Under the Radar

Prompt: #01 Under the Radar
Word Count: 161
Notes: Written for FictionNET

Scully entered the office she shared with Mulder, placing her suitcase on her desk and then moving back towards the door to hang up her coat. Just as she had positioned it neatly on the hook, Mulder came up behind her.

"Mulder!" she exclaimed. "You startled me!" She smiled at him, slightly embarrassed.

"Sorry," he muttered blankly, reaching past her and retrieving her coat from its hook. Scully eyed him sceptically as he handed it to her and helped her put it back on.

"Are we going someplace?" she asked him, curiously, readjusting the neck of the coat.

Mulder nodded and gave Scully a reassuring smile. "Yes. We've been given the day off," he explained.

"We've been given the day off? But it's –"

"I know." Mulder placed a hand on her shoulder and led her back outside, pausing only to lock the office door behind them. "There's some new agents in town. Skinner wants us to stay under the radar."