It was like she was fish out of water. Walking past new faces in a foreign place that could only impress such a lost girl like herself. Konoha's prestigious Kyuubi Private High School only accepted those who were rich and talented. With the way she was dressed, it was obvious that she wasn't the former, but to be lucky enough to be accepted for the latter was an accomplishment in itself. She stared up with her dark brown eyes at the tall building structure, admiring the small statues that adorned the corners of the school.

"A new start, don't screw this up Tenten."

She knew she was whispering those words to herself over and over. Who could blame her? Many rich families had been rumored to donate absorbent amounts of money just so their children would get noticed. How could she, a girl with worn hand me down jeans and an oversized shirt, get chosen over those who spent years throwing themselves at the school? Her hands started shaking at the front door. Was she really cut out for this?

Only one way to find out.

The hallways literally sparkled of soft white marble. Yep, this place definitely lives up to its reputation. Following the signs, Tenten slowly approached the main office where she was finally going to meet the woman who she was told mentioned her name. Asking the receptionist where Principal Katsuki's office was, she was then led by a tall pineapple headed boy about her age to the door of the person who made it all happen.

"So you're finally here?"

Tenten nodded. "Yes, my name is Tenten, I'm the girl who got that scholarship."

"Hmm, yes, just make yourself worth the opportunity. We here at Kyuubi Private expect nothing but the best out of our students."

"I won't mess this up!" Tenten stood up straight as an arrow, almost literally losing breath because of how nervous she was.

"Alright then, Shikamaru, get Tenten a uniform and take her to her first class."

How troublesome thought the beady-eyed boy.

"Ah, thank you Principal Katsuki. I heard you were the one who mentioned my name for the scholarship and I'm very grateful."

A smile formed on the older woman's lips.

"Please, call me Tsunade."

She came out in a crisp gray knee length skirt matched with a white blouse and gray jacket. Truly a far cry from what she had worn previously, but her extremely dusty shoes were literally torn. The boy named Shikamaru scanned her up and down as he noted Tenten shifting uncomfortably.

"Ehh, you shouldn't be so nervous. This place isn't all that's cracked up to be. Most of these people are too troublesome to deal with anyways," he said with a tone of annoyance.

"Maybe, but it just feels so odd. It's just all so new."

Shikamaru sighed. "What area are you from originally?"

"I was from the Sound District, you know? That place with all the gangs."

His eyes popped open in shock as Shikamaru felt some sadness for the girl. The Sound District was notorious for their high murder, drug and rape percentages. It was a wonder that a girl as sweet looking as Tenten managed to survive there. Then again, there was another person in the school from the Sound District and how he survived; Shikamaru would never want to know.

"Do you know a guy name Rock Lee? Bushy eyebrows, loud voice, with a shiny bowl haircut?"

"Yes! He was a classmate of mine back in middle school."

"I showed him to his class an hour before you came. Crazy guy came an hour before school started to "prepare for new beginnings of his growing youth." How troublesome."

Tenten giggled at Shikamaru's quoting. Typical Rock Lee, though it was no surprise that he got a track scholarship. Back in the day, to escape bullies, Lee would use his powerful legs to outrun attackers for hours on end. He was definitely going to make the school proud with his everlasting running.

They finally approached her first class, she bid Shikamaru goodbye as she closed the door. Her eyes wandered the classroom as she picked an empty seat in the middle near the window. Tracing her fingers on the table, she stared out the clear window. It was nice not having to worry about the game of survival of the fittest. Tenten couldn't remember the last time she could really enjoy the morning sky without the sounds of screaming and gunshots. She wasn't going to let this chance for peace to go unused.

The bell rang. Everyone clamored to his or her seats.

She popped out of daydream-like state. Sitting up straight, she anticipated her first class on her very first day of school.

And the class waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Ten minutes had passed and the class seemed to grow restless. Then the sound of a sliding door caught the students' attention. In came a young tall handsome man with spiked gray hair and a book covering his face. The sighs and blushes of admiring females filled the room, as the man seemed to give a smile behind the book he was probably reading.

"Hello class, my name is Mr. Kakashi, I will be your History teacher for the year."

Kakashi? His name sounds so familiar…

"I hear we have a scholarship student here. A very rare event indeed, I would like this person to stand up."

Tenten stood up in front of the class, rubbing the side of her skirt as the eyes of her classmates ogled at her.

"Tell me us your name."

"Tenten Tamura."

"Where are you from Miss Tamura?"

"T-the Sound District." Each time she had to say it, the more shame she felt.

"Thank you Miss Tamura, you may sit down."

Her face was covered in red. She could hear the whisperings and snickering among her classmates.

"There are people in history who were born lucky and there are those who fought their way to become legends. What makes Miss Tamura different from the rest of you is that she fought for her life to be here."

"What do you mean by that Mr. Kakashi!" yelled a bright blue eyed boy.

"What that means is that Miss Tamura will be more likely to fight for her accomplishments like she fought her way out of the Sound District. Therefore, she will most likely be working harder than the rest of you."

"That's not fair to say! We all spent so much time just studying for these exams," retorted a short pink haired girl.

"You studied, but what else have you done? Miss…"

"Haruno, Sakura Haruno, and what does that mean?"

"What I mean by that is, what else got you in this school? I'm sure most, if not all your parents donated a lot of money to get recognition from the voting staff."

The class went quiet, stunned by their new teacher's words.

"History takes notice of people of all varieties, but the most admired of them all are the underdogs. I noticed most of you giggling at the mention of Miss Tamura's previous location, but don't be surprised if this young lady becomes the talk of the school."

Hatake Kakashi closed his eyes. I wouldn't expect less from a student of Maito Guy.

She didn't know if she liked the attention she was getting. It was already nearing the end of the day and it seemed that she was already well known throughout the school. Maybe it was her hair that made everything too distinct. Not like it mattered, Tenten headed to her last class.

Yuhi Kurenai, Gym

Dressed in a pair of gray shorts and a white shirt, she head towards large gymnasium where a group of girls were seated together. Taking a spot on the ground, Tenten saw a familiar face approaching her.

"Hey, I'm Sakura Haruno from your History class."

"Yeah, I recognized you. I'm Tenten Tamura."

The pink haired girl smiled. "Yeah, Mr. Kakashi made that pretty clear."

A small uncomfortable silence caused both girls to shift.

"I wanted to apologize for what I said in class today, I didn't mean that to be rude or anything. It's just that I thought Mr. Kakashi was demeaning us you know?"

Tenten nodded at her classmate. She knew what it was like for people to undermine her efforts.

"He is right though, you must have tried really hard to attempt a scholarship from this school."

"It's a long story…"

"Certainly one that deserves to be applauded Miss Tamura."

Sakura and Tenten's heads spun up to a beautiful red-eyed woman.

"I'm your gym teacher, Coach Kurenai…"

She gave a gentle smile towards the bun haired girl.

"… and the coach of our school's female basketball team."

Her brown eyes peered at her coach curiously. She knew why Coach Kurenai took special interest in her. There was no doubt in Tenten's mind that she was going to do everything to impress her coach.

"Now girls, I want you all to give me six laps around the gym, starting now."

Tenten was hit with a sense of de ja vu, the old memories of her mentor forcing laps out of her and Rock Lee except her mentor enjoyed giving them 60 instead of the measly six she was just handed out. Immediately, Tenten started running.

Yuhi Kurenai stood there watching the bun haired girl lead the pack. She wondered if Tsunade was right about this girl. If Tenten Tamura could live up to what the principal said, then the school had their star basketball player.

"Miss Tamura, please come over here."

The girl stopped mid lap as she headed towards the direction of her teacher.

"I want to test you."

Tenten felt a brush of air in the form of a basketball hit her hands.

"One on one with me, shoot 3 baskets past me."

She readied herself as Coach Kurenai's assistant, a white-eyed girl, gave the signal to start. It was Tenten's ball, with a taller Kurenai guarding her. Without batting an eye, she shot the ball from the three-point line to make her first basket.

Tenten: 1 Kurenai: 0

Kurenai dribbled the ball towards Tenten. She took a stop as she raised the ball high up with her back towards her opponent as she tried to make a step shot from the free throw line. It was as if it was a dream, all of a sudden she saw a third hand reach up and block her shot. Tenten nabbed the ball as she crouched down low, using her speed to quickly run behind Kurenai to take a clean shot from the centerline.

Tenten: 2 Kurenai: 0

She clearly underestimated the girl. Who knew that she could jump so high? Tsunade definitely didn't exaggerate Tenten's skill. The brown-eyed girl was clearly in her zone, focusing on nothing but her opponent through the cheers of her classmates.

She concentrates on her game like a pro.

Once again it was Kurenai's ball, her back once again faced toward the bun haired girl, ball in her hands. The burly haired coach made the attempt to twist her way out of Tenten's defense. Kurenai found the girl's efforts to be quite hard to break; no doubt she was a talented balanced player. There was really no need for this to go on.

"That's enough now Tenten," she said with hard breathing.

The bun haired girl slowly nodded in reply, only to find out in shock that her classmates were watching with their mouths agape. When did everyone start watching them? Tenten must have really zoned out.

She's truly what Tsunade said she would be. Kurenai stood there bemused by Tenten's shifting head. There was no doubt about it, this girl who came out of nowhere had more love for the game than anyone she had seen in years. Who could blame her though, Kurenai could only imagine the hell Tenten endured during her life in the Sound District. With a girl like her, eating, drinking, living basketball, it was probably her comfort zone away from her horrible life.

Sakura stood in awe of the taller girl. To outdo a Kyuubi Private School teacher was no ordinary feat. Replaying the words spoken to her earlier.

Don't be surprised if this young lady becomes the talk of the school.

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