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Six: Hobbies

Going back to Section Two, how about a hypothetical scenario with the new additions from the latest manga volumes? Not canonical and probably not accurate– but hopefully worth a few laughs.

It was all Bernardo could do NOT to jump into the pool and try dragging Beatrice out of the water.

("Try" since she weighed more than twice his weight and might possibly resist.)

Beatrice had more difficulty floating than the rest of her classmates. Mechanical bodies massed far heavier than an equivalent-sized normal human girl. But she made up for her difficulties with sheer grit. And she seemed to be having fun.

Bernardo's worries remained. This was a mission, after all: to train a mechanical body for underwater combat operations. If Liesel had accomplished it, why couldn't Beatrice? He had been all over himself to volunteer.

Still, "Multimillion euro secret weapon drowns on handler's watch" is not going to look good on my record…

He sighed. Other handlers- say, Alessandro- probably has it easier than me. As in, what can a second generation unit possibly ask for that would be so hard to give?

"Belly dancing?"

Petrushka was all googly pleading eyes. "May I, 'Sandro?"

Despite himself and his appetites, Alessandro suppressed a groan. Bernardo with his first generation unit probably has it easier than me...