Kaeera: *types hysterically on her keyboard*
Kaeera's Dad: "What are you doing there? We move away today and you sit in front of the screen and....write *angry face*"
Kaeera*hastily*: "Sorry....just have to finish this....I promised!"
Dad *glances on the screen*: "Digimon? This is a kid's show! Daughter, how old are you?"
Kaeera *coughs*: "Ehm.....16?"
Dad *mutters something*
Kaeera*big puppy eyes*: "Please?"
Men: "Sorry" *put the table and carry it out of the flat*
Dad: "We are moving, and you should help a little too...*watches his daughter who ignores him and continues to write the epilogue*
Kaeera: "Yes....this will be good....just love Davis *giggles*
Dad*sighs and walks away, totally frustrated about such a daughter*
Men: *come in and put the cupboard away*
Kaeera *talks to herself*: "Okay, and now the disclaimer: Digimon doesn't belong to me *sighs* Why not???"
Man with blue trousers: "Sorry, Miss, can we put away the computer?"
Kaeera*shocked*: You can't take it away – not now....I have to finish!"
Mom*stressed*: "Young Miss, you will switch off the computer NOW!"
Kaeera: "NO!"
Mom: *walks in and switches 'Off'*
Kaeera*yells*: MOM! I didn't save*takes a deep breath* YOU DELETED MY EPILOGUE!!!!*starts sobbing*
Mom:*shakes her head and leaves the room*
Men:*carry the computer away*

This are the things which can happen to you when you move away...But now, we live in our new house and it's GREAT, the only bad thing is that we don't have Internet*snirfl* But maybe I can upload it in school so that you'll be able to read my epilogue. Hope you like it! And, when you have any comments or requests feel free to mail me under

Now,Enjoy the story!


Soulless Eyes


by Kaeera

Our Life didn't come back to normal, if you thought that.
In stories, there's always a happy end. Everybody is lucky.
But life is different. It never ends – and Happy Ends are rare. So this time, too.

Okay, Davis talks with us, and makes some stupid jokes, but he isn't the same.
There is something in his eyes which will never disappear, which will follow him his whole life.

I've never seen him so...weak.
So frightened.

And lonely. Lost!
When he sits in his big, white hospital bed he seems to be so small. Like the little child he is. Small with big eyes, sad eyes.

It will take a long time until he will be healed totally, the doctor said. Maybe two or three years, probably more.

He started speaking, but that was only the first step. And he needs our help more than ever.

They finally let him go, now he lives with us in our flat. He isn't allowed to go to school yet(well, he isn't very unhappy about this; some things never change), so he stays home in the morning.
Mum or Dad are always with him. A caring Motomiya?
Never expected that, but now, when I watch my parents, I notice how deep their love for us is. And it makes me lucky to know that my parents love me so much.

Things seem to be so normal when we have breakfast in the morning. Davis is yet very silent, but sometimes he begins to talk, or he fights with me and we both enjoy it.
These are the moments I believe that all the things didn't happen – that these five weeks full of sadness and sorrow are only a bad dream.
That my brother is still the brainless jerk, the kid, the soccer player...

But then, every night, I realise that it wasn't a dream.

Every night Davis wakes up, crying and sobbing, afraid of things only he can see.
It's always very difficult to calm him down, he is so frightened that he doesn't recognise us. So we decided that he'll stay in my room until it's better.

And every night when he has his nightmares, I crawl to him and whisper to his ear that everything will be fine....that he isn't alone, and that I will help him.

It breaks my heart how he clings to my body, trembling of fear and sobbing in my t-shirt.
And you whisper with soft, cracking voice: "Please, Jun, make this nightmare go away! They are hunting me, everywhere, everytime. Jun, I'm afraid of it!" I just hug you, because I don't know what to say. How shall I help you?
I can't go into your head and make the nightmares away. That's a thing you have to do on your own. the only thing I can do is to be there for you when you wake up in the darkness. To show you that you aren't alone.

Poor, poor Davis, what have they done to you that you cry in front of me, your big sister.

You wouldn't have shown me your tears before this whole mess, never!

You've been too proud.

I'm proud, too. I was too proud – I never wanted to realise that I love my brother. Hey, you've never been very nice to me, so there was no reason for loving you....
I did it somehow, and you as well.


The time heals all wounds.

The nightmares still follow you, and I have to be there for you.

But during the day things are back to normal. We watch tv, make lunch, we quarrel with our parents or do other useless things.
You go away with your friends or play soccer. Such things which I missed so much.

But one things will never come back to normal.

Our relationship.

Since I know how important you are for me, I care more for you. I watch after you, like a worried mother.

And you, you tell me your problems. We can talk seriously with each other, a totally new experience. I never missed it, but now I am happy about it.

You didn't thank me. You just hugged me, but that was enough. There are things which can't be said in words.
And we both know it.


When you came back to school, they made a big party for you. Your whole class didn't have school because of you.
After this day you asked me why all these people would be so happy that you are back.
I just laughed, and answered that that's one of the reasons. You didn't understand it and wanted to know what I meant, but I just smiled and stayed silent. Your innocence and well, stupidness is one reason.

I was so proud of you, lil'brother when I noticed how many people celebrated his 'comeback'. So many friends, and they all like you so much.
I'm proud that I have such a brother.
A brother who can be as nerving and stupid as a fly.
But although a brother who can make you laughing, who is so innocent and yet so intelligent in his very own way. My brother. My brother with the big heart.
My brother the Motomiya who managed it to live through such a horrible time.

Of course I would never, NEVER, tell you that! I mean, I am Jun, what will the people think when I act in this way around you?
They think that poor Jun has become mad and they will call for the white man who carry me away....
Just joking.
But well, I am a Motomiya, you are a Motomiya.

And you and I, we know what that means, not?

It means being hot-tempered, crazy, stupid, pigheaded, noisy, mostly happy and it means enjoying the life with every second.

Nope, there's no end. Life never ends, how I said. You would never expect such a philosophical sentence of Jun, would you?
It isn't exactly of me. Someone different mentioned it before, but I forgot the name.

This whole episode changed us a lot.
But it made us stronger, too. How I said, Motomiya's are strong, and we don't give up that easily.
So be prepared – I am still Jun. And Davis is still Davis.

We have both learned the seriousness, and we have both tasted the bitter side of life. But that doesn't mean that we stay serious. The people who take their life too serious are so booooring, and we don't want to be boring, no, we don't. Definitely not!

It's hard, it's much more harder to be happy than to be serious.

But...Imagine...A Jun who is serious? A Davis who thinks before acting?

Yeah. There's an image we have to keep!
Well, now I have to know, there is this concert of Matt...hmmmm....*giggles*

And the Life does never stop.


It's a relatively short epilogue, I know, but I thought that it would destroy the story when I write more details and so on.
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