-1Summary: Rumours say that the rulers of Hell are using humans as slaves. Three angels go to see if the rumours are true, and go to the human world in search of some sort of proof to give the elders. What they didn't expect however was two demons to mistake the three angels for three humans. What do they do when they get dragged down to Hell to serve the three most powerful demons of them all?

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Angels Wearing Masks

Chapter 1

Misty reds and purples were sucked into the swirling vortex that circled the sky, creating darkness all round. Below that haunting sky was a land full of beings that have been described as bloodthirsty, cruel, heartless, and manipulative. The beings that are called demons. Creatures with large black, leather wings, four times longer than a humans arm. Sharp pointed fangs that could pierce the toughest of skins, be that of an animal or any other creature. Razor like claws that could cut through a persons neck, as easily as any blade. A long, thick, black tail with a blunt pincer that clasped together to concealed a poisonous stinger, meaning an instant death, if the demon wished to inject such a life threatening amount. And of course the two pointed white horns, that would appear when the demon was extremely angry, or when wanting to show dominance over another. The world of demons, also known as 'Hell', also inhabited many humans, although not one of them had been brought their from their own free will. No. Humans that lived there were used as slaves, food, workers, or even for means of sexual pleasure. The ones that ruled over this hell were three brothers called Yami, Marik, and Bakura.

Yami was the oldest brother, and therefore had more responsibility over hell than his other brothers. He was slender and had that of an athletes body. On his head was a crown shape of hair, with the ends coloured a dark crimson, and then further down fell into black. He also had blonde bangs that came down just over the sides of his face, and more that streaked up into the black and crimson hair. His eyes were a deep ruby red.

Marik was slightly younger than Yami. Marik's eyes were a cold purple, where a hint of insanity could clearly be seen. His hair was a sandy blonde colour that shot up to the sky, quite similar to his elder brother. Marik's body was more muscular compared to his other two brothers, and unlike his other two brothers, his skin was darker, with a natural tan.

Bakura was the youngest brother. He had grey, almost white, hair. It reached just past his shoulders, and was slightly spiked all over, more so on the top of his head, where it almost looked like he had a second pair of strangely shaped horns. His eyes were brown with a hint of red, and like his older brother Marik, held a slight amount of insanity to them. Bakura's skin was pale, much paler than his brothers, but even so it did not make him look ill, somehow it just worked for him. His build was also similar to Yami's.

They were the most powerful demons of them all, and made sure that the other demons never forgot that. They did many things to prove this fact, such as shows of public torture to those who did not follow their rules, something Bakura and Marik enjoyed doing personally. The three brothers lived in a large stone castle, which towered above all the other small buildings where their followers lived.

For Bakura and Marik, today was the same as any day. Cause some havoc in the castle, threaten a few lives, do the daily torture, annoy Yami, and so on. Now however they were extremely bored, and were just sitting in Bakura's room. Bakura was sitting on his blood red quilt on top of his king sized bed, wings folded back, fiddling with one of his many daggers. Marik was sitting backwards on a chair in front of Bakura's oak desk, resting his head on top of his crossed arms that were laid on top of the chair, and just staring into space with his wings drooped to the floor, his tail occasionally flicking from side to side.

"Bakuraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Marik said in a slightly annoyed and bored voice. Bakura however was ignoring him, and still concentrating on his dagger. Marik frowned.

"Bakura!" Bakura didn't so much as flinch. Marik growled slightly.

"BAKURA YOU BAKKA! STOP IGNORING M-" Marik's sentence was quickly cut off when a strong gust of wind was felt dangerously close at the side of his face. He blinked then looked behind him seeing Bakura's dagger embedded into the wall above the oak desk. If Marik was leaning just a little more to the left… well the dagger wouldn't be stuck in the wall, that's for sure.

"Shut up screaming." Bakura replied, finally looking at Marik from the bed.

"But I'm bored!"

"And what do you expect me to do about it?" Before Marik could reply however, another voice was heard from one of the many hallways in the castle.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY!" More quieter voices could also be heard, obviously trying to calm the person down. Marik and Bakura looked at each other.

"Yami sounds mad today Bakura."

"I don't get why… we haven't done anything that we don't usually do."

"Me either, I mean the last time I heard him this mad, was when he was 13 and we gave him that haircut while he was sleeping." Bakura scoffed.

"He should have thanked us for that. He looks like he got electrocuted for fucks sake! At least with our haircut there wasn't as much hair to stick up…" Bakura trailed off as he looked at Marik's hair, and the way his long blonde strands shot up to the sky, as though defining gravity. "Maybe I was just adopted." Marik frowned.

"Hey don-"

Again Marik was cut off, as the door to Bakura's bedroom suddenly swung open, and there, stood in the doorway, was their beloved brother Yami.

"I'm going to kill you two!"

The two younger brothers just stared at Yami, obviously not taking his threat the least bit seriously.

"Marik." Yami moved to step in front of the demon sat on Bakura's chair, and growled threateningly. "Seto just told me that you've killed twelve slaves this week." The blonde demon just shrugged.

"And you." Yami turned to Bakura, his voice just as threatening. "You've killed fifteen personal slaves this week!"

"And?" The other two demons said in unison. Yami thrashed his tail against the floor, obviously stressed.

"This has been going on for five months now, and it's costing us money with the slave traders. They raise the price every two weeks because of you two!"

Marik and Bakura looked at each other again, then back to Yami.

"And?" They both repeated again, still not seeing the problem.

The older brother clenched his fists, at his siblings attitudes, and then took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"And", Yami spoke again with a slight smug smirk on his face "from now on you two don't get any more personal slaves until next year."

"WHAT!" Suddenly the other two demons looked very alarmed.

"You can't do that!" Bakura shouted furiously.

"That's not fair!" Marik added with a wine.

"Both of you shut up." Yami quickly said to put a stop to his brothers complaints. "I don't want to hear it, it's your own fault not mine, if you would just stop killing off our humans then this wouldn't be a problem."

"But they keep bringing me the wrong weapons."

"They keep tripping over something and spilling the glass of blood I ask for."

"They cry to much."

"They keep wining about food and water."

"They die too easily."

"They beg for mercy before I even start the beating."

"They need too much sleep."

"There're weak."

"They get scared too easily."

"And my last slave was no good in bed."

"That to." Bakura agreed. "And what's even worse, is that sometimes I hear them praying to God, and those damn angels." The youngest demon snarled out.

"It's not our fault that they can't do anything right, and if they can't do what there're told to do, then there's no point in keeping them around. Human's are such worthless creatures anyway."

"Well if there're so worthless, then it wouldn't matter if you didn't get anymore, right?" The tricolour haired demon said again.

"WRONG!" Both younger demons screamed.

"What if-"

"QUIET!" Yami glared coldly, and put a stop to his brothers arguments before it started again. He really didn't need this, and he was already getting a headache. "I'm not arguing with you two anymore. I'm not the one to blame here, so go argue with yourselves." And without saying anything more, Yami turned round and walked out the room. Just as the door shut however, another one of Bakura's daggers had managed to attach itself to the door, right where Yami's head was less than a second ago before he moved.

Marik turned to look at Bakura, seeing the furious expression on his face, and then back to the dagger in the door. Where did he get all those daggers anyway? He didn't even see Bakura move to get another one…

"It doesn't matter." Bakura's calm voice got Marik's attention again, and this time Marik noticed that his brother had a calm, and slightly cruel, smirk on his face. To anyone else that look on Bakura's face would be a bad thing, and would certainly get people running. For Marik however, it only got him excited.

"Got an idea Bakura?"

"Yami is complaining about money issues and crap with the slave traders, right?"

"Yeah? And?"

Bakura's smirk suddenly grew crueller, and he jumped off the bed. "Come on Marik we're going."

Marik raised an eyebrow. "Going where?"

"To the human world of course." Bakura stated as though it was obvious. "If we can't buy anymore slaves, then we'll just go and snatch some free ones."

Angels. Creatures with elegant, feathery white wings, and surrounded by an innocent, and pure aura. Heaven. A beautiful place where angels roam. A happy place where they would watch the many humans below, and bless their souls whenever they got the chance. A place where there is no pain, fear, or hate. A place which some refer to as 'paradise'. That's what people say anyway, but sadly that was a lie. Yes, it was beautiful. Clear sky's, sparkling clean waters, trees, exotic flowers, and so much more. Yes, the angels did watch over the humans as best they could, without doing too much interfering. However, no pain, fear, or hate? No, that was wrong. Angels could cry, scream, and hurt, just as much as a human could. Of course not everyone knew that… it was an angels secret. Besides, if angels acted so much like humans themselves, how could the humans on earth put so much trust in the angels to help and protect them? No. It was better to be kept a secret. Not even the demons knew of the angels human weakness, and the angels planned to keep it that way. No good was to come out of the demons knowing.

Ryou, Malik, and Yugi, were best friends, all roughly the same age, and relatively new angels. However, they had already made sure they knew all the rules of Heaven, and had already learnt to fly with their new wings.

Malik was the oldest by a few months. He had light, sandy blonde coloured hair that just reached his shoulders. His skin was tanned, and resembled someone who had been living in a hot country, such as Egypt. His eyes were a fierce violet, sparkling with mischief, bravery, and kindness.

Ryou was almost the exact opposite to Malik in both personality, and looks. Ryou's hair was a stunning snowy white, and had a hint of lavender reflected in it when the light hit it just right. The angels hair fell past his shoulders. Ryou's eyes showed shyness, and innocence, and were a rich chocolate brown colour. His skin wasn't quite a pale as his hair, but it was still quite pale, but even so this only added to his angelic appearance, and didn't look off putting at all.

Yugi's personality was more like Ryou's. He was naïve, shy, but very trustworthy. His hair stood up at odd angles, almost shaped like a star. It was also multi coloured. The outline of his hair was red, and then the rest black, with golden blonde bangs hanging down the side of his face, framing his large lilac eyes. Also, although Yugi was the same age as his friends, he did look a lot younger, and was shorter to.

Right now the three friends were walking to the gates of heaven.

"Come on Ryou I dare you!" The blonde haired angel was smirking playfully, and pushing Ryou towards the large gates that was the only way in/out of Heaven.

"B-but Malik it's against the rules!" The snowy haired angel replied back.

"Yeah Malik we could all get into big trouble for this!" Yugi was walking beside his two friends, not liking the situation at all. "We can't do this!"

Malik sighed and stopped his pushing. "But I'm bored! There's nothing to do around here!" The older angel wined. Malik was the kind of person who liked getting into fights, and cause trouble. It was easy to see how someone like him could get bored in a place like Heaven.

"That doesn't mean we should go sneaking out of Heaven, Malik." Yugi said again.

"That's not the only reason." Malik counted, and looked at Yugi seriously. "I've heard that demons have been taking humans down to Hell as slaves."

Ryou and Yugi looked at Malik, clearly shocked.

"How do you know this?" Ryou asked suspiciously.

"Heard some other angels talking." Malik shrugged. "In any case, I want to go check it out and see if it's true, maybe we can catch a demon in the act and get some sort of proof to show the elders!"

"But wouldn't the elders know if demons were kidnapping humans?" Ryou reasoned. Yugi nodded his head, agreeing with Ryou.

Malik crossed his arms, obviously starting to get impatient with his two friends. "So what your both saying is that because the elders might already know about this, it means that it's absolutely impossible for it to be true?"

The two slightly younger angels looked at each other, with small frowns on their faces.

"Well no, but that's not wh-" Ryou started, but Malik quickly cut him off.

"So we should go check it out right?"

"But-" Yugi tried, but just like Ryou, his sentence was cut off.

"Exactly, so lets get going then!" Malik said with a big grin, then quickly turned round, grabbed both of his friends wrists, and started dragging them towards the gate again.

Yugi and Ryou both gave up and sighed.

"But Malik how are we even suppose to get past the guard? They don't just let angels walk through the gates to do as they please."

Malik stopped again, and looked over his shoulder at his two friends. "Have you noticed who's on guard duty today?"

Yugi and Ryou looked past Malik's shoulder to see Jounochi Katsuya leaning against the gates. Ryou and Yugi immediately groaned.

"Malik leave Jou alone." Malik and Jou weren't exactly best friends. For some reason they just couldn't seem to get along, and Malik just loved to set Jou off.

"Awww but Yugi I'm not gonna start a big fight or anything! I'll just get him angry enough for him to start chasing me a little, then I'll lose him and come back here."

"I don't know…" But it was too late, Malik was already heading over to Jounochi.

"Hey Katsuya! What the hell are you doing on guard duty! I thought they only let angels do that? Not thick headed dogs!" The mischievous angel smirked proudly, when he saw Jou's right eye twitch with annoyance.

"Go away Malik! Don't ya have somethin better to do instead of comin all the way over here to me, and act like a prick?"

"Oh don't worry my dear Jounochi I make time in my busy schedule just for you!" Malik said in mockingly sweet voice. "But seriously, a mutt like you guarding Heavens gates? That's suicide! All a demon has to do is throw a dog treat over, and he can just stroll right in!"

"Malik I'm warnin ya, get lost before I get really mad." Jounochi practically growled out, his hands in tight fists by his sides, trying to withhold his rage.

"Oh is the dog growling now? Well that's ok, I should have a muzzle here somewhere." Malik said calmly, while pretending to search his pockets.

"Why ya little runt!" Jou suddenly charged forwards, fists flying, ready to punch his rival directly in the face. Malik however was to fast, and jumped into the air, his wings immediately sprouting from his back. The lavender eyed angel then wagged his finger at the angel now below him.

"Bad dog! No biting!" Malik said mockingly.

"You cocky little bastard! Just wait until I get my hands on ya!" Jou then leaped into the air, his own set of wings sprouting from his back, and heading straight for Malik. Could Jou always fly that fast? Maybe Malik just took it a little bit too far… nah. Malik quickly speeded off, Jou hot on his trail.

From the ground, the other two angels sweat dropped.

"Hey Ryou?"

"Yeah Yugi?"

"I think we need to have a talk with Malik about how he treats Jou…"

A few minutes later Malik returned to where Ryou and Yugi were standing, panting slightly, with a big grin on his face.

"That wasn't very nice Malik." Ryou told the blonde disappointingly.

"Hey it worked didn't it?" Malik said the grin still in place.

"You look too happy… What did you do to lose Jou?"

Ryou and Yugi didn't think that Malik's grin could get any wider, but the tanned angel certainly proved them wrong.

"I got him to take a flea bath, that's all." The angels almost didn't want to ask.

"Meaning what exactly?" Ryou asked worriedly.

"Meaning," Malik began "that I accidentally flew a little too low to the ground, and that I accidentally flew straight for a water fountain, but thankfully I managed to pull up at the last minute. Jou however flew directly into the sculpture in the middle of the fountain, and then fell straight into the water."

Ryou and Yugi just stared at Malik, shocked. "Malik!" They both shouted disapprovingly.

"But forget that, it's time to go to the human world!" Malik stated as though his friends didn't say a thing.

"But Malik we don't even have the key to open the gates." Yugi said, shaking his head.

"Got it covered." Malik replied, and pulled out a golden key from his one of his pockets. "I stole it from Jou when he was laying in the water knocked out." Yugi and Ryou suddenly looked very nervous.

"So were actually doing this then?…" Yugi asked more to Ryou than Malik.

"I…guess so." Ryou said not looking the least bit pleased with the situation.

"Of course we are! Now come on you two before that bakka inu gets back." Malik added, then put the key into the lock, and opened the gate. He then looked back at his friends, and held the gate door open.

"Well then, shall we go?" He said politely, and with a charming smile on his face.

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