Pairing: None, yet. Right now it's Mark/Roger friendship (or broken friendship, rather) May eventually turn into M/R slash.
Notes: PostRENT
Spoilers: If you've seen/know of what goes on in the stage production, you should be alright.
Warnings: Mention of suicide, drugs. But if you've seen Rent, I'm sure that's the least of your worries.
Disclaimer: Johnathan Larson came up from the grave and handed me the rights to Rent. At least, he did in my dreams. But until that joyful day comes to be in reality, I'm only borrowing the boho boys and having a bit of angsty fun with 'em.


Mark sat on the couch in the empty loft; now even emptier than usual.He clutched a note in his hand. If he had been thinking straight he would have realized that he'd read the note close to fifty times now, and could probably recite it from memory. But he wasn't thinking straight. He kept reading it, expecting the words to read differently.


I'm sorry. I can't just sit around and let you watch me die anymore. It's not fair to you. You should be out focusing on your films, not in the loft with me everyday having to deal with my outbursts. So I'm getting out to see the world while I still have the chance.

You were the best friend I've ever had. Thanks for keeping me alive and around this long, but I won't be back.


Until that day, Mark had never considered Roger to be a coward.Unlike April, who comitted suicide only leaving a note saying 'We have AIDS', Roger not only dealt with it, but he went through withdrawl to get off the drugs that had done that to him. Roger certianly wasn't a coward like Mimi, who was so ashamed of being unable to quit using. So frustrated with Roger for not letting her hit up and not hitting up with her, she just vanished one day and didn't return.

No, when Roger left, to find himself, glory, or something else, he always came back. Always. So this time won't be any different, right?

A/N: I know, I know it's short. But it's late, I only got 7 hours of sleep last night, and I'm really tired now. I'll probably post the present day chapter sometime tomorrow.