Puppy Kisses

Chapter Two


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"Hey, Kotaro-kun!"

Watching Kotaro leap into the air in surprise at the greeting, he obviously hadn't heard him approach because of all the people around them, Negi bit his lip in consternation. It was just another maddening hint that something had happened yesterday, but after a day he still had no idea what.

After he'd come back to his senses on the rooftop café, no one had been willing to tell him what had happened. Kotaro had been completely insensate for almost a minute, before waking up with a start and then fleeing the scene as fast as he could. Takane and Mei had done the same, presumably to find some clothes (Negi had learned from experience it was better to not ask why they were naked to begin with). That had left only Asuna and Nodoka, and both had been unwilling to fill him in regarding what had happened, just blushing and clamming up.

Eventually, Asuna had left and he'd resumed his date with Nodoka. Things had been strained with just the two of them for a bit, but eventually they'd managed to recapture the pleasant atmosphere from before, and had started to have some fun again. Of course, that had been before Nodoka, in a rush of emotion, had not only declared her love for him a second time, but then proceeded to kiss him before running off.

The entire date had left Negi feeling confused. He felt sort of good about what happened, but that was mostly because Nodoka had seemed so happy, which he was glad for. But beyond that… he had no idea how to respond to her heartfelt confession. It was like Kyoto all over again, leaving him filled with a swirl of emotions that he didn't know how to interpret.

But now, having just spotted Kotaro through the press of MahoraFest goers, all that was secondary. Kotaro had been on the rooftop yesterday, so maybe he could explain what had happened! Maybe if he was lucky it'd even provide some insight for how to deal with Nodoka!

Running up to his friend, Negi didn't miss the anxious expression on Kotaro's face, nor the way the hanyou's ears folded back. "H-hey Negi," Kotaro's greeting was hesitant, completely unlike his usual brash self.

"Kotaro-kun, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Well, I kind of need to go get ready," Kotaro looked around, appearing almost nervous, "the Budokai's second round is going to start pretty soon, and I wanted to, um, make sure Chizu-nee and Natsumi-nee got good seats."

Ordinarily, Negi would have let it go at that. But Kotaro's weird behavior was driving him crazy with curiosity. Just what the heck had happened yesterday when he'd fallen under the World Tree's control? He just had to know! "Kotaro-kun, what happened yesterday?"

"Eh?!" If Kotaro had looked nervous before, he seemed downright skittish now, blanching at the blunt question. "N-nothing! I mean, I don't know what you mean! Ha ha!" Kotaro couldn't possibly have looked more insincere if he tried.

Frowning, Negi grabbed Kotaro's wrist, who yelped in surprise, and dragged him towards an alley. Luck was with him, since the alley curved around, taking them out of sight of the people wandering around the campus. Tugging him along until they were both safely out of everyone's view, Negi released Kotaro's wrist as he faced him. "Kotaro-kun, tell me what happened!"

Shrinking back a bit, Kotaro looked away from Negi. His demeanor wasn't nervous anymore, but rather projected extreme discomfort. "N-nothing, really…"

Ever since he'd been kissed the previous day, Kotaro hadn't been able to stop thinking about it, and not for lack of trying. Over and over in his mind, he kept replaying what had happened: Negi effortlessly getting inside his defenses, pinning him down, and then…

The shudder that ran down Kotaro's spine at the memory of what had happened next wasn't one of revulsion, and that completely baffled him. It made no sense! Kissing was a stupid activity that only weaklings wasted their time on! It was something he knew that he had absolutely no desire whatsoever to do!

Especially not with another boy!!!

That one guy would ever kiss another had been completely beyond Kotaro's conception. The thought had simply never occurred to him – guys naturally sought to be strong; girls had a weird allure that made guys want to kiss them and do other weak things; therefore, a guy who wanted to kiss someone (for whatever reason) would naturally find a girl, since that was what girls were for. The young hanyou had simply never conceived of there being any other way things could work, until he'd felt Negi's lips pressed against his own.

Having something so completely unexpected happen to him had rattled Kotaro badly. But not nearly as badly as how he'd reacted to it. He should have cursed and struggled and fought the entire time, but instead he'd…liked it.

He couldn't understand it at all. Everything he knew about himself said he should have hated what happened. But the sensations had been overpowering, and every time he remembered it – and he hadn't been able to stop himself from remembering it over and over during the last day – he felt a thrill pass through his body that was undeniably pleasant.

The awkwardness, the sheer discomfort of so viscerally enjoying something he was so sure should have been repugnant was maddening. And now Negi was bringing it up again…

"Kotaro-kun, I'm serious. I want to know what I did yesterday! No one will tell me anything and I'm really starting to become worried!"

"It wasn't anything!" Kotaro could feel himself starting to become upset. Why couldn't Negi just leave well enough alone?

For his part though, Negi only grew more concerned the more his friend tried to brush things aside. "If it wasn't anything then why won't anyone talk to me?! I-" he cut himself off as a horrible thought crossed his mind. "Kotaro-kun, did I hurt someone?"

"No, you just…"

"Please, I'm begging you, tell me." Kotaro winced at the pleading tone in Negi's voice. Another too-pleasant shudder ran through him as he looked down, letting his hair cover his eyes as he wished he was anywhere other than here. "You… me…"



"I did wh-"

"You kissed me!!! Okay?!" yelled Kotaro. He immediately covered his mouth as he realized how loudly that had come out, glancing around nervously, but they were still alone in the alley. Slowly, almost dreading what he'd see, he looked back over at Negi.

Eyes wide and mouth open, Negi gaped at the realization of what he'd done. He'd…kissed Kotaro? Blinking, Negi tried to digest that news, attempting to gauge how he should feel about that, and just like his date with Nodoka, came up totally blank. He had a vague sense that, as a gentleman, what he'd done was improper, but even that seemed doubtful; after all, a lot of the girls in his class had seemed happy to be kissed. Kotaro didn't seem very happy with it though, so maybe it was bad? But then, Nodoka had been the same way when he had first kissed her, becoming even more shy and barely able to talk about it afterwards, so maybe Kotaro felt awkward because he was expecting some sort of answer?

Not wanting Kotaro's feelings to be hurt, Negi hesitantly ventured, "I'm, um, sure you were a very good kisser, Kotaro-kun."

"WH-WHAT?!" That was NOT been the reaction Kotaro had been expecting! Not even aware of how badly he was blushing, the hanyou could only stare at Negi, gaping.

The young wizard cringed a bit at Kotaro's outburst. Had he said the wrong thing? "I mean, I'm sure if I could remember it, it'd have been nice…" Negi trailed off awkwardly. Kotaro was still staring at him incredulously, and Negi fidgeted more, looking away. He wished he knew what the right thing to say was in these sorts of situations, since they kept happening to him.

A few minutes passed by, during which neither spoke, the silence growing more and more uncomfortable with each passing moment.

Finally, swallowing nervously, Negi decided to change the conversation to something he hoped his friend would appreciate more. "So, um, I guess the Budokai is going to start soon."

"Huh? Oh, oh yeah, the Budokai…"

Not letting himself get discouraged by his friend's less than enthusiastic response, Negi kept going. "You're still going to meet me in the finals, right?" He smiled as he added, "the way you are now, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaede-san or Ku Fei-san beat you."

That did the trick. Relieved to be back on familiar ground, Kotaro looked directly at Negi now, a cocky grin on his face. "Those girls? Hah! Just you wait, I'll meet you in the finals and kick your butt, even with a handicap!"


Realizing what he'd let slip, Kotaro cursed softly. He hadn't wanted to bring that up. "Yeah, my special powers were sealed by those jerks in the Kansai Magic Association before I came here. I can still use ki and stuff, but it's all I can do to use my inugami now, and I still can't transform." As an afterthought he added, "I'm still going to beat you, though."

Negi ignored that last comment, frowning. "But that's not fair! Everyone else can fight with everything they've got, so you should be able to too!"

"Meh," Kotaro closed his eyes and made a dismissive gesture, radiating pure arrogance. "I can still take on anyone else in the tournament with just my ki. I'll be fine."

"But I'm sure if we asked the Headmaster-"

"No!" Kotaro cut him off. "Look, I'm already working at the seal on my own, so pretty soon I'll have everything back anyway. Besides, I don't want to ask anyone else for help."

Biting his lip, Negi tried to think of something. His sense of fair play just wouldn't let him sit comfortably with the idea that Kotaro should have to fight at a disadvantage while no one else did. He wished he could undo the seal on Kotaro's powers himself, but he had no idea how that sort of thing worked. Kotaro should at least get something to try and offset the seal, like a weapon or...or an artifact.

"Anyway, come on, we should get going. It's gonna start pretty soon, and you get disqualified if you're a no-show."

"Kotaro-kun," Kotaro was already starting to walk out of the alley when Negi's voice stopped him. "I can help you with your handicap, if you want."

"You can undo the seal?" Kotaro's eyebrows rose. He didn't want to ask anyone for help, but it was different if a friend of his offered to do it.

"No, but, would you…" Negi gulped, momentarily losing his nerve before marshalling his courage. "Would you like to make a pactio with me?"

Kotaro blinked twice at the question before responding, "what's a pactio?"

Falling over in surprise, Negi hastily climbed to his feet. "A pactio! You know, a contract between a mage and another person. It lets them borrow the mage's power, and gives them an artifact."

"Wait…this is that thing you have with those girls, right? Like, what let's that Nodoka girl read minds and stuff?"

Negi nodded, smiling hopefully.

"Forget it."

"Kotaro-kun!" Negi ran over as Kotaro started to walk away, grabbing his arm. "Please think it over!"

"No way!" Kotaro shook Negi's arm off as he again turned to face him, annoyed. "Using someone else's power during a fight is cheap! It's like asking them to fight your battle for you! It's practically cheating!"

"But it's partially my fault your powers are sealed in the first place! I really want to help you out. And I promise it'll just be until you get your powers back, so please?" Clasping his hands together, Negi gave him his most pleading look, the one he usually reserved when he was asking Konoka for a second dessert.

"Fine! Alright already!" huffed Kotaro, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away with a huff.

"Okay!" Negi's begging look disappeared in an instant as he grinned happily. Kotaro could feel one eye twitching at the sudden change in Negi's attitude. Had he just been tricked. Giving a sigh, Kotaro watched as Negi pulled out a piece of chalk and began drawing a complicated-looking magic circle on the ground.

"Okay, now stand here in the center with me," instructed Negi as he finished.

Warily, Kotaro did as instructed, a bit uncomfortable with how close he was to Negi now; there was barely enough room for the two of them to stand in the center like this. "Now what?"

Negi fidgeted for a moment, and then put his arms around Kotaro, embracing him, to the other's total shock. "Wh-what're you doing?!"

Holding onto Kotaro as he felt the other boy fidget, having guessed correctly that he'd try and run away if he was completely honest with him, Negi ignored the twinge of guilt he felt about this. It was for Kotaro's own good, and besides, they'd apparently already done this, so there was nothing to worry about, right?

Ignoring Kotaro's stuttered question and his own nervousness, Negi closed his eyes as he leaned forward and kissed the other boy.

Kotaro's shock was total, eyes wide as he again felt Negi kissing him. He was distantly aware that he should be fighting against this; that every time he'd remembered their first kiss he'd berated himself for not putting up more of a fight, but all he could do was bask in the sensation of what was going on, unable to stop his eyes from closing as he slowly relaxed into it.

It was more tender than their first time. Negi had been aggressive then, even forceful, kissing him in a manner that had defied all attempts at resistance. This time he was more chaste, just barely pressing his lips to Kotaro's instead of dominantly claiming them. Likewise, his arms around Kotaro were holding him close, rather than holding him down, and the hanyou was suddenly aware of how he could feel Negi's heart beating rapidly.

Kotaro was barely able to think due to the sensations running through him, but dimly, he realized that Negi was nervous too. The way his heart was beating so fast, and the soft, almost timid was he was kissing him, all subtly indicated just how different the other boy was from last time.

Kotaro didn't, he couldn't, understand why that affected him so much, but that subtle, almost subconscious realization drove him to become more than just a passive participant. This time it was his turn to tilt his head to the side just a little, letting his tongue flick against Negi's lips.

His ears twitched at the soft gasp he heard from the other boy, feeling a tremor run through him, and Kotaro repeated the action, this time more boldly. Negi hesitated for a moment, and then silently accepted, opening his mouth and letting Kotaro's tongue inside.

For long moments, the two just stood there, oblivious to everything but each other as they kissed, even after the light of the pactio faded around them. Slowly, reacting to some unspoken signal, both pulled back, leaving a thin trail of saliva between their mouths that quickly fell to nothing as the two of them opened their eyes. For a moment, neither could do anything but gaze at the other. Kotaro dimly realized that at some point he'd embraced Negi in return, one arm around the other boy's waist and his other hand having come up to caress his cheek.

A loud clang from behind them brought the two back to their senses, and they leapt apart as if they'd burned each other.

Guiltily looking over at the source of the noise, both heaved a sigh of relief as they saw an alley cat scamper away from an overturned garbage can. "Crap, that scared me," panted Kotaro, forgetting to keep up his usual front of not being afraid of anything.

"Y-yeah," agreed Negi. Swallowing, he took a moment to reorient himself. He'd had several pactio kisses before, but NONE of them had been like that! Taking a minute to calm down, he spotted something in the center of the chalk circle where they'd been. "Hey look, it worked!"

"Huh?" It took Kotaro a second to remember that there'd been a reason why they'd…done that, again. "Oh, the pact-thingy."

"Pactio," corrected Negi, kneeling down to pick up the card that was now there. "See, this proves that you're my partner now. I think there's supposed to be a way to make a duplicate for you…ah, there it is!" Smiling as the card in his hand doubled itself, he handed the copy to Kotaro, who peered at it. On the front was a picture of himself, grinning excitedly, standing in a fighting pose with his fists clenched. "Minister Magi: Cotaro Inugami," read the hanyou softly.

"Come on, the Budokai's gonna start pretty soon," smiled Negi as he pocketed his card. "I'll explain how it works on the way."

"R-right." Still not taking his eyes off the image of himself on the card he'd received, Kotaro let Negi take the lead as the two left the alley.

Unfortunately for the two boys, neither of them noticed Haruna Saotome standing by the mouth of the alley, a hand over her heart and a huge grin on her face. She'd just been trying to catch up to Negi-sensei to ask him how his date with Nodoka had gone yesterday, when she'd seen him dart into an alley with Natsumi's little brother. Curious, she'd crept after them to see what they were up to, and the sight of what had happened next was one that she hoped was permanently burned into her memory.

She had unabashedly stared at the spectacle, leaning forward until she'd accidentally knocked a trash can over, alerting the two and scaring Haruna half to death. She'd run back to the entrance to the alley and darted to the side, just before Negi and whatshisname, Keitaro? Kintaro? had left, but she barely noticed them go.

Negi-sensei and that boy had been kissing! They had been KISSING!!! For the yaoi-loving manga artist, seeing that had been a glimpse of Heaven itself. Just remembering the sight of it left her weak in the knees, and sent an incredible jolt of pleasure through her chest that made her want to moan out loud-

Blinking as she realized that several people were staring at her, particularly at her boobs, Haruna glanced down at herself, and blushed as she realized that the pleasure she'd been feeling had been because she'd been fondling herself through her clothes. Giving an embarrassed laugh, Haruna turned and started running towards her dorm. She was supposed to be meeting her friends to watch the Budokai now, but to hell with that! She had to get to her room and sketch what she'd just seen before it faded from memory!

Bursting into her room and throwing her purse to the side carelessly, Haruna flew to her desk, barely managing to sit down as she whipped out paper and pencils and began sketching furiously. Slowly, the erotic scene she'd witnessed began to take shape on paper. Making a sound that was somewhere between a squeal and a moan, Haruna licked her lips as she made sure every detail was like she remembered. Negi-sensei's arms curled around the other boy's back possessively. Kotaro's (that was his name!) hand on the side of Negi-sensei's face lovingly. Their bodies pressed against each other hotly…

Panting as she finished her sketch, Haruna looked it over critically to make sure everything was accurate. Satisfied that it was faithful to the sexy scene she'd witnessed, she stood up and ran over to the small bathroom adjoining their room. Practically tearing her pants and panties off, she sat down on the toilet and couldn't hold back a moan as she started pawing at herself furiously. Given how excited she already was, it didn't take very long before she was doubled over and moaning.

After taking a few minutes to catch her breath and wash up, she made her way back to her desk, sitting down with a very satisfied groan. Smiling, she admired the drawing she'd made of Negi and Kotaro again, before putting it aside and setting up a blank piece of paper. Just because that was all she'd seen happen was no reason to let that limit what she drew. After all, it was the way of a manga author to draw upon inspiration for more material, and besides, who knew how far the two boys had gone when no one was looking?

Grinning manically to herself, Haruna let her thoughts run wild as she drew scene after scene on paper. Negi-sensei resting with his head in Kotaro's lap, eyes closed as the other boy stroked his hair and looked at him with soft, loving eyes. Kotaro on his back and looking up at Negi-sensei, crouched over him on all fours, with an expression that was fearful but at the same time excited. Kotaro pressing Negi-sensei against a wall, kissing him heatedly while helping him unbutton his shirt. Licking her lips as she drew more and more suggestive pictures, Haruna practically shook with excitement. She couldn't wait to tell Yue and Nodoka about this! She couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when she told them…told them…

Pausing as a thought slid through her lust-addled mind, Haruna put down her pen as she realized how Nodoka would likely react to her news. The poor girl was crushing on Negi-sensei pretty hard, and had been for a few months now. The idea that he was kissing someone who wasn't her, and a boy at that, would probably devastate her. It was too bad really, because Haruna honestly couldn't think of a better guy for her best friend. Negi-sensei was sweet, charming, very cute, and most importantly he'd almost certainly never hurt Nodoka if he could help it. He was the perfect person for Nodoka to get over her fear of men with. Or at least, he would have been, except that now Negi-sensei apparently had a boyfriend of his own now.

It was, Haruna reflected, too bad that real life wasn't like a manga. Otherwise there'd just be some sort of wacky situation where Negi-sensei could date both Kotaro and Nodoka at the same time. Or hell, even date them together, and the three of them could be a couple.

Haruna paused at that thought. Why not? Seriously, why not? Negi-sensei had to like Nodoka somewhat, right? He had agreed to go on that date with her before. And, thinking back on it, there were definite signs of an attraction. And Nodoka, well, she'd probably be intimidated at the thought of being with two men, but no girl in her right mind would miss the chance to have a total hottie on each arm. And Kotaro…Haruna had no idea what he'd think about the idea, but who cared? He'd be crazy not to at least think it over!

Her eyes almost glowing with excitement, Haruna started to draw again. This time the scene was different. In the center of the page was Nodoka. Drawn only from the waist up, she was naked, turned in three-quarters profile from the viewer, head thrown back and eyes closed as she gave what was obviously a cry of pleasure. Pressed up against the front of her was Negi-sensei, similarly naked and leaning over to run his tongue up along her jaw, and against her back was Kotaro, also without clothes and kissing the back of her neck as he reached around both of them and down off the page, quite obviously grabbing Negi's butt.

Leaning back to admire the image of the three of them entangled in ecstasy, Haruna could feel her heat building again. As she got up to head to the bathroom, undoing her pants again, she was already making plans for how to get those three together.

Author's Notes: Haruna's masturbation scene was originally more explicit, with two paragraphs describing how she was touching herself. However, given guidelines, I couldn't really post that here. The unedited version can be read over on MediaMiner.