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Song: Spend another Night by Billy Gilman

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Chapter 16

Ever since the battle in the forest, Mayu seemed withdrawn from the world. She felt like such a wuss for crying like that. The last time she cried was when 6. Mainly, because Chiyuu once told her crying was for babies. In yet, Kakashi didn't say anything about her crying. For the past few days he had been trying to comfort her. Not with words though. She was glad she could at least find some comfort in his embraces.

She couldn't believe how understanding he was towards the whole mess she had gotten him into. Especially after she told him the whole story about Obio. It all started because she went up to talk to him, because she felt sorry for him. Unfortunately, at the time she didn't know that he was mentally unstable. When he asked her out, she said yes because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. After they dated for some time, she felt it wasn't working, so she broke it off. She tried to do it in a way so they could be friends, but it didn't work out the way. Instead it ended with a fight. Before they parted ways, Obio claimed that he would get her back. She didn't know he would resort to such drastic measures. Even though he was kind of jerk, she still wanted to save him. But it didn't work out that way. 'This is all my fault. I don't deserve Kakashi, after this.', she thought, tears beginning to well up in her eyes again.

Five days after the battle, she packed up all of her belonging to leave, and said sayonara to each member of Team 7. Sakura and Naruto were begging her begging her to stay. Sasuke didn't say anything; it was kind of hard to tell what he was thinking. Kakashi, he just kept his cool as usual. Mayu told them, she had to go back to her village, because she had promised she would return there someday. But she assured Team 7, that someday she would comeback and visit someday, even though she didn't really mean it. 'They'll be better off with out me.' she thought. They said their goodbyes, and then she left without looking back. She had to admit that she was disappointed that Kakashi didn't ask her to stay.

I instantly knew when I saw you

You and I would be forever

Hearts never apart true from the start

To each other and together

There's nothing we can't do

And until the end of time

If you tell me you'll be mine

As Mayu walked away, Kakashi wished that she would stay.

"Sensei, aren't you going to stop her?" Sakura asked him.

"No, because this is her choice." Kakashi answered. But Inner Sakura was yelling, "Cha! He's just gonna let her leave like that!"

'Besides, she still has family and friends back home.' thought Kakashi. 'What right do I have to keep her away from them?'

I'm never gonna spend another night

Without you in my dreams

For the rest of my life

I'm gonna reach out to you honestly and try

To give you what you need with all of my might

Ever since Mayu left, Team 7 noticed that their sensei has been sort of out of it. It became easier to land hits on him during training sessions, he always seemed lost in thought, he was always staring at the picture they took with Mayu, and he even stopped reading his book.

Cause nothing has ever felt

So real and so right

So I'm never gonna spend another night

Without you in my dreams

The 3 genin were very concerned for their sensei. They knew he missed Mayu. So they never talked about her in front of their sensei. Naruto, who recently went back to just presueing Sakura, tired to make their sensei fell better by using his Sexy Jutsu. But it just resulted in Kakashi threating to do every bad things to him if he did that again.

Cause you are so in my heart

Even alone in the dark

I can feel the light of our love shining

Two weeks after Mayu left, Kakashi was sitting in front of the memorial stone. Ever since Mayu left, she was all she saw in his dreams. He imaged if Obito were still here, he'd probably tell him that he was nut for letting a girl like Mayu go.

We are so meant to be

That we are definitely destiny

And there's no denying

That I love you

Though it's so cliché

There's nothing else to say

Kakashi then felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He looked behind him to see who it was, but no one was there. He figured he must of have imaged it and turned back towards the stone. There he saw Mayu crouched down in front of him.

But I'm never gonna spend another night

With out you in my dreams

For the rest of my life

I gonna reach out to you honestly and try

To give what you need with all of my might

"Hi.", she said.

"Mayu!" said Kakashi in total surprise. He then punched her arm hard. Then she punched him back so hard, he fell on his back.

"What was that for?" she asked.

Kakashi sat back up and said, "Just being sure you weren't Naruto or a dream."

Mayu just laughed and sat down next to him.

"I thought you were going home." said Kakashi.

"I was," said Mayu. "But I realized that I haven't beaten you yet. So, until I do, I think I'll stick around." Then she lowered his mask and kissed him.

Cause nothing has ever felt so real and so right

So I'm never gonna

Never gonna

Never gonna spend another night

Without you in my dreams

She really didn't want to admit that the reason she came back was she couldn't stop thinking about Kakshi. After a week, she realized she couldn't stand being without him any longer, and decided to return to the Hidden Leaf Village.

When she pulled away she asked Kakashi, "Hey, don't you have to go meet with your students?"

"Oh, it won't kill them to wait another hour or two." he said. Then he planted another kiss on Mayu.

I'm never gonna spend another night

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