And so, the battle began...

Nightwolf the Dark quickly summoned the powers of the ancient elements. He quickly froze John with a large block of ice. Johnathan burst out of the ice almost instantly, but not without suffering heavy damage. Johnathan pulled out a potion and drank it quickly, along with four others.

Nightwolf followed suit and drank 5 potions as well. Nightwolf pulled out his abyssal whip, while Johnathan pulled out a dragon scimitar. They charged toward each other at insane speeds. Johnathan slashed Nightwolf with his scimitar fierociously, while nightwolf slashed away at Johnathan with his abyssal whip. They continued to battle like this for a long while.

As one of Nightwolf's blows connected with John, Johnathan winced in pain and gave Nightwolf a chance to strike with another icey spell. As Johnathan stood, frozen by shards of ice, Nightwolf pulled out a dragon dagger, which was dripping with deadly poison. Nightwolf charged Johnathan and swiftly slashed the dagger at John at break-neck speeds, landing a total of eight hits on John, crippiling him instantly. As Nightwolf walked away, feeling that he had won, Johnathan staggered up and sent a barrage of blood toward Nightwolf. Nightwolf's magical abilities helped him to sense the oncoming attack and dodged it easily.

Nightwolf glared at John, the evil evident in his eyes. He walked over to John, dagger raised. John closed his eyes, realising he had failed the world of Runescape, and let one of the most powerful and most evil people ever known to strike him down, for the second time. Johnathan heard the swoosh of what he presumed was the dagger. He felt no pain however, instead he felt restored somehow. He noticed a red light all around him, and saw Nightwolf beaming over him. John was extremely confused, and stood up as fast as he could. He readied his scimitar, and charged. Nightwolf merely grabbed his wrist and forced John to drop his weapon. Johnathan feared that that was his last mistake. Nightwolf merely chuckled, and spoke for the first time since he had delt Johnathan death all those years ago.

"Young John. You have impressed me beyond that of any person I have ever encountered, including my late comrade, Darth the Wolf. He had been struck down by some of the most ruthless people in all the land. He was a hard working skillsman, but he was a formidable opponent. His skills in battle were not enough to save him from a gruesome fate however, and he was struck down and robbed. The bandits then mauled his lifeless body, and brought his remains to me. That, my young friend, is what turned me to the side of evil, for I had been an 'honest Joe', if you will. I was not as much of a skillsman as Darth, but I did have some skills that he was completely unmatched in. At last, after all these years, I have found someone who has convinced me to return to the side of good, and for that, I thank you John"
John retrieved his scimitar and sheathed it. He then spoke quietly to Nightwolf, "So, all this time, including after you struck me down the first time, you were merely enraged over your dear friend's death? That is truely admirable, and yet dispicable at the same time. I am overjoyed that I have had such an inpact on you, but I fear that I cannot trust you. How am I to know that you will not strike me down when I am weakest, and go on another rampage through the wilderness?"

Nightwolf replied in an honest voice, "Well, how does this sound, I will restore the lives of all who I have cut down in my rage over Darth's death. Does that prove my sincerity over this matter?"

Johnathan amusedly replied to him, "I know for a fact that you do not have the power to restore the lives of all those people!"

Nightwolf narrowed his eyes, and said, "Watch me!"

With that, he summoned all his magical abilities, some of which Johnathan could not comprehend. Streams of white magic soared out of the alternate universe, and found the graves of those who had been struck down by Nightwolf. As Johnathan observed one of the beams of light that was drawn into the earth right by the chamber were he had sacrificed those three men, he saw it flash with many different colours and then turn a blood red. He saw the earth slide away from the grave, and the coffin open slowly, revealing a woman who seemed to be full of life (and fully clothed for those of you who were wondering). The woman stubbled out of the coffin, and went about her daily tasks. Johnathan sensed the lives of many others being replenished. He addressed Nightwolf again, "Well, I see that you were sincere. I guess it is my duty to return us to the real universe."

Johnathan performed the spell to return them from where they had come. This ritual consisted mainly of strange hand movements and movements of the elements. A portal was formed leading into the universe from whence they had come. As John and Nightwolf stepped through the portal, they saw a few guards and civilians standing there, watching them in shock. They summoned their teleporting powers and went their seperate ways. Leaving the guards and the few civilians stood there, and a small child ran up to his mother, and accidentally pushed the guards and civilians into the closing portal to the abyss. As they fell through, the small boy backed away slowly, thinking it was all just a crazy ass dream. Too bad for him, he just sent his mom into an alternate demension for real, wonder how his dad will take it...

The End!