Remember Me

Tour of Duty Fanfics

Chapter: 1

Grinner Go to is Room and Turn the Light on even he cant see He woes Touch the Wall to find the Table that Is mom puts there all the stuff from the army And Grinner Hand move on the table And then I touch is hat And Grinner Remer is Hat and Smile He Keep move is Hand on The Table to find Is other stuff He Touch is grade And He take them up and touch them Then Grinner Walk o is Window and He start to remember Eddie Bell That woes is Good Friend Grinner Start to have tears in is green eyes

Chapter: 2

Grinner take is Stick and take is Dog and Go out from is mom look from the window and she thinks what he doing? Where he going?

Chapter: 3

Grinner Go in the Army graveyard And all the People looking On am Grinner woes Wear is Army uniform Grinner Bend is self to touch the names that on the graves Grinner Woes Keep moves on all the Names and He woes Read the Names on all the Graves Then He get to Eddie Bell Grinner woes stake there next to the Bell Grave Woes sit Same woman with Black dress Grinner woes Get is Hat down from is had And put the hat on the Grave and He get up and saluting to am and the people see am get out from the Army Graveyard Grinner Hear the sound of the Shutting For all the Solder that we lost And Grinner Keep Walking

Chapter: 4

When grinner woes come home in the first time he woes fold down from the mount this time grinner woes ready again he take is dog and is Stick and start to touch every move that he make when Grinner woes Walk down from the Mount He start to remember in is mind all What he Past at the army and how he lost the eyes and every time He woes keep checking the place is dog woes help am and he woes walk slowly behind am them Grinner Get down and He feel that he woes go down from the mount "I did it I woes did at" Grinner woes Happy now He believe that he can keep is life with out see a thing .

The End

By: Nurit Zur