By BEWD Sorcerer

Disclaiming thingy: This is probably how the story would go if I owned Harry Potter, but since I obviously don't, the story is something different.

AN: Harry is a horcrux! Everyone knows that! In this story Voldemort got trapped in Harry instead of just a piece of his soul, thus he's not in Albania and definitely not attached to the back of Quirrell's head… nor is he attached to the back of Harry's head unless you count the lightning bolt scar… Dumbledore has no clue where Voldemort is and he doesn't have any suspicions dealing with Harry.

I tried to make this as if a kid was really typing this. Harry doesn't really type it, of course; it's just an introduction. Our little dark-haired hero is merely reviewing all he knows about his life.

I was planning on calling this 'Possession', but there's already a TR/HP fic by that name, so…

To Be Possessed… is to have a friend that is always there for you.

Hello. My name is Harry Potter and I'm seven years old. I live with my relatives because my parents died when I was 15 months old. My aunt and uncle say that they died in a car crash, but Tom says they're lying. He says they were killed by the Dark Lord Voldemort because they were going to kill him. I'm sad that my parents are dead, but I'm glad Tom's with me.

Oh, Tom's the voice in my head and my only friend. My cousin Dudley doesn't let me have any friends, but he doesn't know about Tom because Tom says that if others knew about him they'd try to take him away or send me someplace bad. I don't want to lose him and I don't want to go to any place worse than the Dursleys and Tom says the place would be much worse. He says they'd always be watching me and they'd poke and prod and ask mean questions; I wouldn't like that, so Tom is my secret and no one else knows.

I'm glad I can just think to him instead of speaking out loud because I don't want to get caught. Tom says that I should always think what I want to say to him and he'll hear me. He's always with me, though sometimes he's really quiet when he's just watching or thinking. He's really smart and he wants me to be really smart, too, so he explains things for me so I can understand.

When I had to start school, Tom taught me how to read, though I'm still working on the writing part. My handwriting is messy, but Tom's is really neat and slanty. All the others in my class are still looking at picture books, but Tom and I read chapter books when we can without someone telling on us. My uncle doesn't like me doing better than Dudley.

Tom also taught me to do math and logic problems even if he still has to help me sometimes. The teacher is always looking at me funny when I do really well. I get punished when I do better than Dudley, so Tom has told me to purposefully do worse than Dudley. He doesn't like me getting punished any more than I do. Tom says that my uncle told the principal bad things about me, so when I'm good they think that I'm just trying to hide something bad.

Sometimes Tom can use my hand and write things, but it doesn't look anything like my writing. One time he signed my uncle's signature on a permission slip so I could go on a field trip with the rest of the class, but when my uncle found out about it I got in really big trouble. I didn't get to go on the field trip and I had more chores and less food than usual for three weeks. Tom says they're not supposed to be able to do that, but nobody'd believe me even if I told them. They think I'm some sort of future delinquent, at least that's what Tom said.

He also told me that when I turned eleven I'd be taken away to go to a different school than Dudley. I already knew that though. Aunt Petunia says I'll be going to Stonewall High, but Tom was talking about a different school. He said that my aunt knew where I'd really be going, but she didn't want me to go there; he said she'd never let me go if I told her where I am really going.

I am going to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Tom told me and Tom never lies. He's told me how I'm a wizard and I could turn them all into mice (or a pile of poo or teacups or any other animal or thing) if I wanted to, but that I shouldn't because I'd get in trouble with the Ministry of Magic. Nobody who hasn't graduated from a magic school can use magic at home.

He told me about the castle and how huge it is, how the staircases and people in paintings and pictures move, about the giant squid in the lake on the grounds, about the Forbidden Forest and the creatures that live in it, about the house system and their founders, and even about the Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore must be a really bad man since he is so mean to that poor basilisk. She's just hungry.

Tom said that the Slytherins were the best when you came from an unhappy home because they didn't have the best home lives either. He said that the other Houses were really mean to the Slytherins and so the Slytherins had to be mean back.

When I go to Hogwarts, I'm going to tell the Sorting Hat that I want to be in Slytherin and that made Tom really happy; he said that I'd fit right in by the time I turned eleven. He promised that he'd teach me how to live in the Wizarding World and he'd tell me the truth about everything.

The Muggles were mean to him when he grew up in the orphanage and he was so glad to go to Hogwarts every school year. Everyone was really nice to him, except Dumbledore and some of the Gryffindors. Dumbledore didn't like him and told the Gryffindors lies about how bad Tom was. That reminded me a lot of how Uncle Vernon was with the principal. I don't think I'll like Dumbledore if I ever meet him. He was really mean to Tom when he didn't even do anything.

By the time Tom had graduated, he had seen how wrong the Ministry was and decided that he was going to change it. He got together a group of people who agreed with him and fought against the Ministry and Dumbledore, who had helped the Ministry be really bad to all the poor werewolves and other creatures and people he didn't like just because, then Dumbledore found a way to defeat Tom. He had set up a trap that had tricked one of Tom's comrades-in-arms, who told the lie to Tom, who went after those that had a 'secret weapon' that could kill Tom, so Tom went after those people. They were my parents and the 'secret weapon' was me.

That's when I found out that Tom was the Dark Lord Voldemort. I had been upset for a bit, but then I remembered what Tom had said and Tom never lied.

My parents had been trying to kill Tom and I can never forgive them. Tom has been here for me since before I can remember and he's my only friend. He reminded me that Dumbledore had probably tricked my parents, but I am still mad at them. Tom is the only one I'll ever trust and I'll do anything to keep him. Dumbledore won't take him away from me, even if he does find out that Tom is with me.

Tom hates Dumbledore and so do I.

When I go to Hogwarts, Dumbledore will probably be there and I'll have to watch out for him and his Gryffindors, but I'll be in Slytherin with Tom and the children of the people who agree with him, the Death Eaters. I won't let Tom die. He won't leave me if either of us have any say and since it's my body and my life we won't be separated for anything or anyone!

AN: Prologues are supposed to be short, even if I hate short chapters.

I tried to explain as much as I could, but Harry's not quite old enough to really understand the complicated stuff. Tom will set everything up so Harry will be Dark and hate Dumbledore as he's already laid the foundation.

Any questions?