Puppy Kisses


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There was no stopping Negi now. Never losing that unnerving look of calm, he charged towards Asuna and Nodoka, determined to carry out the directive that Nodoka had accidentally given him via the World Tree: to give her an adult kiss!

Intimidated, but determined to stop Negi from kissing Nodoka (purely for altruistic reasons, of course), Asuna tried reasoning with the possessed young mage one final time. "Baka Negi! What do you think you're doing!"

Well, reasoning for Asuna, at any rate.

Behind the advancing Negi, the two female wizards he'd so effortlessly defeated continued to huddle on the ground, arms and legs curled around themselves to preserve what little remained of their dignity after Negi's spell had eradicated their clothing. The older, blonde sorceress cried out to the two girls. "Kagurazaka-san! Miyazaki-san! Get out of here! He's being controlled by magic, and won't stop until he carries out the order he was given!"

Asuna looked around quickly. They were on a deserted rooftop café, atop a three-story building. Nodoka had already tried the single door that was there, and found it to be locked, since the establishment was currently closed. "And just where are we supposed to go!" yelled Asuna in frustration. Behind her, Nodoka quivered, not entirely in fear, at the prospect of Negi defeating Asuna, and then giving Nodoka the adult kiss she'd foolishly wished for. If he got her in the state he was in, not only would he do so, but it'd doubtlessly be extremely passionate! And deep! And maybe even have tongue! And…and…wait, why was she running away from this again? Her reminder came in the form of Negi springing at Asuna, fists clenched.

Meanwhile, the younger, auburn-haired sorceress was about to voice her own assent that two girls should run, when she spotted something. Her cell phone! It had survived after all her clothes had been blown off! Slowly, making sure she didn't accidentally reveal anymore of her body than absolutely possible (she was a respectable witch, after all), she inched over until it was within arms reach, snatching it up and dialing.

Her blonde counterpart looked over in surprise. "What are you doing?"

"Calling for backup!" Having memorized the tables for who was patrolling where and when, the younger sorceress bit her lip nervously as she dialed the person who should be closest to them now, turning her eyes back to the group from 3-A.

"Adeat!" Asuna barely got her magic harisen out in time to deflect Negi's initial attack. Blocking his right hook, she tried to step back so she'd have room to swing it at him, but Negi was already moving. Using Asuna's retreat to his advantage, he leapt into the air, lashing out with a kick that was only stopped with the handle of her fan. Again, Negi gave her no time to execute a counterattack, bringing down both fists as he came down from his kick.

Asuna immediately raised her fan up, parallel to the ground, to block Negi's downward strike. As soon as she'd done so, though, she realized she'd made a serious error. Her entire torso was open! Worse, Negi had apparently been expecting her to do just that, as he swung his arms wide to avoid Asuna's harisen entirely, instead taking a quick step forward as he landed, making a two-hundred-seventy-degree arc turn which perfectly aligned him to smash his elbow into her stomach.

The air immediately left Asuna's lungs with a loud "Hooph!" on her part, nearly doubling her over. It was only due to her innate toughness that Asuna managed to swing her harisen around in response. It wasn't a graceful strike, more like swinging a baseball bat than the sword forms she'd been learning from Setsuna, but it forced Negi to backflip away in retreat, buying her a little bit of room.

He's so fast…and his attacks aren't random either. Damn it, I'm in trouble! Panting to get her breath back, Asuna did her best not to let her trepidation show on her face. Forcing herself to stand up straight, she opened her mouth to utter another defiant statement, but before she could, Negi pointed at her fan and spoke a single word.


Asuna's fan immediately dissolved into light, which then faded to nothing in her grip. Staring down at her now-empty hands in shock and mounting horror, Asuna could only gape. "Wh-what! Adeat! Adeat!" But despite her repeated incanting, Asuna's harisen refused to reappear.

"Huhuhu," Negi's laugh was soft and without intonation, very unlike his usual carefree laughter. "Did you really think you could attack me with the magic that I gave you? Now, stand aside." He slowly walked forward again, clearly considering Asuna to no longer pose any serious threat.

Unable to help the look of fear that crept across her face, Asuna was nevertheless about to charge Negi in a "suicide attack," when she saw him suddenly look up at something above and behind her.

"Inugami!" The voice was familiar, but Asuna barely had time to think about that as from out of nowhere, a huge black dog seemingly fell from the sky towards where Negi was, snapping at him viciously. Under the influence of the World Tree, though, the teacher of class 3-A didn't even break a sweat, backing up a mere step before bringing his knee up under the inugami's jaw, closing it with a loud "snap," before his left hand came around in a devastating blow that immediately reduced the dog to nothing but shadows, which quickly melted away in the sunlight.

It took less than five seconds, but that was all the time that Kotaro needed to land between Negi and Asuna, having released the inugami in mid-leap.

"Ko-Kotaro-kun!" was the reaction from both Asuna and Nodoka. While the young hanyou wasn't the first person either of them would have picked for help, his appearance still sent a thrill of relief through both girls (though Asuna more than Nodoka).

"Neechan there," Kotaro nodded to the auburn sorceress on the other side of the terrace, doing his best to ignore the generous amounts of female flesh on display - he had no interest in such things, really! - "told me what's going on." He punctuated his statement by withdrawing a cell phone from his jacket pocket, wiggling it in his grip for a moment before putting it away. He'd have to remember to thank Chizuru-neechan later for convincing him to carry one of those things!

Never taking his eyes off of Negi, who was just staring at Kotaro as if determining what to make of him, Kotaro lightly pushed Asuna back towards Nodoka. "You did pretty good holding him off, neechan, but like I said before: fighting should be left to the men." Ignoring Asuna's huffy response, Kotaro grinned at Negi. "I told you Negi, hanging out with girls so much will only get you in trouble. Looks like I'm going to have to pound that lesson into you."

"So then, Kotaro-kun, you're opposing me too?" was Negi's only reaction to Kotaro's blustering.

"Damn right I am!" The eagerness in Kotaro's voice was audible to everyone present. "And let me assure you: you have no more hope of kissing jouchan than you do of kissing me! Got it!"

A look of mild surprise crossed Negi's face at that. Realizing what was about to happen, the two naked witches could only stare in morbid fascination, and as the World Tree began to glow a second time, Asuna and Nodoka joined them as they understood out what Kotaro had accidentally done.

The glow faded a moment later, and Negi's face returned to that same cool smile he'd been wearing moments before. "Understood. Then I'll kiss you instead, Kotaro-kun."

"Whaaat!" Kotaro's surprise at that statement was total, until a second later when a look of horrified comprehension came over his features. "W-Wait! That's not what I meant! I-"

Negi, however, was no longer interested in listening, caring only that his intended target was directly in front of him, with no interlopers to stop him from carrying out his order. He immediately leapt for Kotaro, who fell back, lashing out in a desperate attempt to keep some space between them. He suddenly didn't feel quite so eager to fight Negi anymore!

"N-Neechan! Do something!" Not bothering to indicate which "neechan" he meant, Kotaro found himself suddenly on the defensive. It had been only two months since he and Negi had fought in Kyoto, but the young wizard was fighting like a totally different person. Before he'd barely known how to throw a punch correctly, but now he was fighting like an experienced martial artist…moreso than Kotaro had anticipated! Worse, Negi's sudden declaration had thrown off Kotaro's equilibrium, and Negi wasn't giving him any time to get it back, pounding his defenses relentlessly.

The girls, for their part, just watched the fight raptly, unable to bring themselves to do anything.

It's…it's not like I can make a difference anyway, without my artifact, thought Asuna.

There's no point in trying to stop Negi-sensei now, thought the auburn sorceress. Besides, her blonde counterpart bit her lip as she watched the fight VERY closely, we can't do anything since we're naked.

Nodoka wasn't thinking anything specific, but had a sudden jealous urge to go hit Kotaro over the head.

Realizing that he wasn't about to receive any help, Kotaro tried to look for a way to strategically retreat (he'd never run away, but a retreat was something else altogether). Unfortunately, the ever-tactical Negi had moved a quarter-circle around him, putting a wall at Kotaro's back, and was slowly advancing, clearly intent on pinning him to it.

Figuring out what Negi was doing, and coming to the realization that at his current rate, he wasn't going to stop it, Kotaro made the fateful mistake of letting his desperation overcome his sense. Rearing his left hand back, he prepared to unleash another inugami. He'd been working at the seal on his powers ever since he came to Mahora, and had gotten to the point where he could use a single inugami at a time.

He started to bring his hand forward, preparing to unleash the shadow-dog in Negi's face…but before he could complete the motion, Negi was stepping into his reach. Before Kotaro could react, Negi's right hand shot out and grabbed Kotaro's left, stopping him from unleashing his inugami. Negi's left hand was clenched in a fist, and holding something - a wand! - and he put it an inch from Kotaro's chest as he incanted, "flans exarmatio!"

Kotaro's ki, flowing through his body and everything on it, prevented the magic winds from shredding his clothing. Unfortunately, it didn't prevent him from being launched back into the wall behind him, colliding heavily with it before sliding down into a sitting position, eyes closed in pain.

Reaching back to rub his aching head, Kotaro slowly opened his eyes…and saw Negi kneeling over him. Panicking, Kotaro tried to lash out, but Negi had out-thought him again. Straddling the young hanyou, Negi's left knee was on Kotaro's right hand, pinning it to the ground. Negi's right hand quickly grabbed Kotaro's left wrist, holding it against the wall with surprising strength.

Pocketing his wand in a quick motion, Negi's free left hand came around to gently but firmly tilt Kotaro's head back, letting Negi lean down towards it. Eyes wide, Kotaro's last words before Negi's lips pressed against his own were, "W-waimmmmph!"

The girls, who had been frozen in anticipation up until now (though they'd never admit it was that) gaped, jaws hanging open, as the kiss happened. The two witches were leaning forward as they stared, concerns about their nakedness forgotten. Asuna was blushing so hard her face looked almost tanned, a hand over her open mouth. And Nodoka…Nodoka had fainted dead away as soon as Negi's lips had touched Kotaro's, her nose trailing blood.

Kotaro tried to struggle as he was unwillingly kissed, but the position Negi had put him in gave him no leverage to do so…and Negi showed no signs of ceasing. In fact, Negi tilted his head slightly to the side, to better deepen the kiss, pressing himself closer against the other boy.

Panting rapidly through his nose, Kotaro was struggling to form a coherent thought. It wasn't that he'd been so soundly defeated that bothered him…that was the last thing on his mind at the moment. Rather, he was struggling to comprehend why he could feel himself starting to enjoy what was happening.

For all of Kotaro's young life, physical touch had been something he associated with pain. Touch was something that happened when someone's punch landed on your ribs, or when their kick connected with your face. Even with Chizuru, Kotaro had been unconsciously keeping his personal space inviolate, since physical contact was something that, to him, always hurt. Had Kotaro been more self-aware, he would have realized that his instincts knew that to be a false association; that touch could be something that brought pleasure as well, and that, having been denied that so long, he'd thus take an inordinate amount of pleasure in his first kiss.

Kotaro wasn't aware that he felt that way, however. All that he was aware of was how his struggles were decreasing even as his shame, arousal, anger, and pleasure all grew, with the latter overriding all the others. Slowly, his eyes closed, and he felt himself start to clumsily kiss back. A blissful shudder ran down his spine, making him moan softly - but not so softly that the girls didn't hear it - and ended at his tail, making it wag, silently announcing his enjoyment of what was happening to him.

His resistance ebbing, Kotaro was taken totally by surprise when he felt Negi's tongue enter his mouth. His eyes snapping open in shock, he gave a loud moan of protest, his wiggling renewing. Negi's grip didn't slacken, however, and Kotaro's next moan into the kiss was more in line with the first; wordlessly declaring his acceptance of what was happening as he again submitted to Negi.

The kiss lasted for moments, which became seconds, which became minutes…

Finally, Negi released Kotaro, letting the young hanyou slip from his grasp. Kotaro bonelessly slid to the ground, eyes open but unseeing as he trembled softly, completely dazed from what had just happened.

Standing up, Negi began to glow softly again, and as the light faded, he blinked, coming back to himself. Looking around confusedly, he glanced at the unresponsive Kotaro at his feet, to the two naked girls on one side of the café, to Asuna and an unconscious Nodoka at the other. "…what just happened?"

None of the girls were able to meet his eyes, fidgeting nervously at the thought of having to explain to Negi what he had just done. Quietly snapping her cell phone shut and hiding it behind her, the auburn-haired witch silently thanked the kami that she had purchased the video camera feature. The recording of those two bishounen cuties making out was going to warm her nights for a very long time to come.

Author's Notes: I'm probably not going to continue this fic, though I hold that it is still possible, albeit remotely.