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Konoha High School


They drove to school in silence, as they are wont to do before 7:00 AM. As Itachi drove he noticed someone running besides the car. He checked the speedometer: 45MPH. Deciding that this was weird enough to break the usual silence of their morning, he nudged his brother who was staring off into space.

"Yo, Sasuke. Check out that dude out there running."

Sasuke looked up and out of the window in seeming disinterest. His eyes widened for a second when he first looked upon the person but he soon looked away again.

"That's just Lee. He always runs to school in the morning. Remember when you once offered him a ride and he went into that weird tirade about the Vigor's of Youth or something gay like that?" Sasuke replied. Itachi looked surprised.

"I didn't know he could run that fast though. He's been running about 45 miles per hour for about 10 minutes now."

Sasuke gave him a lay look. "He's participating in the Olympics. Not only is he a long distance runner, but he's also a sprinter. And he does martial arts. He could probably beat you."

"Hmm… so, you think he's gonna tryout for the school?" Itachi asked, somewhat excited about how his team could benefit from him.

"No." Itachi's face fell a little bit. "He already has a place on the team. Coach What's-his-name gave him a spot immediately when the school year was over. Said something about how you 'shouldn't dally in the springtime of your youth' or something when he was recruiting last year."

Sasuke was rewarded with a small smile from his brother and silence. He returned to staring out the window. He suddenly remembered something.

"Itachi, weren't we supposed to pick up Shisui?" he asked, confused.

Itachi slammed on the brakes.


As Tsunade looked around the roof, trying to find her two best friends she saw someone that she had never seen before. It was a girl with intense green eyes and a shock of pink hair. She appeared to be studying out a textbook, and advanced one. Tsunade took a step up to her and waited to be noticed. After the first 30 seconds when the girl never looked up from the book, Tsunade grew impatient and cleared her throat conspicuously. The other girl immediately looked up and in her shock of having someone standing quite close to where she was sitting, and not noticing, she gave a small scream and toppled backwards. Tsunade smirked as she waited for the girl to right herself. When she was, Tsunade lost the smirk and growled at the girl.

"Who are you?" She asked in a dangerous voice.

The girl looked up at her nervously and answered, "Sakura Haruno, freshman."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"And what, exactly is a freshman doing up here in my hangout when they should be downstairs in the auditorium, for the orientation and the meeting of teachers?"

The girl, Sakura, started in surprise. With a quick glance at her watch to show that it was 7:05 and that she was 5 minutes late.

"Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. I came up here to read where it's quiet and must have gotten too preoccupied and…" Sakura cut herself off. "I'll go now." And rushed to the door of the roof. As she hurried down the stair, she passed two boys making their way up. Without sparing them half a glance she rushed past and ran to the Auditorium.

The two males Sakura had passed on the stairs slowly and leisurely made their way to the roof where their friend was waiting. As they opened the door to the roof, Tsunade came around the corner, angry and annoyed.

"You guys are late."

The taller of the two males, with long white hair, and strange vertical red lines under his eyes, smirked.

"We got a little caught up," he said, leering at his companion. Tsunade frowned but decide that her friends weren't doing anything too illegal and sighed. The other male, who hadn't spoken until then sighed and stepped up to her slightly,

"Tsunade. Sensei wants us to speak to the freshmen at the orientation in about five minutes. He wants us to explain about the caste system and such," he said.

Tsunade smiled and nodded.

"Lets go!" and she ran to the door and down the flight of stairs. It was there that she realized that her friends and teammates hadn't followed her.


Up on the roof, Jiraiya and Orochimaru broke their kiss with grins. This school year, their last school year, was going to be great.

He was bored. Not your usual 'there's nothing to do bored. He was 'OMFG! This is so boring I wish I could kill or torture somebody!' kind bored. As Naruto Uzumaki sat there in the bleachers for the assembly he seriously thought he was going to die. So he did the next best thing. He fell asleep. But that didn't last long because the brunette sitting next to him elbowed him in the ribs.

"Oy, Idiot. Wake up."

With a lot of grumbling, Naruto did just that as another speaker took the podium. Sat at attention when he noticed who was behind it. Arashi Uzumaki, his older brother by two years and current Hokage of the School. With spiky blonde hair and bright cerulean eyes, they were almost the mirror image of each other. The only differences between them were the facts that Arashi was taller, older, and his hairstyle was a bit different.

"Hello, I am you current Hokage, which I practically the school Representative. I didn't really prepare a speech because I didn't know I was gonna be speaking today. So, You can talk to me if you have any questions about anything," Arashi said and stepped from behind the podium to go sit in one of the seats that were of to the side, just as the Auditorium doors burst open. In walked three people, two guys and a girl. The girl was a tall and buxom 18 year old, with long blonde hair and bright hazel eyes. Behind her was a taller man with long white hair, black eyes, and strange red tattoos coming down from his eyes. The other man, walking beside them was taller than the girl but shorter that the other guy. He had long black hair that went all the way down he back and astounding slitted gold eyes. His skin was paper white and he was wearing strange eyes make-up. The walked up to the podium with the girl leaning on it from behind, the white haired guy leaning on its side and the black haired man standing quietly next to the white haired man. The whole auditorium went quiet as the three surveyed them solemnly.

Finally the white haired guy cracked a smile and, without the need for the microphone on the podium, he announced, "My name is Jiraiya Urahara. And I am a super pervert!"


Then an uproar. The kids were trying to figure out if he was just playing them or if he was seriously a pervert.

Tsunade smirked then yelled into the microphone,


Silence again.

" I am Tsunade Wakahisa. If you mess with me, I'll kick your ass!" She declared.

Most of the students turned to look at Sarutobi Sensei, the Principal. He just smiled amiably.

Then, "I am Orochimaru Tsukino," immediately he had captured everyone's attention. "I am gay."

Everybody just stared. One student even had the gall to say, "well… duh!"

"We are the Sannin. It is the highest ranking any three people can achieve at this school. Now since you probably have no idea what we are talking about, we'll explain to you."

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