he watched the ridiculous behavior, this time Tiffany was unable to stop him from speaking as he muttered a emphatic, "What the fuck was that? Are you Macgyver?"

Tiffany's eyes immediately moved to her boyfriend, narrowing into slits. This was clearly a grave situation. "Shut the fuck up, or we're going to be in Mission: Impossible, where the mission is escaping from Giles alive!"

Will reached up, pressing a hand to his forehead in dismay. The evening's events had started to take a toll on his psyche, especially with the knowledge that Emily had, in fact, seen him without pants. It was all too much for this modest fellow. "We should all be very quiet," he stated, prompting Tiffany to shoot a look in his direction that clearly said 'that was what I just said!'

Emily's head poked out from the other side of the hallway, as she kept herself crouched down and hidden behind the alcove across from them. "I would say you guys could just leave, but if me and Will are going down I'm taking you with us."

"Well I kinda would like to see him get angry at someone other than me," Gerard said thoughtfully. "I bet it would be pretty funny, since you guys always laugh your asses off when he comes at me."

Tiffany gave a slow nod, her eyes moving over to the un-moving shape on the couch. The shadows in the living room made it difficult to see which direction that the British man was laying, which was unfortunate, as she would have liked to know so that she could properly run the opposite direction if he were to wake up.

Turning her attention back to Emily, she took a step backwards, reaching out to snag Gerard's arm in hopes of dragging him back towards the entrance for a quick escape. They had only taken half a step, however, when a loud chiming noise rang throughout the apartment. The noise immediately disrupted the focused group, who let out varying degrees of shocked noises, though Emily's shrill squeak was the most obvious, and Gerard's cry of 'fuck' was the most obscene.

They immediately froze, however, afraid that their noises and the sound of the chimes would wake Giles. Especially as they continue to chime, three more times. Was it really four o'clock in the morning? Glancing over at the shape on the couch, they all held their breath, waiting for some sign that he was going to wake, somehow know exactly what had happened, and then rip out all their throats.

Unfortunately, they were not prepared for what was about to take place.

The lights suddenly flipped on, and from the balcony above them the sound of Giles' voice could be heard. "Oh, I didn't know you were all at home." Though, any logical course of conversation he was about to pursue was cut off as the quartet of people in the area of the apartment beneath him began to shout once again.

Tiffany yelped, pressing herself against Gerard, as he yelled another loud curse. Will ducked, attempting to press himself into the alcove where Emily was hiding, though he only managed to smack his head on the small area, falling backwards onto the carpet with his hand pressed firmly to his head, muttering something that passed for words beneath his breath.

"Giles! What the hell!? Don't you know that you should not sneak up on people in your own house! It's just rude!" Tiffany stated, her voice at an unreasonably shrill level as she looked at the older man. Her eyes were wide as she let her eyes move over his features, realizing that they were now caught and there was no way to avoid being there when the smit (pun intended) hit the fan.

"I'm okay, no need for anyone to do first aid or anything," Will said with a growl from the floor.

"So what the fuck is that lump on the couch? The one that you tried to make me roll past in case it was Brit-guy?" Gerard said, throwing his hands up in the air.

"That," Giles said from above, "is the pile of weaponry that I just finished cleaning, polishing and loading."

In some kind of sick, theatrical fashion, Tiffany, Gerard, and Will promptly gulped in dismay. Emily, on the other hand, made some kind of content, swooning noise.

"Well, we'll just be leaving now so you guys can do all that tooth-brushing and jammie-wearing and get to sleep," Tiffany said, edging toward the door. She grabbed Gerard, and thought they were home free until…

"Stop. Explain," Giles said ominously from the balcony. Tiffany shuddered. It was like a wrathful, tweed-wearing God was ordering them from the heavens.

"I, uh, well…"

"Why are you and poncey boy here in my house at four in the morning, without my fiancée and her tall tagalong?"

"I want tagalongs," Will said from the floor, still nursing his battle wounds.

"They're both here," Tiffany announced. "Emily's stuck in the alcove and Will is lying on the floor injured."

"What?! Were we burgled?"

"That sounded worse that it is…" Tiffany pulled Emily out and the three of them hoisted Will from the floor.

"I'm not an invalid, or a fatty," Will said. "I feel somehow offended that it took all three of you to do that."

"Shut up, you billboard, we're just weaklings. Look at us. A writer, a musician, and a midget. It sounds like a bad joke," Tiffany said.

"I am not a billboard!" Will yelled, indignantly.

"Can you stop this prattling and please tell me what the bloody hell is going on?" Giles said angrily from his perch. The four all answered at once.

"We're running a little late," Emily said.

"I fell down," said Will.

"She fucked him!" Gerard yelled.

"Your malicious speech from above reminds me of the Jabberwocky," Tiffany said.

"Emily fucked a Jabberwocky?"

"No!" they all said in unison.

"Giles just said 'fuck'! You can't say 'fuck'! What is the world coming to! I'm telling Will!"

"I'm right here, you dim-witted cabbage."

"I like it when he says 'fuck'," Emily said.

"Tell me what is going on this instant!" Giles yelled. They all went silent.

"Gerard. You'll tell the crude truth. What happened? Why are you all sneaking about?"

"Your girlfriend and her boyfriend toured Fascination Street."

Giles put his hand in his palm. "In English, please."

"Emily, Will, and Robert… you know. Bow-chica-wow-wow."

"British English."

"They had sexual congress," Tiffany said, trying to help.

Giles looked down at the group and frowned. He turned on his heel and strode away from the edge of the balcony. They heard the bedroom door slam violently.

"Oh, shit," Tiffany said. "I didn't know he was capable of slamming doors. He's always so… quiet, and not door-slammy."

"Nah, think about it – she fucked Robert Smith, and now she gets to have make-up sex with that other British guy in the morning. Maybe she can even get him to swing for a three-wa-"

"Oh, for crying out loud, I fuck one British rockstar and I'm marked for life!" Will grumbled.

"Wait… where is she?" Tiffany asked. "She was just… EMILY! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"

Turning to look around the space around them, a frown slid onto her face as she looked around the apartment. The only sign that anything was amiss was that the lump on the couch of weaponry was now visible, and the front door was slightly ajar.

"How did she do that so quickly?" Gerard mused, his voice full of disbelief as he looked from one side of the room, to the door, and then back again.

"Midget stealth," Will stated, with a long sigh.

Tiffany muttered another curse under her breath, as she moved towards the stairs, knowing that they needed to let Giles know that she was gone before she got too far. After all, despite all of her tiny fury, she was still only five-foot-three. And alone.

Ascending the stairs, she heard Will and Gerard grumbling beneath her as the spoke about where a midget might go in Sunnydale.

Reaching Giles' door, she rapped her knuckles roughly against the wooden structure. Biting down on her bottom lip, she waited for the inevitable grumpiness that would come forth from within. But, it was just something that she would have to deal with. They needed to find Emily, and if all else failed and Giles still wanted to hit something…well, she'd throw Gerard in front of him again.

"Go away; I don't wish to converse this evening."

"Giles, I know that you don't want to talk to Emily, but this is Tiffany which makes it better. And, also, we kind of have an issue."

"I don't want to talk to you, either," the British man could be heard, though slightly muffled through the door. "After all, you were supposed to look out for her, and you let them sleep together, you've made her into some kind of common trollop."

"Giles! This has nothing to do with me. You gave her permission; we all heard it on speakerphone. And also, don't call her a common trollop, she's at least an uncommon trollop, and also your fiancée."

Sighing, the brunette waited for any other sign that Giles was going to listen to what she had to say. Her optimistic side hoped that he would open the door, as it seemed to be easier to sway him when they were face-to-face. Of course, there was no way she was going to open the door before he did. What if he were naked or something? Shudder.

As the door remained unmoving, she sighed. She needed to get Giles out of that room, before Emily was eaten by a resident demon, and not in the fun way that had occurred previously with Robert Smith to incite this whole mess.

The only statement that came from the other side of the door was a miffed, "You told me that you were going to take me off of that contraption. Do you always lie this much?"

A growl of frustration escaped the young woman as she lifted her knuckles to knock roughly upon the wooden face of the door once again. "Come on, Giles, I have something serious to tell you. Can't you just come out here?"

Turning to her right, she noticed that Will and Gerard had followed her up the steps and were looking at her. "I don't know what else to do to get him out of there," she stated, giving a slight shrug.

"Maybe you should try shouting fire," Will suggested, in a deadpan voice.

Leaning forward, Tiffany banged her forehead against the door with a thud. "Gilesssssssssssss!"


"Gerard! Oh my God!" Tiffany said, before dissolving into laughter with Will. "Wait, this isn't funny…"

The door banged open onto its hinges, and Tiffany fell forward into the floor as Giles stormed out.

"You morons. She's been gone this whole time? And you just stood here – did any of you happen to see which way she went, or were you all too busy reliving your latest conquests?" He pushed past them, grabbed his black bag and headed out the door.

"We should probably help," Tiffany said from the floor.

"Yeah. And call the others," Will added. "But not the bitchy one."

"Yeah not Caitlin," Tiffany said with a pang as she dialed up the Scoobies. "She'll only rant about how Emily really was the ruin of everything."

"Willow? Hey, it's Tiffany…"