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Roger couldn't sleep. He just kissed what he thought was the cutest guy ever. To put it lightly, he was estatic. He kept wanting to get up, walk over to Mark's bed and plant kisses all over him, but he knew he couldn't. That'd be a little too much and Mark was probably sleeping by now anyway. Trying to get his thoughts off Mark, he faced the wall and squeezed his eyes shut. It wasn't helping. He had to do something before he could sleep. He sat up and looked over at Mark's bed.

"Mark," Roger whispered. He was surprised when he heard Mark reply with a "Yeah". He was sure he'd be fast asleep by now. Roger hesitated for a few moments, not knowing how to say what was on his mind. "Would you... maybe... want to go on a date with me?" Mark didn't reply right away, so Roger panicked. "Well, not a date date. We could just hang out... in the weight room, pump some iron and be men." He was interrupted by Mark.

"Roger, please stop rambling. I would love to go on a date with you." Roger smiled in relief. "I'm not sure of what we could do though since we're stuck here. Maybe just go to the next basketball game?"

"Sure," Roger said, still grinning. "I'd like that." They sat their smiling at each other, like love-sick teenagers. Still smiling and staring, Roger added, "Only if it's a boy's game." Mark snorted.

"Figures. You know, I never thought of you as gay." He paused and Roger shrugged. "What about all those girls always hanging all over you?"

"I'd go out with them to keep my rep, but never do anything with them. I tried a few times, but it wasn't that great."

"Ever try anything with a guy?" Mark was a very curious person. Again, Roger grinned.

"No, I haven't. I'm waiting until I find the right guy." Mark guessed that he looked surprised because then Roger added, "Wasn't really expecting to hear that? Well, it's the truth." Mark blushed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. But anyways, that's cool. Not many guys are like that."

"So, let's hear about your sex life now? Any guys... or girls?" Mark smiled, but then it faded and he looked down. Roger instantly felt bad for bringing it up. Obviously, whatever happened wasn't good, but before he could say anything, Mark began.

"No girls, but I dated this guy once, Pete. He was older, like twenty, and in college. I was fifteen. Anyways, I really liked him. He made me feel special when we were together, like he actually wanted me. We were together for a couple months and were getting really close." Mark paused, collecting his thoughts. "We were in his dorm room one night, fooling around. We were about to... you know... without a condom, but I trusted him. Right before we started, his roommate came home so we didn't do it." Mark stopped as he watched his hands fiddle around. Roger came over to Mark and put his hand on his back back for support. "We broke up a few weeks later. A year later, I got a call from his sister, we were friends. He died of AIDS. And he had it when we were together." Mark's head fell into his hands. "I was a few seconds from coming in contact with it, from almost dying." Again, there was a pause. "Every year, on the anniversary of Pete's death, I call his roommate and thank him for coming home that night." Mark was silent for a few seconds, but Roger didn't respond yet. "So yeah, it kind of scared me away from sex." Roger rubbed his hand up and down Mark's back.

"I am so sorry Mark. I had no idea. I shouldn't have brought it up," Roger apologized. Mark stayed quiet. "Here, let's talk about something a little happier. Did you hear Mrs. Simmons is going on materity leave tomorrow? She'll be gone for pretty much the rest of the year. Thank God. I'm getting sick of that bitch. She makes Calculus so much worse." Mark laughed slightly which made Roger smile. "Oh, and Mr. Eastman is totally gay, by the way. He told us he's taking a vacation to Canada to fish. Yeah, whatever. Everyone knows that "I'm going to Canada to fish" really means "I'm gay and I'm getting married 'cause Canadians are cool and not homophobic"." Mark laughed a little harder this time. Roger was happy to cheer Mark up a little.

"Maybe he just likes to fish. Not everyone going to Canada is gay, you know." Roger shook his head in disblief.

"Nah, he's totally queer. His pants are a little too tight for a straight guy. Pretty soon he'll be adopting. Just watch." Mark chuckled once again and lightly pushed Roger, who hardly moved since he was much stronger than Mark. "It's 1:30. Maybe we should get to bed. We have class in the morning." Mark nodded and Roger started to stand up. Mark grabbed Roger by his shirt and pulled him back.

"Lay with me?" he simply asked. Roger tried not to beam as he nodded and they both laid down. In the spooning position, Roger draped his arm over Mark and they both fell fast asleep.

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