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"Mom, I don't want to go to boarding school," Mark complained after his mother sprung the idea, well not idea, more like fact of him going away to boarding school in Philadelphia.

"Well, you're going to, Mark. It's a better education for you and is in a safer environment," Mrs. Cohen explained.

"How is Philadelphia a better environment," he asked. That was just crazy. Philadelphia is like Tokyo compared to Scarsdale.

"It's an enclosed campus, Mark." Oh that sounds fun, Mark thought to himself.

"I'm not gonna know anyone there! I'm gonna be the loser with no friends."

"Patty Davis's boy is going too. You know him." Yes, Mark knew him. Roger Davis, rocker without a care in the world. He was so much higher up on the popularity chain than Mark. Girls are always after him, everyone wants to be his friend. He was the exact opposite of Mark. "We set it up so you two could sit next to each other on the bus and be roommates!"

"Roger and I aren't friends!"

"Mark, stop complaining! You leave the day after tomorrow so make sure you say goodbye to everyone."

Two days later...

Mark lazily slumped into his seat on the bus. The past two days had went faster than he anticipated. He didn't want to go all the way to Philadelphia! Why couldn't he just go to a boarding school near Scarsdale? And what he really hates is he has to live with Roger Davis. Roger had never even talked to Mark. He probably didn't even know who he was. So lost in thought, Mark barely noticed that Roger had sat next to him.

"Hey," Roger said with no emotion in his voice. I guess he doesn't like this either.

"Hi," Mark replied nervously. "I'm Mark." Mark held out his hand for him to shake. Roger sent an somewhat annoyed look Mark's way. Mark quickly took his hand back. "Okay." Mark shifted in his seat and gazed out the window as the pulled started moving. Goodbye Scarsdale...

Two and a half hours later, they pulled up at the bus depot in Philadelphia. Mark looked out the window and saw a van with the name of their 'new' school on it, Girard College. Wow, over-controlling much? Mark finally got up and he and Roger exited the bus together. While moving towards the van, Roger and Mark kept a safe distance from each other. They were greeted by a very happy woman.

"You two must be Roger Davis and Mark Cohen, two of Girard's many new students! Welcome to Philadelphia. How about we get going to Girard?" Mark smiled and got in the van followed by Roger. The ride was short and silent. The campus looked pretty cool from the outside. The lady showed them to their dorm then gave them the grand tour. After annoying the hell out of Roger for what seemed like hours, she left them in their dorm room to get situated. Mark actually unpacked his things unlike Roger who just lounged on his bed while strumming his guitar.

"You know, we're gonna be here for awhile. You should unpack," Mark suggested. Roger stopped playing and looked up at Mark.

"Is this an all-boys school," Roger asked. Mark was confused by Roger's hopeful tone, but shook it off.

"No, there's girls here too. Why?"

"Uh, just wondering," Roger went back to playing his guitar.

Later that night...

Mark pulled his shirt up over his head, not noticing the attention he was getting from Roger. He attentively watched as Mark stretched and got situated in bed. He liked what he saw, a smaller cute guy with a nice body. This kid didn't come off as gay to Roger though. And he wasn't about to say anything and make things even more awkward for the contantly nervous man.

Mark sensed eyes on him as he got ready for bed. Was Roger staring at him? No, there's no way. This guy was an asshole and wasn't gay. He had girls all over him. Wait, that doesn't make him straight. Maybe he's bi. Oh, God, I wish, Mark thought. Mark was a closet case. He hadn't come out to anyone, not even his best friend, Maureen. He didn't need to give anyone anything else to make fun of him for. Mark glanced quickly and sure enough, Roger's gaze was fixed on Mark.

Oh my God, did Mark just see me staring at him. Oh no, this can't happen. No one knows I'm gay and he hates me. He's gonna tell everyone back home for revenge. This is totally gonna ruin my image. Nice job, Davis, you just never stop thinking about sex, do you? Roger turned over quickly and tried to fall asleep and forget all of his previous thoughts about a certain scrawny film maker.

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