Sailor Moon: MechWarrior

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: The Year is 3065; the FedCom Civil War rages out of control, into this nightmare Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask are plunged after a freak event hurls them into the distant future, their only hope for survival lies with the Mercenary unit known as the Wolf Dragoons.


First Encounter

Location: Outside the Tokyo Concert Hall

Sailor Jupiter ducked out of the way just as the violin creature known as Octave made her next move, hurling a massive sound wave at the green Sailor Soldier. The blast though struck the forest behind her.

"You okay Jupiter?" Sailor Moon asked, as she helped her friend to her feet.

"I'm fine," Jupiter replied, as the other Sailor Scouts surrounded them. The Octave stood in front of them, and prepared to make her next move. Once again the Heart Snatcher used her ultrasonic screech to send shivers up the Sailor Scouts spines, freezing them in place.

"I can't move," Sailor Mars said, Octave eyed the frozen Sailor Scouts and prepared to deliver the final blow.

"Prepare for your final curtain Sailor Losers," Octave said, laughing, "this time the Heart Crystal is ours." Just as she began stroking the strings that ran across her abdomen, a bright red rose streaked across the sky, striking the Heart Snatcher in the face.

"Who ever taught you about music I'm sure must have had two left feet and no hearing," Tuxedo Mask said, before turning to face Sailor Moon, "you know what to do Sailor Moon."

"Right," Sailor Moon replied, drawing her Spiral Heart Moon Rod, "MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK." A large surge of energy streaked toward the Heart Snatcher. Before Octave had a chance to react the energy surge struck her dead center, disintegrating her on the spot.

The Sailor Scouts stood there congratulating each other. However their jubilation was short lived, as Jupiter looked on a bright blue circle suddenly appeared beneath her. The other Scouts slowly moved back as the circle began to expand. No matter how hard Jupiter tried, she couldn't move.

"JUPITER," Sailor Moon shouted, as she tried to go help her friend.

"Don't worry Sailor Moon," Tuxedo Mask said, pushing Sailor Moon aside, "I've got her." No sooner had his feet touched the circle then he too became frozen in place. In a blinding flash Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask vanished into thin air.

"Darien," Sailor Moon said, with tears in her eyes, "Lita, they're gone."

Location: Kataraus IV, outside of the town of Vale.

The Black Knight and Cougar Battlemechs made their way toward the ruins of Vale. Both had taken heavy damage when their Lance was ambushed by a pair of Steiner Atlas class Assault Mechs. When they had started their mission there were four Mechs in their Lance, now it was just the two of them.

"I can't believe it," the Cougar's pilot said over the intercom, "Gage, Lancer, they're gone."

"I know how you're feeling Striker," the Black Knight's Pilot replied, "They were excellent Mercs, and a credit to the Wolf Dragoons. But now's not the time to reflect on the past, we have to reach the rendezvous point with Delta Lance, and those Steiner bastards are still out there." SSgt. Rebecca "Striker" Ryan was about to reply, when her sensors began picking up a Life Reading.

"Sir," Rebecca said, "my sensors are picking up life readings coming from the town."

"Impossible," Lt. Ryan "Cobra" Hunter replied, "recon said Vale is supposed to be deserted."

"Should we check it out sir?" Rebecca asked. Ryan paused for a brief moment, before he made his decision.

"Contact Delta," Ryan ordered, "tell them we're going to be a little behind schedule." The two Battlemechs turned toward the bombed out ruins of the town.

Sailor Jupiter slowly came too, at first she was too disoriented to take notice of her surroundings, but when she finally got her bearings she was horrified at what she saw.

The town before her was in ruins, littered with wreck war machines ranging from tanks and APCs to what at a distance could be mistaken for a giant human. It was at that moment she remembered Tuxedo Mask. Racing to her friend's side, she managed to get his attention.

"What happened?" Tuxedo Mask asked.

"I don't know," Jupiter replied, "but what ever it was I don't think I want to know," She pointed to the bombed out town in front of them. Before Tuxedo Mask had a chance to form any words they heard the sounds of loud stomping approaching from behind them, two colossal war machines were approaching from the east. However before they had a chance to react the two giants were on top of them.

"Identify yourselves," the pilot of the Black Knight Battlemech said. The pair remained silent, but looked as though they were prepared to fight.

"What do you think you're doing," the pilot of the Cougar added, "don't you know that a Battlemech can't be taken down on foot." It was then Tuxedo Mask formed a question of his own.

"Are you the ones who attacked that town?" Tuxedo Mask asked.

"What the hell are you talking about," the Black Knight Pilot replied, "Vale was destroyed by House Steiner when they first invaded this backwater rock. Now I'm going to ask you, are you with the Steiner Occupation Force or not?"

"We don't know where we are let alone what you're talking about," Jupiter replied, angrily. It was at that moment the cockpits of the two Battlemechs opened; two helmeted humans emerged from the Battlemechs.

"You're joking," Ryan said, as he climbed down from his Black Knight, "this is Kantarus IV, a border world between the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance." The mention that they were on another planet formed a question that they hoped they didn't have to ask.

"What year is it?" Jupiter finally asked Ryan and Rebecca looked at each other with confused looks.

"It's 3067," Ryan replied.

Stay Tuned For Chapter I: The Wolf Dragoons

PS: This may not be my best work, but I was writing it at 2:30 in the morning in stifling heat.