Kairi is viscerally aware of the part of herself that's lost more deeply than any person should have lost. It's like a broken connection; flapping limply in the breeze created as the tide rolls on by.

Sometimes she wakes up with blonde hairs on her pillow and sometimes people worry she's sick because her eyes get all washed out and dull. Sometimes she feels like she shouldn't love Sora quite as much as she does and suddenly Riku takes on a new light.

Those are the times that she bites her lip and just tries to breath.

One. Two. Three. One. Two. Three.

One. Zexion. Two. Roxas. Three. Marluxia.

The names, which belong to no one, bring her the most pain. It's deep and physical, burning and spreading from her hips. The Riku Replica is more like a bittersweet dream. He'd had his time and fought his fight.

One. Axel. Two. Larxene. Three. Vexen.

There's so much loss and it isn't even her own. It's another person's; a lonely girl with only her pencils and the fresh sting of imprisonment. The walls talk to her and taunt her with a choice she doesn't really have.

Sometimes she's surprised Marluxia hasn't chained her down. Sometimes she wonders if he hasn't already. Sometimes it hurt to look him in the eyes. There's a terrifying fire there that would eat her up if only she just wouldn't cry while he fucks her.

She never had an innocence of which to speak, but her virginity…

One. Demyx. Two. Saïx. Three. Lexaeus.

Sometimes she shivers in the cold, sometimes she tries to draw, but then Marluxia comes to her, hunter and prey. He isn't the hunter and his eyes say that he wants to love her, but all he can give is a lie. He's so pretty when he lies…

Sometimes Kairi wakes up gasping in orgasm.

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